Expert: People are not willing to say, I — a Russian

Lack of civic identity provoke ethnic conflict, and the need to solve the problem of both the federal and regional level. As the correspondent of "Rosbalt", this reporter said the head of the coordination of state programs on international relations and public relations abroad Committee external relations Petersburg Vera Sakharova.

According to a professional, one of the most difficult issues that are put before the modern world are hitch uncontrolled movement and follow it hitch Municipal multi-ethnic society. They are a common regulator of social relations, and, from the standpoint of gosnatsionalnoy policy position "Validating" — a losing strategy. "We do not have enough of what scientists call civic identity, — the Sakharov. — People first, ready to say"I Tartar," "I am a Chechen," "I am Siberian," "I am a Muslim." But not "I — Russian. "And when there is no common motive, membership of a spiritual community of Russians, when there is a lack of all-Russian identity — there are conflicts akin to the one that occurred on Manezh Square."

The representative of the Committee on external relations highlighted that the prevention of similar conflicts, and as all-encompassing measures to regulate migration flows in St. Petersburg developed programm "Migration", complementing the existing program from "Tolerance." One of its main units will aid in the adaptation of migrants in the contemporary cultural environment. In the pilot mode for their running free courses of the Russian language, with additional classes in schools for their kids. The performance of the young generation in the foreseeable future will show the results of the USE.

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