Ozone is called an unreliable indication of the existence of aliens




Brian Thomas (Brian Thomas) from the University of Kansas (University of Kansas), together with scientists from NASA believes that the presence of ozone in the atmosphere of other planets is not conclusive evidence of life on them. This news has complicated the task of hunting for aliens.

Currently, the "sign of the ozone" rely organizers of many missions, both in Europe and in the United States.

Spacecraft are trying to find in the atmospheres of distant planets gases by studying how light passes through them from the stars — different gases absorb certain wavelengths of light characteristic ways.

The astronomers hope to discover in these atmospheres ozone — a gas which, in the opinion of many scholars, points to oxygen, a by-product of life.

But Thomas and his colleagues, using a mathematical model, concluded that ozone can be produced without the presence of a planet of life on it.

According to them, it could happen if the atmosphere of the planet was originally rich in carbon dioxide, such as the atmosphere of Venus. Carbon dioxide could react with the nitrogen to create oxygen, which would lead to the production of ozone.

In this case, the planet could create an atmosphere in his four times more ozone than is currently available in the Earth's atmosphere.

Some experts have warned in the past about the possibility of errors when using ozone as a marker of life, but the work of Thomas — the first study seriously designate the reasons for caution.


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