At Uglich power plant installed water meter

During the overhaul of the GA number 1 on hydropower installed water discharge measurements — the latest equipment, which allows to monitor the flow of water through the turbine in real time, and to determine the flow rate for any length of time.

Previously, this was done by calculation, that took some time and did not give a completely accurate data. This project was undertaken as part of the research work "Development of instrumental and technical control of water accounting for HPP" held of "NIIES." Uglich hydroelectric power station — the

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Southward: victory at Kobrin and Gorodechno

3rd Western Army, commanded by Alexander P. Tormasov to the outbreak of hostilities was placed in Lutsk. Size of the army was 46 thousand people, with 164 guns. This is the size of the army across the state, the actual number was less than a fighter — the number cited by historians range from 35 thousand to 25 thousand combat-ready fighter. In the Army was composed of: body Kamensky (18th Infantry Division), Building Markov (15th and 9th Infantry Divisions), the body Osten-Sacken (3 Infantry Brigade and the 11th Cavalry Division), Cavalry Corps Lambert (5 th and 8th Cavalry Divisions).

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The meeting Saakashvili and Lukashenko was July 12

Society As can be seen from the reports of the Georgian media, the Georgian leader, it seems, went to Ukraine twice. First time — July 9, a one-day visit to the drop of English-language edition of the Digest Messenger, personally congratulate the Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych and his 60th birthday. Details about the meeting not, commentators write. We only know that Saakashvili is no one on this anniversary did not. "Of course, the experts can explain it this way: Ukraine — a member of the Georgia and Tbilisi should strengthen its relations with this country"Writes the online edition Geurasia.


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The EU should use the gas conflict in the interests of Belarus

Society This opinion is shared by famous German politician, coordinator for foreign policy of the European People's Party in the European Parliament Elmar Brok. In an interview with Austrian Wirtschaftsblatt edition focuses on the "Eastern Partnership", which together with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus are also involved.

A politician with regret that while the term "Eastern Partnership" is little known in the West, it is understood except in the neighboring countries of the former Soviet republics in the same Poland. "We also need to ensure that throughout the EU understood the strategic importance of these six countries," said

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At harvest in the Altai region are working new models of agricultural machinery

Economy of the region are intensively technical upgrading.

In this harvest season to work the fields of the Altai new models of agricultural machinery. For example, in the Trinity area and Biysk economy gained new items of the season — combine harvesters "Polesie" modification of the GLC-10.

The farm Smolensk region harvesting operations are conducted with a single in the Altai region of Rostov Harvester "Vector 420." Owner trends appreciates technical capacity machines, say in the Directorate of Agriculture of the region.

Last week, in OOO "Frolov-3 '(Event Tourism) came a new combine" John Deere W 330' of the

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The Tyumen Plywood Plant launched the third phase of the project

The Tyumen plywood plant line running Japanese pressing. Running the line laid the foundation for the implementation of the third stage of the plant, allowing to produce large-format plywood 1.5 m to 1.5 m


Fully construction of a third production line at the Tyumen plywood plant is scheduled for completion in 2015, with the production capacity of the plant will increase up to 120 thousand cubic meters per year.

Recall that in 2005 — 2009 years Tyumen Plywood Plant implemented the first phase of the investment project to create a high-tech facility

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Sport and Pregnancy

Pregnancy— A special period in the life of any woman. In this time She is not only responsible for their own lives and health, but also for the life and health of the unborn child. Therefore, intime Pregnancy should not forget about physical activity.

Woman to keep yourself in good physical shape, because childbirth — a serious test. Walking, especially in the forest-park zone, non-severe housework, trips out of town — all this will help to strengthen women's health and will benefit the child.

In the case of a normal pregnancy, a properly fitted exercise is not

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Saakashvili — a very interesting conversationalist

Society What would you talk to Saakashvili, had had a meeting with him today? Told "Freedom" asked the Belarusian politicians who declared their intention to run for president of the country.


Ex-presidential candidate Milinkevich my bell found in Poland, where the leader of the movement "For Freedom" is involved in the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Grunwald. The politician said that for him the main in conversation with Mikhail Saakashvili would have been subject of solidarity in the struggle for democracy.

"On the democratic reform, economic issues, strengthening of sovereignty.

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Progress M-14M went to the graveyard of spaceships

April 19 undocked from the International Space Station (ISS), the space truck "Progress M-14M", which during the nine days of the experiment was "Radar-Progress", received the command to brake and went to his last journey to the waters of the Pacific Ocean through the dense layers atmosphere of the Earth, told RIA Novosti the Control Center in Moscow (MCC).

"The engines are included in the truck braking 17.46 MSK. Expected unburned in the dense atmosphere of the Earth ship fragments splashed down in 18.39 MSK on so-called" graveyard "spacecraft in unnavigable Pacific" — a spokesman said.

MCC representative reminded that

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Southern direction. The coming of the army Chichagova

Please illumine the South towards the situation was further: in Bobruisk was a Russian garrison under the command of Alexander Ignatiev, he restrained division Dombrowski, barrel Ertel (about 15 thousand) was located near Mozyr against him was a division of General Moreau. Army Tormasov, after a fight with Gorodechno 31 July 1812 (Southward: victory at Kobrin and Gorodechno), Moved across the river Styr, waiting for the approach of the Danube army of Bessarabia. Russian troops were active hostilities, as did their opponents. Saxon and Austrian corps Rainier and Schwarzenberg did not bother 3rd Western Army Tormasov and gave her

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