Nuclear Time

In Soviet times, the government of the country with particular sensitive about protecting the outer boundaries. The West and South Russian The Alliance was firmly protected by a buffer zone, which included the countries of the former socialist camp, but with extended boundaries for the implementation of similar programs from East was not possible given the fact that a significant portion of the shared borders of the USSR and China, which, despite the communist chosen path of development, to name other real Russian government is not solved, and of territorial disputes between states appeared with measured regularity. In order to

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On the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant has begun physical start

October 20, 2011 at 21:45 in the fourth unit of the reactor fuel assemblies loaded first, reported in the Public Information Center of Kalinin NPP. After completion of the loading of the core reactor fuel assemblies fourth unit will be displayed for a minimum controlled power level.


According to the Head Start Unit number 4, the director of the Kalinin NPP LI Martynovchenko, after loading the first fuel assembly is still much work. "Therefore, a sense of celebration is punctuated with the realization that the amount of work that remains" — He said.


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Nikolai Demidenko was given 15 days

Society Deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. The verdict handed down in court Minsk Piershamaiski Judge Yuri Gorbatok, BelaPAN reports, citing human rights defender Anastasia Marinkina.

According to her, the court was actually closed until the evening Demidenko human rights activists and friends did not know the results.

"Moreover, we are still do not know under what article convicted Demidenko. This information in court we were not given. They said only that he was sentenced to administrative arrest and will serve his sentence at the Center for isolation of offenders

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Pakistans nuclear capability

In February of this year, the Pakistani military has carried out successful tests of the advanced cruise missile Babur "Havt-7" accidental betrothed in honor of the conqueror main competitor in the region of Pakistan — India.


Development of missiles launched at the end of the last century, served as the basis for developing a South American "Tomahawk" cruise missile and was created in opposition to the Indian missile "BrahMos" that India has developed together with Russia.

Start of test cruise missile "Babur" — 2005. The rocket flew about a half thousand kilometers. Regular Pakistani missile tests took

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The Black Sea Fleet, an electronic simulator underwater rescue complex Panther Plus

Black Sea Fleet (BSF) has completed the improvement of the underwater rescue complex "Panther Plus", which significantly enhance the ability of the educational use of deep-water apparatus.

As the press service of the Southern Military District, in the course of modernization, which carried out the specialists of "Tethys-PRO" (Moscow), was developed by an electronic simulator that allows professionals to work out the problem without dropping the "Panther Plus" under water.

The simulator allows operators from the ideal conditions to move to real without the risk of losing an expensive underwater vehicle, repeatedly and trouble-free work activities in

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Georgian expert: the Kremlin has no choice in the matter leader in Belarus


In a conversation with the Georgian Rirweli agency said Tbilisi expert, head of the Research Center for European Integration Vasili Chkhaidze.

In the context of the current Belarusian-Russian relations expert does not rule out Moscow's use of certain political forces, but also notes that the Kremlin is not any choice.

According to the analyst, "a large part of the Belarusian opposition increasingly focused on the West and Europe than Russia. As for Lukashenko, in spite of everything, he is still the leader with a pro-Russian orientation. " According to Vasili Chkhaidze Lukashenko thus well aware that only the

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Chelyabinsk meteorite found. Maybe soon it will be called «Chebarkul»

The main difference between the new meteorite from the famous Tunguska — he disappeared, and was in the hands of scientists!

Thus, experts from the Ural Federal University confirmed that found on the ice of Lake Chebarkul "stones" — really fragments of the meteorite. That's done — the meteorite has not disappeared, as the mysterious Tunguska, and in the hands of scientists.

These days the attention of the whole world was focused on the main city of Russia — Chelyabinsk and its suburbs. Scientists and just curious people of the world have studied the maps and tried to

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In the Black Sea began teaching

Putin ordered a night exercise in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin last night ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to launch large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea. About RBC said Head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Information Major General Igor Konashenkov.

The exercise will be attended by Russian Black Sea Fleet, part of the special-purpose airborne troops. The military were suddenly put on alert last night and started to perform the assigned tasks.

In practical actions taken more than 7,100 military personnel, 250 armored vehicles and

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Siberian flying aliens!

July 16, 2012 22:47

Traces of an unknown civilization hidden in the permafrost Yakutia tundra. For many years, a hundred miles Yakuts bypass this remote area. As the transmitted word of mouth legends have played there from the land flattened arch, under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most extreme cold in the summer heat.

In ancient times there were local hunters brave souls that slept in the premises. But they later getting very sick, and those who spent the night a few times, generally swiftly died. Another object — smooth metal hemisphere red

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FRANCE adopt OPTION laser-guided AASM

Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) French Defense Ministry on April 3 adopted a modular version of the aviation ordnance AASM (Armement air-sol modulaire) laser-guided. This qualification opens the way to use the new tools with Rafale fighters the Air Force and the French Navy. Earliest version of the AASM with GPS / inertial and infrared-guided used in operations Harmattan (Libya) and Serval (Mali).   Laser-guided AASM created for distant («stand off») precision defeat mobile land and sea targets. Targeting can be accomplished half container Damocles fighter «Rafale» or advanced ground gunner. Qualification tests conducted in December 2012 at the

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