What hides behind the Chinese peacekeeping steps in Libya

On Wednesday, June 22, the Chinese capital Beijing with a two-day visit to Mahmoud Jibril one of the favorites of Libya's rebel forces. The Chinese side has organized a meeting at the highest level of guest with him to hold talks Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, as well as heads of international department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. China's diplomatic efforts, first to be associated with a desire to prevent the potential loss of contracts in Libya worth more than 19 billion dollars. It is necessary to see that today in terms of contacts at the international level with Tripoli and Benghazi Chinese Beijing, not previously announced itself as a mediator in the Libyan confrontation, bypasses the other world countries, including those who have taken on the role of official mediator — Russia.

What lies behind China's peacekeeping steps in Libya

Mahmoud Jibril, which heads the executive committee of Libya's National Transitional Council in Benghazi and oversees relations with the external world, is not the first high-ranking bureaucrat who is visiting Libya, the capital of China, to him as a two-day visit there visited by the head of the Ministry of Overseas Affairs of Libya, Abdul Ati al-Obeidi.

Minister of Overseas Chinese Affairs lavished praise on the address of the Transitional National Council, which has become a major political force in Libya, calling it "a fundamental partner in the dialogue."

As it is clear China did not take a tough stance in the war between the forces of Libya's Muammar favorite Gaddafi and opposition groups, and he abstained in March when the UN Security Council issued a resolution on the right of the NATO air strikes against the forces of the government army. But at the same time, China was in constant contact with both sides of the conflict in the interests of a political settlement.

"The Consulate of Libya's National Transitional Council is expanding every day, step by step, starting from the moment of its creation, and it is crucial for the formation of domestic political forces," — said the head of the Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told Mahmoud Jibril.

In the essence of the negotiations, the China did not elaborate, saying only that their main task — to "promote peace talks." So Makarov, for the first time since the beginning of the armed conflict in Libya, China has officially announced their own peacekeeping ambitions, as it is clear before the time the Chinese were limited to condemn the bombing of Libyan cities and calls for peace talks, but never mentioned the intention to contribute to this process. At present, the official mediators in the Libyan conflict appears Our homeland and the Alliance of African countries.

But one can imagine that enthusiasm China to conduct peace negotiations explained not so much by the peacekeeping puzzles much eagerness to avoid significant financial losses. Only in the last 5 years, Beijing has invested in more than 50 commercial projects in Libya almost 19 billion dollars in the country has a huge 13 municipal companies of China. On the large scale of the Chinese presence in the North African country is evidenced by the that for the first time days of armed confrontation Beijing evacuated 35 thousand of their own people who were involved in different works. Projects role China areas distributed throughout Libya. Many of these projects are located in areas under the control of the army of Muammar Gaddafi. That's why representatives of Beijing began active negotiations with each of the parties to the confrontation.

Naturally, the Chinese government is not interested in the fate of peaceful Libyan people that are amenable to the daily risk of becoming victims of armed confrontation. Funds that are invested in various companies and the likely profit that is the main enthusiasm of China. Do they have the supplies to offer to both sides of confrontation — they promise Gaddafi lobbying the UN Security Council, and the rebels means, so now they are in need. And will not that unusual in the fact if tomorrow in Beijing with all the pomposity will not meet representatives of Muammar Gaddafi.


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