Japan revives external intelligence service

After the defeat in the second world war, Japan was limited in almost all areas of the security sector, including foreign intelligence.

For example: information on missile launches by North Korea, Tokyo has received from the United States. But time passes, and Tokyo is no longer afraid of the diplomatic scandal. Japan began to establish external intelligence service. It became clear from the secret reports sent to Washington from the South American Embassy in Tokyo. This report was found in the number of documents available website WikiLeaks. It was handed over to the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald.

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On the electrochemical plant was put into operation the first unit of a new generation of centrifuges

December 26th, at 12 o'clock 05 minutes, JSC "PA" Electrochemical Plant " (Part of the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements") was successfully put into operation the first unit of industrial centrifuges 9th generation. Thus was made one of the key tasks in 2012, now set for the guidance of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and TC "fuel elements". In the start-up of the latest equipment have been involved in virtually all parts of the enterprise.

Electrochemical Plant is the first facility in the industry, where a part of modernization of a new generation of centrifuges installed.

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Movies NTV. Can we expect further action from Moscow?

Listen to the Company's transfer to air on Sunday, 18, Minsk time. And now — a fragment.

Dynko: "This film, I think, very personally" pushes "Alexander Kozulin kandydavannya to the election, to return to politics. Kozulin And if under the influence of the signal so decides, it will be crucial for the next presidential campaign. It seems to me that, in general, Taking these two films, they are strongly encouraged opposition political forces. Indeed, they found a new field for deyannya.Yany have new hope. This may be one of the most important results of these two shows.

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Started Basowiszcza 2010

Society On Friday, the Polish town of ammonite near the Belarusian foreign music festival started "Basowiszcza 2010".

According to the organizers, "Basowiszcza-2010", the current event is under the theme "Musica libertad". The headliner act "Lapis Troubetzkoy," which will visit the festival for the first time. In the main concert will be a "trinity", "Gursuf", "Addis Ababa", Litvintroll, Re1ikt, Zatoczka, Rima and Lipali.

"Basowiszcza" is held from the beginning of the 90 students of the Belarusian Association in Poland (ALS). It is the largest Belarusian rock festival. Traditionally, it consists of three parts: the free stage, the competition of young

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Japan — Chronicle dive bomber

Explosion block number 3 of the cosmos

So, as a result of the earthquake affected half of the land of the rising sun. In Figure 1 shows the area affected by the earthquake. The brown line is — very severe damage, yellowish — strong and greenish — moderate. Of this scheme shows that the structure and communication, located approximately 20% of the land of the rising sun, were badly damaged.

The world's attention is currently focused on the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In this regard, arising out of, my previous publications, enthusiasm for a more

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On Ezminskaya GES major overhaul of hydraulic

On the most powerful hydroelectric power of the branch of "RusHydro" Ezminskaya power plant (45 MW) was completed overhaul of hydraulic number three. The works were carried out in preparation for the upcoming flood season, which usually begins in April and ends in late summer. A little earlier a similar repairs were carried out at the hydroelectric number 1 and number 2. Thus, hydroelectric power is fully prepared to work in the flood period.

At the hydroelectric plant produced refurbishment of the generator windings, re-flow section with the removal of abrasive wear, and also replaced the

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The mine chertinskaja-South (Belon) is a modernization of mining transport

The mine "chertinskaja-South" JSC "Belon" (part of MMK) has begun installation of a new assembly line, through which significantly reduced the time and route of delivery of coal from the bottom to the surface. Modernization of mining transport to "chertinskaja-South" special attention. According to the program of development of the company in 2013, he entered the mine belt conveyor 2 CFL in 1200. The new equipment will be installed in a specially passed inclined generation.

At present, coal is transported from the lava with four stationary conveyors, the length of which a total of 2,200 meters,

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Nostradamus and his prophecies for 2012.

Nostradamus. Since ancient times, oracles, prophets and soothsayers have influenced people's lives and in society, in good times they are not remembered, but in all the troubled times of the people and the rulers turned to them, piously believing all their prophecies. Without astrologers and soothsayers even in Catholic Europe did not start the war, were not concluded a wedding, do not sign a peace treaty, any more or less important event had to pick a good date.

Among all the prophecies for centuries the world excite the prophecies of

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In Bashkiria entered emergency mode due to locusts


To control pests have started four districts Bashkortostana.Pervym regime introduced Haybullinskogo disaster area. Then chemical treatment began on the fields Kuyurgazinskogo, Kugarchinskogo and Baimak areas. Now on an enhanced battle locusts transform into Zianchurinskom and Zilair areas.

Recall that the chemical methods to combat this pest begin to apply when the number of insects than economic threshold — is 10-15 single individuals per square meter. To date, spraying was carried out on 60 thousand hectares. Specialists are to be treated with another 50 thousand. While farmland damaged by locusts in the republic.


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Already weekend, July 17-18



…and with the rains. Temperature: 25 — 32 C.

Do not pass:

July 17

Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich acts Orsha district: 17.30 — concert at agrotown Mitkovschina, 19.00 — Club Village Krapivna.

July 18

The UN Office in Belarus to organize the premiere screening of the film directed by Clint Eastwood's "Invincible" in kinatearty "Central" at 13.00. Admission is free.

In Pinsk final game of the championship of the world on motorcycle. DOSAAF Sports Complex, beginning at 14.00.


July 17

The second day of the Belarusian rock festival "Basowiszcza" in Bialystok.

July 17-18

In the Finnish

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