Gulak: The government creates a climate of fear

Society The Belarusian authorities are deliberately creating an atmosphere of fear in the society on the eve of the presidential election campaign.

This was stated by chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak at the round table "The situation in Belarus on the eve medyyaprastory Presidential campaign: Realities and Prospects ", BelaPAN.

"Freedom of speech is necessary for the voter to consciously made the choice. However, the authorities are not interested. "

According to Gulak, limiting freedom of speech, applying repressive machinery, power create an atmosphere in the society in which "scared to be independent and active."

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On the TVZ successfully completed acceptance testing of a two-storey staff car

On the Tver Carriage Works successfully completed acceptance testing of the passenger compartment floor staff car with berths model 61-4472.

In tests of the system have been tested to ensure climate functioning plumbing and electrical equipment, held run-in and braking tests. The results confirmed that the car meets all current safety standards.

At the next stage of testing staff car life support system will be tested and evaluated the level of fire safety. There will also be conducted climatic and sea trials and tests on collision. Then the expected certification test, the result of

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Juvenile fascism in action

Juvenile justice system in Russia is called social patronage. Only the nature of unchanged. Of families continue to pick up children. According juvenals-opekantov, take away, because the family is not a lot of money and bad home renovations. The same faces that walk into our family with juvenile fascism, immediately tried to "sexually educate" our children in school and to impose a respectful attitude toward homosexuals and other perverts. Children want to talk about the "petting" and masturbation. Kids want to teach that homosexuality — "that's fine too." We do not realize what's going on, because a normal person does

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On TV, there was the first Russian car advertising E

Mikhail Prokhorov decided to start advertising their new car, called the "e". According to the creators of the machine, the letter "e" is only in Russian language. And that is why it is so unique. In addition, the letter "e" is the seventh letter of the Russian alphabet, and, they say, the number 7 is rumored to bring good luck. Well, about the negative associations that may cause the letter "e", the designers prefer not to talk.

As previously reported, Mikhail Prokhorov plans to produce a whole family of cars. In addition to the hatchback and the

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Foreign Ministry regrets that the children were not given visas

Society The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has expressed regret over Britain's refusal to grant visas to a group of Belarusian children from regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

This was announced by the press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh, BelTA.

The children were sent on vacation.

Savin said that petitioned for the issuance of visas to respectable British humanitarian organization.

However, in A.Savinyh such action — the sovereign right of the British side because no formal complaints in this case can not be present.

Responding to a question about how the incident is perceived

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In Brazil, fell from the sky a mysterious ball

March 6, 2012 20:19

The nature of the mysterious place has not been established.

In the state of Maranhão in northeast Brazil fell from the sky a mysterious metal object in the shape of the ball. As reported by the Brazilian media, ball diameter — about one meter, weight — about 30 pounds.

The incident took place on February 22 in the village of Dos Riashu Rokos. The ball fell in the early morning in the yard of a local resident Jose Mendez. First, there was a heavy thunder-like explosion. When the man went outside, he discovered the mysterious

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France adopted a variant of laser-guided AASM

Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) French Defense Ministry on April 3 adopted a modular version of the aviation ordnance AASM (Armement air-sol modulaire) laser-guided. This qualification opens the way to use the new tools with Rafale fighters the Air Force and the French Navy. Earliest version of the AASM with GPS / inertial and infrared-guided used in operations Harmattan (Libya) and Serval (Mali). Laser-guided AASM created for far («stand off») defeat precision mobile land and sea targets. Targeting can be accomplished half container Damocles fighter «Rafale» or advanced ground gunner. Qualification tests conducted in December 2012 at the DGA

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Is dedicated to the anniversary of

Verbovanie more 100 units of aircraft, including strategic bombers, training in the framework of the upcoming celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Air Force RF no impact on the country's defense and programmke battle training of pilots.

This was the first joint training session, which took place at the aerodrome Ramenskoye in Zhukovsky near Moscow, said the chief navigator of the Russian Air Force Major General Mike Zvyagin.

"None of the planned applets combat training tasks are not left out. Nobody has permitted us to migrate some tasks to a later date. Including in the run-up to the preparation

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Blue-green meteor streaked over Hungary and Poland

From Poland and Hungary reported the observation of a meteorite.

So gentleman — Lukas from Raciborz, Poland, described his observations on Nov. 29 17:50:00.

The phenomenon lasted 6 seconds. Ball of light moving from left to right in the direction of the south-west. The movement is not accompanied by sound. He was bright white, with some green and blue elements. It looked like the lights of the car from a distance of about 200 meters. 4.3 fragment fell on his flight. Moving rather slowly (although I've never seen a meteorite earlier). Its trajectory was very flat, almost

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In the Odessa region bloody river

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Residents of the district center Sarath Odessa region seriously concerned about the tricks that throws their local river. Twice — in the autumn of last year and this spring — the water in it was painted in blood red, which gave rise to and generates a lot of the most incredible rumors and speculation. Wrote about the incident on June 1 internet portal " — Odessa Odessa news today, yesterday and tomorrow."

"Both times it was after the rains — told" Duma, "local resident Irina Stoykova. — People are talking at once, that

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