Injuries to the male genitalia

Injuries to the male genitalia

A variety of injuries and damage to male reproductive organs is amazing. Generally, this:

  • rips or tears bridle;
  • sliced, chopped or biting wounds of the penis;
  • bruises;
  • subcutaneous rupture of the corpora cavernosa;
  • dislocation of the penis;
  • infringement of the penis;
  • damage to the scrotum;
  • testicular torsion, etc.

Damage to the penis more likely to occur in the area of the foreskin, the head of the corpora cavernosa, they can also be combined with scrotal lesions.

Types of injuries

  • The most common type of minor injuries of the penis is pinching the skin zip lock. Despite the small surface of the wound, it causes severe pain. In order not to irritate the wound when trying to open the lock, it is better to cut the zipper sandwiched below the skin so that the lightning revealed itself.
  • One of the causes damage to the penis is the excessive friction. These problems usually arise from passionate lovers and young men having sex. For the first is characterized by relatively deep skin damage, after which the scars remain. For the second typical breaks the folds of the foreskin.
  • Men with congenital tongue-tied during sexual intercourse can occur gap or tear bridles the penis that causes pain and bleeding.
  • A very peculiar type of injury is his penis pinching, which occurs, for example, by dragging a thread member, a wire or cord, equipped with it annular objects. In children, these injuries are the result of mischief, and adults — the result of self-abuse, an attempt to maintain an erection or prevent urinary incontinence.
  • Known even more serious injuries penis due to its introduction into a vacuum cleaner hose. In this case, the main problem was the thrombosis of the veins of the penis.
  • In a particularly unfortunate situation can get even penile fracture, when it does not fall into the vagina during intercourse, but with the power hits the thigh or pelvis women. You may hear a click, and the penis becomes blue or black color due to hemorrhage.
  • Dislocation of the penis it may be in the same situation as a fracture due to torn ligaments fixing the penis to the pelvic bones. Cavernous body while shifting under the scrotum, perineum (the penis is detectable in the form of an empty bag). After reduction of the penis stitches on the torn ligament.
  • Furthermore, due to injury to the penis of a gap may develop cavernosa cavernitis— Inflammation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.
  • If the penis is continually erect an abnormally long period of time (from several hours to several days), then this is the result of impaired circulation. In this case, the erection does not stop, and the person experiences severe pain. This is due to the rupture of an artery that passes inside the penis — in the end implies a large amount of blood, and the outflow is not happening — it's quite a serious disease called "Priapism". By the way, men are predisposed to priapism, diabetes and sickle cell anemia.
  • With infectious and inflammatory diseases urethra (urethra) or after the fractures arteries or spongy penile tissue during healing can be formed scars, which not only lead to disruption of blood flow, but also hinder the uniform appearance of the voltage of the penis. Normally, the soft tissue expands in all directions, and in the presence of scar tissue in the area of tissue distention occurs. As a result, develops Peyronie's disease, the result of which is a curvature of the penis during erection. When he is in a relaxed state, this curvature unobtrusive, but with the emergence of an erection because of expressed mechanical disorders of sexual intercourse is often impossible.

In children against sudden movements, jumps, falls can be observed inverted testis, arising because of hypoplasia of the bunch, fixing the egg to the bottom of the scrotum, which is manifested its extreme mobility.

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