Girl swept by man-eater

February 18, 2013 2:47

Aktivistka saving the environment from Honolulu Ocean Ramsay made a fearless swim in the deep ocean. Defender of nature grabbed fin giant predator to draw attention to the problem of destruction of white sharks.

Ramsey fell into the water without scuba gear, in a mask and flippers. Seeing a shark diver first let her get used to the appearance of the person.

Girl standing against mindless destruction of marine life, was able to approach the giant predator close enough to grab hold of its fin and ride on its back. "Shark watching me, I quietly waited for her to swim up, and then I was able to touch her. I felt that the connection was established between us, she took me and allowed to ride on it "- said about his adventure Ocean.

Companionship miniature divers and huge predator shot by underwater camera operator. "Most people think of shark known as the heroine of horror films — mindless devourer of anything that moves. But in fact, these creatures are incredibly smart and calculating. They are always wary of the appearance of man ", — assured Ocean.

According to the girl, she began her association with the Sharks as a teenager. Even then, she realized that these animals deserve respect.

Ramsey began to fight for the preservation of their populations. Dayversha admitted that swims with the "ruthless sea killers" remind her innocent horse riding.

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