The name of Vanga involves a lot of secrets and mysteries. Its predictions of the present day world is concerned, they are studied and discussed in detail. Various sources tell different, Wang surrounded by a halo of truth and tall tales, so on this site you will only find verified information. She was born the great clairvoyant January 31, 1911 in Strumica. The town is located on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. As soon as the baby was born, she was wrapped in his coat next to the stove. The girl did not give a name, she was born feeble, and the parents did not think she would survive. Within two months, the infant made no sound, and that's happened — the baby crying filled the room. Now, when it became clear that the girl will survive, and they called her christened Vangeli (Vanga), which in Greek means "good news." Thus began the life and biography of the great prophetess of the last century.

Vanga family lived in poverty, but the harsh life brightened a little girl, cheerful and sociable … Suddenly, the family came the mountain — from the second baby's mother dies giving birth, and at the age of three years old girl is not the most expensive of the person next. At the same time the First World War, and his father was taken up in the Bulgarian army. It is hard to imagine how the share of one person can fall out so many trials. For a little girl there was no one to look after, and she was left in the care of neighbors. So she grew until the war with his father did not return. Deciding that her daughter needed care women, he married a second time. So at Vanga appeared step-mother and began a new phase in the life of a future fortune teller. Even in this age of the girl was fixed strangeness — she liked to hide out thing, and then search for it with his eyes closed. She wanted to have every thing had its place.

A tragic accident at the age of eleven years, changed the whole life of the girl. It was impossible to find a reasonable explanation, as it was impossible to avoid. Wang played with the neighborhood kids on the street, the weather was overcast, but nothing unusual no one noticed. And then the children saw unusual cloud. First, decide what is coming storm, but apart from a strong gust of wind storm did not promise. Wind is picking up clouds of dust from the ground, twisted them into a funnel. Small tornadoes were selected to Vanga, fenced off from her children and surrounded on all sides. Having caught the girl in his paws, and screwing with terrible force, a tornado carried her over two kilometers from the house, and threw it into the field. Losing consciousness, she felt someone's hand your head …

It is still a mystery how the little girl was able to survive in such a situation. When he awoke, she found that her eyes were closed and covered with sand. The girl was found a few hours after the accident, and helped to get home. Vanga sending to a local doctor, it turned out that he was not able to cope with the problem. Needed surgery clinic in the capital, where his father and sent his daughter, gathering the latest savings. But the operation was so costly that brought money is not enough. Vanga's father tried to raise the required amount, which in those days was not small, but it did not work. The situation became critical in the meantime, the vision is getting worse, until finally gone. Four years later, after the case of a tornado, Wang completely blind.

In 1925, the biography of Vanga continued in the House of the Blind, where her father sent. Perhaps it was the happiest time in a girl's life. There, she learned to sew, knit, cook, additionally studied music and, of course, reading for the blind. His first love is big and bright feeling she also experienced here. She met a young man from a wealthy family. Young people love each other, and began preparations for the wedding. This time Wang remembered as the happiest in his life, it was full of serene happiness. But then again, fate intervened — Woman called to his home dad. During labor stepmother died Vanga, and he was left alone with the children in his arms. Being at a loss, and knowing that in the house have to be a woman's hand, my father called to his daughter. I had to forget about their own happiness and to recall the duty of the child. The girl returned to her native city, in poverty, in which he continued to live her father.

The next ten years in the biography of Vanga were among the most difficult. In order to somehow feed the family, she had a lot of sewing, knitting and spinning, but the money from the sale, it was still not enough. The situation is complicated by the fact that standing on a concrete floor in a huge queue for benefits for the poor, and the girl stood idle for several hours, it is a bad cold and she was diagnosed — with polio. For eight months, Wang was between life and death, but suddenly recovered, miraculously and inexplicably. This is the second incident in her biography, not finding a reasonable explanation. A year later, the Second World War and here at Vanga opened visionary abilities.

WangThis period is described by Orthodox publications began in 1940, when for the first time Wang fell into a trance. A year later, at the beginning of the Second World War, the ability to fully awakened, and at times the predictions of Wang began to speak an unknown male voice. All the while, she could not sleep. According to the stories most of Vanga, and to her surprise was opened ability, but even more surprising were the knowledge that it has received. How difficult is it for a man to know about death, sickness and family loved ones when you can not change anything, "normal" people do not even imagine.

