On the way to the WTO Russia rejects Belarusian ballast

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that before the end of the year Russia hopes to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). He said that now there are quite complex negotiations, but expressed the hope that foreign partners who want to trade on the Russian market, will be able to finalize the transition to the standards that are applied in the Russian Federation. It seems that during the last year publicize the idea of moving in the WTO Customs Union with Belarus and Kazakhstan finally buried.

Both Russia and Belarus are among the countries that hold the record for

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Osipenko and Kozlov are preparing for the release of the Amnesty

Society Prisoners Vladimir Osipenko and Mikhail Kozlov, convicted in the case of Autukhovich soon be released under an amnesty, which entered into force. Avtukhovich does not fall under the amnesty.

Amnesty in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Victory came into effect. According to the Department of Corrections, the colonies began to form the administrative committee, which will take a decision on the release of certain prisoners. Come out on the freedom Autukhovich, Uladzimir Asipenka and Mikhail Kozlov, who were convicted in the so-called "terrorist process"? According to information Autukhovich does not fall under the amnesty, as the

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This heavy science of harmony

The flow of watery slop is poured on Russia by Western media in recent weeks, if not ended, then slowed down, thickened, began to dry up. Even Hillary Clinton — and that at the APEC summit kinder. As for Mitt Romney, who twice cursed Russian geopolitical enemy of America's number one and reaffirmed its strong stand in Tampa, this young man seems to doobzyvalsya: Barack Obama, speaking at the Democratic Convention, angrily criticized him for Russia — and, ultimately, Romney's electoral rating crept down, comrade Obama has earned a regular 'Moscow' scores.

If the spring the Western media have competed

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The station was opened Uyar footbridge

I understand that this is a small thing for most, because Uyar, this is some little village, but I assure you, kids village, walking through the numerous rails, are constantly at risk. My uncle and aunt went to school there through the way because it was a safe transition to go far. And the children are our future, we must take care of them.

Residents Uyar train paths provide serviceability of one of the sites in Siberia all year round. This small settlement (compared to the big cities) is making a significant contribution to the country's transport

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Council under the Ministry of Culture to decide the fate of the church Novogrudskaya

Society The problem of image Novogrudskaya Borisoglebskaya church will decide Belarusian Republican scientific advisory board for the Historical and Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture. This was announced by the head of the cultural department BelaPAN Novogrudskii executive committee Alexander Karachan.

June 28th chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich appealed to the Ministry of Culture in connection with the planned replacement of the towers at the end of tent tsybulepadobnyya dome. As noted in the letter, work is carried out without the authorization of the Ministry and will

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Male ants destroy the competition even before they are born — scientists

Dominant males in the nest laying eggs regularly inspect and mark future competitors a chemical signal that causes the ants working to destroy pupae juveniles, perceiving them as the aggressor, say biologists in a paper published in the journal BMC Ecology.

Colonies of many species of social insects are composed of several castes that perform various tasks. So, working individuals caring for offspring and feed the colony, the soldiers defending it, and mature males and females are involved in reproduction.

Team of biologists led by Sylvia Cremer (Sylvia Cremer) from the Institute of Science and Technology of Austria in Klosterneuburg

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The station Sorochinskaya (Orenburg region) open new station

Station is a one-story building frame construction area of 335 square meters. It can simultaneously accommodate 50 passengers. Inside the building, provided the waiting room for passengers, ticket booth, snack bar, room for passengers with children, medical office for a pre-trip inspection station workers and police room. In order to quality service with limited mobility station is equipped with a ramp and a special bath.

 Photo source:orenburg-gov.ru

Space station decorated with granite, and all adjacent to the train station area is lined with paving slabs. In addition, organized parking places, updated island platform and footbridge.

 Photo source:orenburg-gov.ru

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This terrible date — December 21

Zombies, demons or hell Chubais?

It is no secret that on December 21, as if according to the Mayan calendar comes to an end. Some people prefer to call it the naming of the town — Armageddon, someone thinks that is synonymous with the end of the world title small works of Comrade John ("Apocalypse," in other words "Revelation"), while others are simply expressed in Russian: full paragraph.

The best part of those who believe in a final and definitive "paragraph" (of those who believe in the end — about 10% of earthlings), holds a popular destination for speculation about

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Places of power Russia

February 3, 2012 20:50

Kamchatka, Baikal, Altai, the Caucasus … When you get to these places, it seems that time has stopped here. The unique nature, the earth where life energy fuels the body force, and fills the soul and mind of wisdom.

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Russian Navy: expectation of change

Starting for the twenty-first century Russian Federation Navy something like the beginning of the twentieth century for the Russian naval empire. For various reasons, the Navy of the Russian Federation met the beginning of the XXI century with dilapidated infrastructure, the presence of obsolete types in the fleet of warships and disputes about the vision of a new kind of fleet. How it looks like the beginning of the last century, when the role of Peter Stolypin came institution Naval General Staff and young naval officers-General Staff began to struggle with the «oldies» Admirals Head of Naval Staff for

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