Participant of the show Battle of psychics, End of the world has already begun!

November 12, 2012 7:44

What disasters threaten Russian cities in the near future.

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In the Kazan branch of the organization "Kosmopoisk" engaged research of anomalous phenomena become increasingly turn residents who dream the same dreams about the end of the world. In these dreams, the city is a huge wave that washes away. What it is: the mass hysteria in anticipation of the coming end of the world supposedly December 21, 2012, or a premonition of real danger? Scenarios on how events will develop a possible apocalypse?


Maria Petrova, head of Kazan "Kosmopoisk":
— I myself saw two dreams in which the main street was a large wave. I managed to escape in the buildings, but when I went outside, I saw the consequences of floods: Gators, broken building.

Maria said she recently turned to them a man who dreamed that a wave covers shopping center "Corston". And he too had a dream escape.

Experts say that the flooding in Kazan is realistic: near several large reservoirs. If you happen to collapse, the city will collapse the wave, even more than in Krymsk


Not exclude experts and possible earthquakes, despite the fact that Kazan is not on the joints of the lithospheric plates.

Yuri Perevedentsev, head of the Department of Meteorology CFI:
— We can happen because of an earthquake underground cavities, which are formed during oil production.

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Kazan also fear threats from the sky: tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as freezing rain. The city has more than once been tornadoes and hurricane-force winds. And meteorologists say the situation may worsen.

Sergei Mukhachev, party-Russian Society for Nature:
— The main impacts of climate change on the planet — storms and hurricanes. Most often it occurs in the coastal areas, but can be with us. More storms increases due to global warming. It happens slowly, but surely.


Even with the end of the world Kazan associated threat of terrorist attacks. Rais Suleymanov Tatarstan Islamic scholar, said that Wahhabis always try to organize a terrorist attack on New Year. Unless, of course, on December 21 does nothing more terrible, said portal

Expert Opinion

Alsou Gazimzyanova, member of "The Battle of psychics":
— I see in the near future Kazan floods and hurricanes, I see descend unfinished buildings. We victims will be little, but disasters will happen in the world. Are floods, tornadoes, will break down some of the electronic systems and nuclear power plants. End of the world will not happen in one day, he had already begun. And continue in the next year.

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