The first time that its not considered crazy, Wang anyone discovered she did not share secrets. But the impending war, and she knew about her and, unable to restrain himself, still spoke of plans to the beginning of hostilities in the month of April. Of course, no one believed her, because at that moment, all was quiet and it was so hard to believe that the war could start at all. But when German troops invaded the sixth of April to the territory of Yugoslavia, the prediction of Vanga remember all who knew him. And here it was fixed for the title of prophetess, to her house and began to flock to line up the queue of those wishing to get answers to their questions. She was still very young, but come to rely on her word, trusting that Wang knew. " Clairvoyant tried to help everyone, she did not want to leave someone without help. But there were exceptions, such as cases with students Juna, Kashpirovsky and Chumak. Wang denied only to those who come to it out of curiosity, or who was the face of death.

So, surprised herself, she began to predict future events, or associated with the death or to life. For women whose husbands had gone to war, it became a kind of opportunity to learn about the breadwinner — was still alive, or is not. Desperate wives had nowhere to go anymore, carry on with the war came different, and that's going to the woman, and where support could find, and learn that her husband was going on. Vanga believed unconditionally, because her predictions came true, just for old age her biography suggests otherwise.

Psychic predictions for over twenty-five years of watching Bulgarian scientist G. Lozanov. He checked the accuracy of what was broadcast seer, and found that realized more than seven thousand predictions. On the basis of data at the scientist concluded that the predictions of the simple rule of matches and are embodied in 80% of cases.

During the war, the border between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria was opened, a lot of people from nearby towns came to the Seer. Among the other was a soldier and Dimitar Guscherov. He has long hovered in the yard, not daring to go, and Wang came to him myself, "I know why you're here. Do you want me to call you names of the killers of your brother that was left orphaned four small children. I will say only swear that you will not seek revenge. You will be a witness at the trial, and they get what they deserve. " It just happened. Dimitar several times came to the Seer. He fell in love with all your heart and Wangu vyti asked her to marry him. Young married, and her husband Wang moved to Petrich, which is located in dvuustah kilometers from the capital of Bulgaria. But they did not have children and spouses soothsayer, highly upsetting about this, began to drink. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. Wang and she worried that she had no children and decided to adopt the orphan boy. Once he knocked at her house, took a clairvoyant boy and raised as his own son, named for her husband — Dimitar. Her adopted son to become a prosecutor in his hometown.

Wang also continued to provide assistance. On the day she took a lot of people in her yard were always going to turn. It is very precisely defined the disease and called herbs that can help in the treatment, believing that a person can help only those plants that grow in the area of residence.

Predicting Hitler in 1943 defeat in the war, she expressed her request to leave Russia alone. Fuhrer ridiculed Sibyl, and as it turned out, absolutely nothing. In addition to the predictions of the Second World War, very accurate fortune teller spoke about the events in Syria, Prague, Nicaragua. Also, it was predicted attack on the U.S. President in 1963, at that time, it was John F. Kennedy. In 1968 Vanga made three important political statement, described in her biography that came true exactly as predicted. Fulfilled and fatally shot Senator Robert Kennedy, and the rebels in the uprising of the Czechoslovak Republic, and the victory of the Republican candidate. In 1969, again a major announcement Wang, who has come true — the death of Indira Gandhi, and in 1979 — the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the communist era and the beginning of perestroika. Vanga saying about the "Kursk", "Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn him …" At first no one could understand how the city of Kursk must be under water. But over time it became clear about what kind of "Kursk" said Wang.

Prophetess wrote his own autobiography, and it said that in 1967 she became a state employee. Biography tells the story of Vanga — the day it could take up to one hundred and thirty people. But this is a young man, being "retired" the number of available was reduced to ten — fifteen people, and consumed during each no more than three or four minutes. Earlier prophetess took visitors for free, they gave her gifts in lieu of payment. Now Vanga appointed salary — two leva a month, and the official value of the "consultation". The visit to the citizens of the socialist republics amounted to one hundred leva, and for citizens of foreign countries — $ 50. All money received for the visits were transferred to the state treasury.

How, then retrieves the secret knowledge? According to most of Vanga, in a period of around a person collects all his deceased loved ones, which are usually quite talkative. They and ask questions, and answer questions prophetess. It is up to the deceased people reporting to her certain facts, Wang received his knowledge. From them she learned something that should be passed alive. Sometimes the people themselves, who came to Vanga heard these voices, reminiscent of a quiet, muffled whisper. There were times when visitors were fainting, recognizing voices of dead relatives.

Prophetess VangaWang considered themselves Orthodox, but according to representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, it is not. We soothsayer had a difficult relationship with the church. Orthodoxy was denied the possibility of reincarnation, while Wang piously believed in it. However, the clairvoyant celebrate all religious festivals and held positions. On their own savings and donations of citizens Wang was able to build an Orthodox church of St. Petka in front of his house. Snow-white building was painted Svetlin Roussev — artist from Bulgaria. However, the relationship is not too improved, and remained tense, because the church and the predictions are completely incompatible.

