Strange children of Vulpita

January 4, 2013 18:08

In English folklore is quite common theme of "little green men", but, as you know, many fantastic characters has its real prototype, and the event that took place in England in the XII century, it could be the impetus for the creation of a series of fictional stories. Legends about the appearance of unusual, strange people are quite common among many nations, but this story has not yet been recognized by scientists nor a fairy tale or true story.

Strange children of Vulpita


It happened in England, in the county of Suffolk in the village called Woolpit. The peasants who worked in the field, found in the old pit dug to trap wolves two small children — a boy and a girl, who would have looked perfectly normal, except for one "but": children color was rich green color.

Inquire about where children were, had the slightest success — the children did not understand the language spoken by the people, and do communicate in such an incomprehensible dialect that no one could make out the edges of what they came from. It looked rather odd, given the fact that the local people in the recent fighting probably came face to face with refugees and immigrants of many nationalities, and could distinguish a familiar language at least to sound. Be that as it may, the children were taken to a local lord de Colne, who took over the custody of the greenskins foundling. Surprising was the fact that to accept his kids did not touch the food, although there were obviously hungry, but when I accidentally brought the green beans, the children attacked them with greed, and for a long time almost exclusively eat legumes. Over time, skin color kids got normal shade, and they have learned to eat regular food. But despite the good conditions for the life of the boy, who apparently was less than a sister, and could not get used to the new surroundings, depressed, and soon fell ill and died. The girl is completely mastered, and when enough to learn English, said that he and his brother used to live on the earth, which is called "St. Martin." According to her, the sun there almost was not, and was dominated by Twilight. Once, when he and his brother used to graze sheep, he heard a strange buzzing, and then the children were on the field in England (indeed, according to witnesses who found the children, they fended off his arms like a swarm of bees, but no insects were not around) .

Over time, the girl finally adapted to it in an unfamiliar environment, and when grown — got married and was not different from the other girls, except that the absurdity of some nature and capriciousness.

Fact or Fiction?

Strange children of Vulpita

According to the assumptions of some researchers found children to be employees of small copper mines, escaped from the owner (copper could betray their skin green tint), but are confused by the fact that no more mining copper in the place has taken place, and the whistling was melodious language children rather strange.

Strange children of Vulpita

Be that as it may, but is kept in a museum in Britain ancient manuscript describing this amazing event of the past.

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