In Chukotka, open concentrator gold deposit May

July 20, the official opening ceremony of the gold ore processing plant "May", located in the Chukotka region Chaun. The mine is developing a subsidiary of the Russian company "Polymetal" — "Gold Mining" May "," having a license. The investment amounts to 170 million dollars.

The May field was discovered in 1972 in since conducted exploration, built the village miners waged a power line from the Pevek made its way road.

In April 2013, the May field was carried out a test run of the processing plant capacity of 850 thousand tons of ore per

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In Kiev, prepared by the decision not to Belarusian sugar

Society The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine initiates the withdrawal of sugar from the free trade regime with Belarus. Already in August, planned to submit a draft decision for consideration by the central authorities.

Experts point out that the main reason is the so-called "Gray schemes" deliveries. In the framework of the Free Trade Agreement of Belarus has the right to supply to Ukraine sugar produced from its own sugar beets. However, actually operates another "mechanism" — Belarusians are processed in-house raw sugar and carry this product in Ukraine.

According to experts, farmers, such imports was acceptable, while

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Yak-141 (Freestyle). Racing vertical

In September and October 1991, the Northern Fleet vertical plane passing tests / non-long-off and landing (V / STOL) Yak-41M. The tests were conducted on the languid aircraft carrier (aircraft carrier) "Admiral of the Fleet Russian Union S.G.Gorshkov" (until 1991 — TAKR "Baku") Plane Yak-41M was not only followed after the Yak-38 step in the development of Russian aircraft V / STOL, and a landmark car in the history of the world of aviation — the first supersonic aircraft vertical takeoff and landing.

First study of supersonic aircraft taking off vertically-fighter created for the defense of aircraft carriers from

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In Chukotka, has opened a new gold mine Double

The Canadian gold miner Kinross Gold Corporation, which develops gold-silver deposit in Chukotka Dome, launched on October 10 mining industrial complex in another field in the autonomous region — a double, which is rich in gold.

Double mine located approximately 100 kilometers north of the Dome Mine. The mined ore will be transported to the Double for processing into gold factory Dome, providing additional production. Maximum Performance Dual-target is 1 thousand tons of ore per day. 

It is expected that in the first three years of work on the double annual production ranges from

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The prosecutor's office could not send a believer in the army

Society College of the Gomel Regional Court rejected the prosecutor's office to protest the verdict against the Central area of the believer, "Jehovah's Witnesses" Dmitry Smyk.

May 31 judge of the Central District Elena Tsalkova recognized believer Smyk guilty of evading military service under Article 435 of the Criminal Code — the actions of the believer there was no corpus delicti.

Regional Prosecutor's Office disagreed with the verdict and issued a protest, which was rejected today and Gomel Regional Court.

The criminal case against Dmitry Smyk in the central court of Homel examined twice. In November last year, the

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In Chukotka, the start of the study site to install floating nuclear power plants

In Chukotka, began to explore the place ustavnoki floating nuclear power plant. Group oceanographers and geophysicists studying the waters of the port Pevek where you plan to install the station.

To date, scientists have conducted drilling ground along the coastline. Begins the second phase of the study, which involves the study of the seabed using a specially installed sensors.

Work under this phase will last until August 1. Autumn geodetic engineering and geotechnical investigations in Pevek continue. For a more detailed study of the location of the station will be held drilling directly from the ice of the bay.

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Yak-141 — aborted flight

Yak-141 — supersonic, multi-purpose aircraft vertical takeoff and landing, which is designed for close combat maneuvering and air intercept, the aircraft could also be used to attack surface and ground targets. To systematize NATO: Freestyle — Freestyle. Yak-141 was the world's third largest aircraft vertical takeoff and landing, which could overcome the speed of sound (after the aircraft EWR VJ 101 and Dassault Mirage IIIV). First copy machine was built in the OKB. Yakovlev in 1986. Later on the new fighter has 12 global records, including the achievement of the highest altitude, rate of climb with a load of 1

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Sleep in parent’s bed — Pros and Cons

Psychologists, pediatricians, and parents themselves lately are increasingly vocal about the benefits of co-sleeping with the baby.

The necessity of so-called style rapprochement between the child and the parents said American pediatricians William and Martha Serz first time. And this style assumes that the baby is sleeping with their parents. While baby quite small, so really convenient. Mom did not have to get up to feed him at night. It does, at times almost without waking up, and the baby does not suffer from loneliness, feeling close to a mother's warmth, her scent.

Psychologists see in a joint dream

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Mirotochaschie icons — cheating?




If you believe the Voronezh media over the past few years in our city zamirotochilo more than 30 icons. However, in the Voronezh-Borisoglebskaya diocese we have stated formally that the region has a total of four Mirotochivogo subject. Beware of imitations!

According to some publications Voronezh, Voronezh

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Russia wants to undermine the authority of Lukashenko

Society "How do you feel about the campaign, which goes to the Russian media against Alexander Lukashenko?" This question is answered residents of Gomel.

Mr."It's a game that's before the election. Next year — important for Lukashenko. They want to undermine its credibility. "

Mr."Conventional journalists expose the president of the charges for which you can go to jail. It is not clear how this is possible? "

Mr."It just did not happen. When they started against him such a company, then earned. "

Mr."Soon elections. Perhaps they think that this way they will be able to change anything. "

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