Uralvagonzavod designed and built a unique platform

The designers of the Ural KB railcar parent company corporation "Uralvagonzavod" created a platform specific model 23-5166. As the developers, the product has no analogues in Russia. It is produced by OAO "YUGELEKTRO." All the work on its design and production were carried out on Uralvagonzavod in a short time.

Wagon model 23-5166 is made in one piece. It is designed for use as part of in-chassis carrier platform, which is used at Novovoronezh NPP-2 technology for transport vehicles carrying cases and covers for cans sealed during overloads and audits reactors.

The uniqueness of the platform

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For the pillows — Detention

Society Evening of July 15 aadyhody to the National Library in Minsk controlled by people in mufti. They arrested those who turned out with a pillow, and led into police buses. Total detained about 70 people from those who would like to participate in the "Battle of pillows," dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald and not permitted by the city authorities.

Maxim Mahnach rode near the National Library on the bike, with a pillow in his backpack. "Pillow — a necessary thing in order to sleep," — he said police.

Also, police check the

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Young shooter Sniper — Vasily Kurka

August 29, 1942 at the headquarters of the 18th Army was ordered Commander of the North — the Caucasus Front, demanding extensively to develop and popularize the sniper movement. In the units of the identified best hands, which were organized by sniper art classes were held 2— three-day gathering of snipers, where they exchanged combat experience. In the regiments were created sniper groups, which together with opytneyshemi were masters of fire and rising arrows, which contributed to the preparation of snipers in the shortest possible time.

As a result of the work done by the end of September in

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Uralvagonzavod learn new welding machines

Each product is UralVagonZavod welding surfaces, and the more reliable the seam, the better the product. What is such an important impact on the outcome? Certainly, the skill of man and the hardware on which it runs. Under the re-equipment company in the department of frames and trusses (330) received and installed more than 50 welders American company «Lincoln Electric».

Jobs welders in the 330-m almost unrecognizable. Instead of operating your outdated equipment installed new age, modern, having the highest specifications. His bright colors to add a person to the everyday work of positive

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Boys and grandfather

Defense gives recruits obscure annotations on survival in the Russian army

Victim of bullying soldier should not break the law, show courage, hiding on the ground of a military unit, but under no circumstances should commit suicide. These tips are contained in leaflets issued to recruits in various parts of the country.

Such documents have three: from the Capital Military Institute of Radio Electronics Gallakticheskih troops (Kubinka), of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Pechenga) and of w / h 15689 — this is mission control center in Krasnoznamensk military satellites. Despite this rather broad geography, councils and their

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Maundy Thursday for the homeless Gomel

Society Today, dozens of homeless Gomel residents showered and were disinfected with their belongings. All of them made a chest X-rays, given clean clothes, food and hygiene products.

Held a "Maundy Thursday" for the urban homeless Gomel regional organization Belarusian society Red Cross within the "right to health". This event — part of the information campaign "I am stopping TB", which is held in Belarus on the basis of the UNDP Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

According to the Homel regional branch of the Red Cross, to the action "right to health" involved police, Tuberculosis Hospital physicians

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AIDS: is there a cure?

Many bacteria and viruses — infectious agents — quite resistant organisms that are well-kept dry and the humidity, heat and cold. Therefore, the destruction of pathogens associated with the use of very strict measures — chemical or thermal sterilization. When virus or bacteria are found on surgical instruments on hospital walls, in raw foods — such measures are justified. However, if exciter lives in the human body, autoclave or bleach will kill rather more gentle master, than a microbe.

New drugs can stimulate the improvement of the virus

One of the most important discoveries of the last century,

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Notes of a psychic

April 17, 2012 8:49

Subtle World supermarket.

Photo: radiovmeste.com

Above … glass sliding doors hung essence, like a jellyfish. Its tentacles writhing plaits fell down, touching the heads of people took place. Interested in an elderly man in a classic coat. Elongated tentacles, grabbed it, the subtle energy whip pierced his heart chakra, and took a bright energetic bunch — these are obviously fed.

The man staggered and grabbed his hand to his chest. I did not touch the essence and, having drawn tentacles easily passed forward.

In the hall, the ceiling, taking foreseeable space, dark heaving body

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Want to change the destiny — take a second name

April 16, 2012 12:20

It has long been observed that the name somehow influences the nature and destiny of man. Some names give their owners the energy, drive, determination. Others — meekness, gentleness, shyness. The name can bring success, health and happiness to its owner, or vice versa — an obstacle to the implementation of plans.

Famous aliases

Is it possible to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

In studying this phenomenon, the researchers highlight the different concepts of science and history to intuitively esoteric. But so far there is no consensus on the reasons a communication mechanism between

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Mogilev activists complained about the city council to court

Society Three of the applicants are not permitted by the local authority pickets for the release of political prisoners appealed to the court about the actions of the Mogilev city executive committee. Union activists Yury Novikov, Sergey Fomin and the head of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov asking the court to declare illegal and annul the decision business manager Igor Avseenko City Council for permission to hold protests. May 17 Leninsky court Mogilev will review the complaint activists.

The failure to picket City Council explained that the venue for public events organized by political, union and NGOs,

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