Shoigu proposed to build a commando for emergencies

The Group of Governors and the Head of the General Staff apparatus Intelligence Directorate (GRU) wishes to appeal to the Minister of Defence newcomer with a proposal to do in Russia analogous to "commando". Taking into account that all the "emergency" perfectly familiar to Sergei Shoigu, the initiative is not without its generals chance of success.

To be clear, it is proposed not create themselves troops, and their management, write "News." Combat units that tomorrow ready to make unique puzzles to destroy the enemy on all continents, in Russia in fact it turned out even more than you need. Generals do not have to reinvent the "special Russian scenario" and, as pointed out, enjoy the best experience in the formation of such units in the United States, Germany, France and England.

Core and main combat units are encouraged to make "Senezh" — a Special Forces Defense, reporting directly to the Minister for the moment. In the air they could raise a helicopter squadron of Tver and Torzhok transport squadron of IL-76. What is going to sea — the military has not yet decided. There is no clarity to those who are worthy of special forces of the land to strengthen the command of Special Operations (CSR).

According to the military, in Russia, not counting the "SENEZH" 7 more SWAT teams, 4 marine brigade and lots of things that could correspond to the intended task. By the way, the list is very diverse, both in scope and geography. Here, for you and for the release of hostages, and the elimination of gangs and the evacuation of people from the war zone, and the destruction of nuclear missile launchers and military control enemy in its area in the criteria for conducting a full-scale war.

The project is the creation of the Russian "commando" one hundred percent ready for approval. In the past month he has still got to Defense Minister Serdyukov, but put it unambiguous resolution: "I do not consider it appropriate." Now, taking into account the experience Shoigu for the various special operations as minister of emergency situations, the generals could count on more favor in relation to his own idea.

To tell the truth, and in the midst of large ranks of thought is a kind of criticism. There is a perception that in the future elite special forces to enter all of today's spetsnaz units, so as not to disrupt the interaction of the system and not to devalue the concept of Special Forces mission. But there is another danger may occur. Putting it all under the wing of CSR more efficient fighting of the troops, there is a risk to bring our army to partition the one that really can make war, and one which to conduct military operations prepared very conditional.

"Commando", by experience zabugornyh colleagues do not just military, and political, as from time to time and economic tasks, and are completely independent structure. And it raises the question of who they would be directly subject to — the chief of the General Staff, the defense minister or the president, as commander in chief.

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