On SSHHPP set a new seismic sequence

As explained in the press service of the Sayano-installed equipment "… will allow for monitoring of the dynamic state of hydraulic structures and the registration of earthquakes." Moreover, data recording system will be maintained continuously and automatically. According to the information provided about the new equipment and its capabilities in comparison with the old: now in the updated seismometric complex involving 22 special pavilion, located in the dam body and intended for the seismic equipment. Previously, the station was used only 7 of these pavilions. The old system was in standby mode and ran when a seismic event

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Parade of planets on December 21 will not be

Parade of planets (the exact term — connection) — celestial phenomenon in which a certain number of planets in the solar system is built close to the same line. In this case, the objects are visually close to the sky. If the difference between the ecliptic latitudes while also small, there may be events covering more physically distant object, inferior conjunction (in the case of connecting the inner planets and the Sun) and the eclipse of the sun (in the case of a compound of the Moon and the Sun).

Inner planets, Venus and Mercury in one synodic

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Otitis media: the causes and manifestations

What is otitis media

Otitis media — is an inflammatory disease of the middle ear associated with the ingress of infection. Can manifest pain in the ear, a rise in temperature, temporary hearing loss and general symptoms such as loss of appetite and irritability. The most frequent otitis media affects children due to the nature of their anatomy. Most often, the process begins with one ear, but then it can adhere to the second.

Otitis media in children by frequency of occurrence is in second place after the ARD. About 50% of the children to their first

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Native Sergei Kovalenko fear for his health

Society Vitebsk opposition that the seventh day is under arrest on a hunger strike. So he protested against the unjust, in his opinion, arrests and convictions that are considered retaliation for political activity.

Today's relatives called the detention center and the attendant assured that the health complaints prisoner did not show.

Family decided to try again to send Sergey a drinking water: a mother, Lidia Kovalenko brought transfer last time, it was not accepted.

Relatives are very concerned about the state of his health, as an activist came to the detention center just three days after being discharged

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Paleontologists were able for the first time to determine the sex of fossil protoptits

Paleontologists have learned to determine the sex of fossil birds konfutsiornisov bone present in the body of mature females, so it became clear that only males have beautiful "brushes" on the tail, the prints are often found in the Mesozoic deposits, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

Over the past 20 years, scientists have discovered several dozen species and protoptits ptitseyascherov that lived on Earth in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The function and appearance of the first story of feathers remains unclear. Part paleontologists believe that they appeared to attract females, and others associated with

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UFO. The Chronicles of secret chases. Online

Watch UFO. The Chronicles of secret chases.


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Anatomy of Love Full Movie

The creators of this project decided to put the experience into the walls of the women's correctional facility. His goal was to have a look, whether in the wake of the Mothers mother's feelings if they are little will change the schedule and they will not create child 2 hours a day, as it happens, and be with the child constantly. Usually, after 3 years, toddlers sent to the children's home and mother after his release can take it to for myself, but unfortunately, it does not always happen. And so I would like to impose on the other

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Discovered new traces of the fall of a giant meteorite

Risk of collision of the Earth with an asteroid — the question is not idle, the more that the planet can be seen from the impact craters of Skywalker, against which the recent hero of the world's media? Chelyabinsk meteorite? or Siberian mysterious visitor? Tunguska meteorite? show "the kids."

Thus, 66 million years ago an asteroid, who met with the surface of the earth in the Yucatan peninsula, put an end to the era of the dinosaurs, leaving a crater with a diameter of more than 180 kilometers.

However, a recent survey of Australian researchers led to a new

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The Science of Immortality

February 23, 2012 2:12

In 1992, the sensational news of the seventy-old woman from the Japanese city of Fukuoka is not on the TV screens and the front pages of newspapers. Because of this oversight Senagon nurse took a large dose of the hormone drug, thus it suddenly began to grow again teeth blackened gray hair and wrinkles disappeared on the face and body. After some time, the restoration of the Japanese women menstruation cycle, looking younger, she married again, and was even able to have a baby. After hearing about this miracle, many Japanese and Japanese

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SCC was put on a new extraction plant

August 30, 2012 in JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (Tomsk, enters the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements") held the grand opening and commissioning of modern extraction unit.

On the creation of the installation took 4 years were spent 318 million rubles. Experts estimate the new equipment should pay for itself in 4 years.

The new extraction plant will be the prototype of the equipment that will be part of the conversion facility of "SCC". The new plant, which will focus all uranium conversion of Russia, is one of the investment projects of State Corporation "Rosatom". It is estimated

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