The truth about exorcism

The reason for writing this article was the information that in the Maritime Territory, during the ritual for exorcism (exorcism) killed four year old. I certainly do not expect that my paper will somehow change the situation around this ceremony, but still I can not remain silent and not tell you what is Exorcism actually.

To blame for the death of a child of local folk healer, which is a criminal case. However, an accomplice of the healer can also be called, and the Christian church.

Despite the fact that in the 21st century, church continues to intimidate naive devil and various demons, thus only increasing the number of such healers and "possessed" appeals to them. Moreover, the Church is not above using the very conduct otchitki for exorcism. Thus, in Russia there are more than 10 Orthodox priests conducting this daily ritual. The best known "fighters with demons" are abbot Herman Trinity-Sergius Lavra and Hieromonk Vladimir in Pokrovsky Monastery of the Virgin.

Hieromonk Vladimir for "work"

Perhaps particularly susceptible people after watching this movie and really, believe in the existence of demons, probably at a church and counts supporting exorcism. Indeed, at first sight this is astonishing — when you touch the crucifix, icons, many people go into hysterics, begin like a voice not his utter curses and so on. But affects all of this, only if you do not know the methods that are used during this ritual. Any psychiatrist or psychiatrist immediately tells you that this is nothing more than a method of "shock therapy", used in particular for the treatment of severe forms of drug dependence.

Shock therapy, as exorcism consists of two main stages. At the first doctor (priest) monotone hypnotic voice lecture (sermon) for a group of people. The purpose of the lecture to convey to each person a sense of fear in relation to which any phenomenon or substance. It does not matter what it is — be it drugs, or as in the case of exorcism, the opportunity to be demon possessed. After the first phase of the most trusting and amenable to manipulation by various people who are beginning to feel instinctively that to them that something was wrong. This incidentally explains why 90 percent of the "possessed" — a single woman over thirty. The thing is that they are much simpler to believe in something, than men.

90 percent of the "possessed by demons" — single women

During the second phase of the process is directly exorcism (coding). Exactly what to do at this point does not matter, the main thing that a person has experienced an unexpected and negative feelings. This may be a touch cold cross, the sharp smell of incense, sprinkling holy water in his face, but whatever. After this, the same hypnotic voice, as before, to convey to the person that he is obsessed with (sick addiction), but right now he has to recover from this. Naturally subconscious resists this and there are all the things that we see in the rites of exorcism.

The truth about exorcismThus, nothing divine in this present, this phenomenon long been familiar. However, if in the case of coding for drug addiction — is the need, in the case of exorcism is nothing more than a whim of the church and its desire to prove their strength. Okay, if it does not compromise the health of members, but that each such session is a heavy blow to the human psyche. But the mind — it is very thin, brittle and so on until the end of the unstudied by scientists mechanism.

How many more people in addition to the child who was killed in Primorye, suffered as a result of this ceremony — is unknown. But it is known that a man once passed through "Casting out demons" will come again and again in church in order to repeat this ritual. The worst thing is that it will not recognize the real cause of the deterioration of his condition, for him all his troubles will be in one — the devil inside is even stronger. And with each subsequent otchitkoy he will go from bad to worse, as long as it is not completely lose touch with reality.

Believe in the devil or demons — it's everybody, but then do not be surprised if one day you come across them. And even if it occurs only in your mind, for you it will be a reality. Therefore believe only in themselves and in their own strength and capabilities. Every man master of his destiny, and do not permit anyone zapudrivat their brains.

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