Taser for samoobrony

The list of more accessible and recognizable types of guns for self-defense stun gun is not the last. Taser jolt of electricity capable of delivering 700 thousand volts, Yet in Russia are allowed to use stun gun with a charge no more than 60 thousand volts. Stun guns are of 3 types.

The first category includes small gaps, which are simply placed in malehankih female handbag. This produces a stun is not very large voltage, and the maximum that it can, it scare the dogs — the fact that dogs are afraid of cod with blue sparks, and can

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Mogilev: The visual area could collapse with people

Society In Mogilev on the visual area on the street Botkin there was a huge crack. Every day on this site are hundreds of people. Next to it — the central city hospital and a maternity hospital. From the playground to the St. Nicholas Church and houses of Mogilev region "Padmikolle" are iron assembly.

Why the crack is unknown. Here and there she had overgrown grass. One of the bystanders said that over the long crack is watching and it is increasing. People, he says, in his remarks that the crack threatens their lives, not pay attention.

Now, the crack

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Prisons are preparing for the release of amnestied

Society The amnesty law in connection with the 65th anniversary of Victory entered into force. According to the agency "Interfax", the penitentiary system began preparing for the release of certain categories of prisoners.

The Department of Corrections Interior Ministry explained: after the law came into force is expected to order the head of the Interior Ministry, then in prison administrative committee will be formed, which decide the release of prisoners. Soon will be formed lists of those who fall on its face under the current amnesty.

Minister Interior Anatoly Kuleshov said the amnesty is "a vivid anti-corruption." On He said,

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Electrical shock

After the past not so long ago the first flight of the aircraft layout of Chinese 5th generation U.S. military options intensive discussions are reactions to the event. How to beat the opponent in possession, the very small, equal in ability aviation? One answer — hit a rather weak position of new generation aircraft, according to their electronics.

To do this, the Pentagon is developing the latest generation of electric radiators NGJ (Next Generation Jammer), which should dazzle radars, disrupt communications, and even infect computers harmful code. It is understood that a similar instrument will be based on the aircraft

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The company’s plant at the Serpukhov Shultser started production of oil and gas equipment

At the newly opened factory of the company Sulzer ("Shultser") in Serpukhov (Moscow region). Launched a full cycle of oil and gas equipment.

Serpukhov factory will produce for the Russian manufacturers stuffing process of distillation vessels, by which is refining into gasoline, oil, diesel, etc.

At the launch ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Industry Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Sobko. At the opening ceremony SV Sobko emphasized that "We are dealing with serious, profitable for Russian investments. This is not a production of screwdriver, and involvement in our economy,

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Electric dog repeller fixed type

In almost all towns one can Follow subsequent phenomenon gather in a pack of dogs almost side by side with people taking certain area near the houses, and then — and just in the courts, where the next play as kids. They guard this area, visit various fundamental to their facilities — landfills and heating. And they guard their possessions often specifically from people. Pack of feral animals do not take a person and do not give him the right to exist as a beginning to feel its power. Thus, pack 10-20 of large dogs really can displace people

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Ghost in an old dress filmed in the Welsh Valley

January 8, 2012 6:58

The Welsh Valley ghost filmed in an old dress. Tourist Fija Paul (Paul Feehan) brought back from his trip to Wales unusual video. Near the village of Abersoch, he filmed and photographed his friend in the back dress a dark figure in a hat.

Paul and his friend, especially come to a quiet spot to relax in unspoilt nature. Now, time after time reviewing your video, Paul said that never before had such a shock. He is confident and swears that during the shooting and after that no one in the neighborhood and noticed this

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ASP at the Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) collect cars Ural

The grand opening of the production line on 29 June at the Semipalatinsk car assembly plant.

License agreement to assemble cars "Ural" and "SemAz" Ltd was signed last year, and within six months from the conveyor descended brand new trucks. The planned production capacity — 400 cars per year. The first state order "SemAz" Ltd has received from the Internal Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For the needs of departments in the factory produced 55 cars.


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Be Free no place in Chernihiv

Society The organizers of the traditional festival of Be Free report that the City Council of the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, where scheduled IV Music Festival, does not grant permission to hold it. After receiving a preliminary verbal agreement, the organizers expect more than a month of official papers confirming the application.

Scheduled for an official committee with the participation of the authorities of Chernigov was canceled without explanation. From informal sources initiators event learned that Chernigov authorities are in contact with the official Belarusian side, that advises not to allow the festival:

"The fate of the international festival,

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Trehlebov: Brownies


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