Reincarnation — machinery retracting areas

November 20, 2011 15:10

Reincarnation - machinery retracting areasThe method of combining the spheres of consciousness and past personalities
This technique work I taught my friend Shaman West when we were practicing in the elements of death in the cemetery. However, do not worry, you will not need the night drags on the grave (though there it gets a bit better because of the presence of specific energy). It can be done quiet room with minimal light. It is better to practice at night — in the right state enter easier.

1) Take a sitting position, pay attention to relaxation.

2) abstracted (disabled) from the household chores and possibly enter into a state of inner silence.

3) Now, imagine and feel begin to fall back back, to fall into a black void. Fall boldly — you go into the area of my subconscious.

4) Visualize your back are arranged one after another of your past incarnations — first, they are perceived as some light gray (or lighter — all zavsisit on activity and available in each energy) sector.

5) Now you need to open up to them being drawn into the field of consciousness (we assume this area under your head.) You mentally tune into any of the areas it clings (somehow represent — have hands, power strings or just let the power of intention — not important, important to feel the grip and hold).
Reincarnation - machinery retracting areas6) Then imagine how in the neck in a head formed fracture (crack, hole) in which draws a sphere. At the same time combining it can additionally power the energy of life — then the effect will be more vivid. As the person with whom we work do have an opinion — not all were willing to conscious contact — in our practice have been times when they twitched and "kicking" or just did not want to communicate.

You can not in a hurry, and focus on any of his personality. In what order you tighten — does not matter — ie if you cling to what some — 3 person (0 — our current, -1 — Prev, who we have been in a past life), she drags along -1 — 2 and -4. When the combination succeeds, before the inner eye will begin to appear in a lot of different pictures and small movies in the first person. You will see it with your own eyes — as seen in the incarnation. The consequences of the practice times will be reflected in dreams — there appear stories of past incarnations, various items from there, stories of life. I remembered the case that after one such practice, I walked all night on some castle masulmanami fought on the side of the Knights Templar, a perfect fencing sword and shot with a crossbow. And what's interesting — the next day, the practices of our written report on what we have seen is the same as me, only in the process.
Reincarnation - machinery retracting areasIt is necessary to specify that this can work not only with each other but also with any other person — even photos, and even if you do not know him personally. It is worth remembering a set of qualitative and its energy potential — because when overzealous infusion of vital energy (unless you are working with the flow of life) you will quickly de-energized and feel faint. Vosstanavitsya simple — take a warm bath, go on nature, energy exercises can you do or lyazhte sleep. When you work with someone, sometimes there is a need to use different spontaneous gestures.

Feel free to them and do not think about the meaning, just follow — is an indication that your body is physically configured and enters the desired operating conditions on the energy level of exposure. This also applies to any other practices — be attentive to yourself and your needs — and then any of your business succeed!

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