Regarding the human soul at Vanga was formed distinct, albeit peculiar ideas. She believed that the soul never dies and is reincarnated and returns to earth, provided that the person in life was good. The souls of bad people do not take to the sky because they are embittered. Wang believed that the future will belong to people with a pure heart and good intentions, and the world will become so great that it is difficult to imagine our contemporaries.

Once Vanga predicted the impending scientific discoveries. She said that it is time to major discoveries in the field of science, the world of the intangible. People will witness the greatest archaeological discoveries in the area that will transform modern understanding of humanity on the ancient world. Prophetess also said that gold is hidden in the bowels of the Earth, will be released on the surface, but will go deep into the water.

We were regular visitors Vanga and very famous among the people all the time are in sight. To it often came Simeon II — King of Bulgaria, and even the leader of the state and the party — Todor Zhivkov, his daughter Ludmila, who became minister of culture PRB, which was considered a prophetess trustee for many years. Wang said came to pass, its predictions are more credible, which is why it is often treated by the state leaders. She once said about Gorbachev that he knowingly started to criticize the people over time will remember his good words and regret the resignation.

Vanga's predictions have been addressed and writer L. Leonov, Yuri Semenov, and artist Nicholas Roerich, and many well-known people. Vanga's predictions have been made, and politicians, including the emissaries of Boris Yeltsin. She knew how to keep a secret, so it has been accessed and trusted.

It happened that people were shocked by the words soothsayer, as happened with Vyacheslav Tikhonov. When he entered the house of Vanga, she angrily asked why he had not complied with the request of Yuri Garin? Yuri asked before his final flight to buy an alarm clock and put in the memory on the table. Tikhonov was a shock due to the fact that this conversation no one but the two of them did not know.

Leonid Leonov also had time to visit with fortune teller. He had a chance to visit her often, and Vanga said he believed implicitly. In 1939, he started the novel "The Pyramid" and Leonov in 1991 wrote a letter about it Vanga, asking his friend from Bulgaria to transfer it to the recipient. The letter was written because of the dissatisfaction of the writer to the work, and he began to think about the total destruction of the manuscript. Wang, having received a letter Leonova, wrote to him in reply, that the novel is finished, but it still need to make some adjustments and a little supplement. Completed the letter that the novel will be published, and it will translate into several languages, but after completing the novel writer is death. Leonov, take the words literally Vanga, and for twenty years was in no hurry to put the final point in the novel, constantly making adjustments. So great was his faith soothsayer said. At that time, there was a strong likelihood that the world has not learned to "pyramid" in the form in which we know it now, but in the early 90-ies of XX century Leonov received a letter from Wang. The Oracle wrote that Leonov still had time to not only publish a novel, but will reap the fruits of success of this work. So, in April 1994 the band released the first volume of the novel "The Pyramid", which had a lot of positive reviews. In the summer of the same year he died, Leonid Leonov, noting ninety fifth anniversary by confirming it, that Vanga predictions always come true.

In his autobiography, Wang wrote that her actions and predictions should not be explained. After all, her gift — from God, all that it does, the handiwork of God and not of us mortals to understand God's deeds. God has deprived her of giving instead of seeing the invisible, allowing you to see the invisible world and help these people, do good to them.

Krasimir Stoyanov, niece Vanga, fixed her all of her sayings. This is how it has kept them informed up to a lot of people in his article "Biography of Vanga", which brings together the most famous.

Exactly one month before his death, Wang announced its exact date. She was suffering from cancer, but did not allow anyone to treat it. August 10, 1996 at midnight doctors registered sudden relief status. According to Vanga's niece, she asked to give her a glass of water and a piece of bread, a little later, she wished to take a dip. Doing everything I wanted to do, Wang said that now she's fine. At about nine o'clock Wang reported a profit for the souls of her dead relatives. Clairvoyant long conversation with them, as if stroking someone's head. At ten o'clock in the morning Wang allowed them to pick up himself with you, it took the death with a smile on his lips. This completes the biography of Vanga — the greatest visionary of the twentieth century.

We still do not know "passed" if Wang's my gift to someone is inherited or not. In the biography is mentioned about some girl from France. Ostensibly it was her wishes to convey his gift prophetess, respectively, after the death of Vanga girl was supposed to be blind. But then, the data have not been confirmed and Wang said that decide who can only pass on the gift of God, nothing of it does not. When this happens — is unknown.

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