RTR: Lukashenko has shown Russian Doolin

Society The baton of the information war against Russian TV channels Alexander Lukashenko State picked RTR. In the program "Russia 24" zyavilsya interview with a member of the Public Chamber of Russia Nikolai Svanidze.

Earlier, on July 16 the First Channel of Russian television showed the release of the evening news, which comes alive on the Belarusian ONT and 20 pm Minsk time, the story "The Belarusian opposition to Open criminal case in connection with the release of the movie "The Godfather 2".

Also on July 16, NTV showed the second part of the documentary film "The Godfather 2". The

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In Yamal gas processing plant opened Vyngapurovsky

This is a landmark event in the economy and production, not only Noyabr'sk but Yamal. Vyngapurovsky gas processing plant built with the most modern technology and environmental requirements.

Vyngapurovsky GPP processes associated petroleum gas (APG) from the fields of "Gazprom oil" to produce dry gas and broad fraction of hydrocarbons (LPG) — a basic raw material for the petrochemical industry.

Since 2007, SIBUR has invested more than 20 billion rubles in the construction and modernization of processing facilities and pipeline infrastructure in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Including the creation Vyngapurovskoye GPP — 4.8 billion rubles.

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Japanese Empire and the beginning of the First World War

August 15, 1914 the Japanese government presented an ultimatum to Germany, demanding the withdrawal of German troops from the Pacific Ocean. From Berlin claimed to put the ships of the Imperial East Asiatic squadron of Qingdao, undermine the strengthening of port and pass the Empire of Japan Shandong peninsula. The Japanese government has also demanded transfer of the German Pacific possessions. The Germans were surprised at such position, they relied on benevolent neutrality — with Japan before the war had been established excellent contacts. Having received no response to this ultimatum, the Empire of Japan August 23, 1914 by imperial

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Japanese life: spy satellites, global currency war and the blade instead of a vacuum cleaner

About the Land of the Rising Sun today write a lot. Driven into battle "hawk" Abe, it is about to start a war with China — in alliance with the United States, obviously — and then put an end to the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, and after will be accepted, and for Russia, which does not part with the southern Kurils . After enjoying the triumph of victory and moving away from a hangover after a heavy libations of sake, Japan will start to drill wells near the Senkaku and approve its final and ultimate supremacy in the

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In Yamal opened a unique region for children’s medical complex

September 12, opened its doors to the first patients to the new hospital complex in Yamal Labytnangi.

The grand opening of the children's clinic — the first stage of children's hospital complex in Labytnangi — took place last Saturday. Residents and medical staff with a welcome gift, which was timed to the Day of the city, has congratulated the governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin. After the head of the region, together with the chief physician clinics cut the red ribbon, and the head doctor builders handed over the symbolic key to the building, the governor and the guests

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Even today, July 19

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…and with the rains. Temperature: 25 — 33 C.

Do not pass:

The Conference of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine and Belarus on "Entrepreneur and State: Realities and Prospects." Minsk, the hotel "Europe", beginning at 11.00.


In Hanoi, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with the foreign ministers of the Association of South-East Asia.


In 1855 died Tomasz Zan, Belarusian and Polish Romantic poet, a member of the revolutionary movement, scientist (b. 1796).

In 1893 was born the Russian poet

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Japanese military threat in the east of the USSR

Studying the history of the second World War, the mighty Russian war, we must not forget such an important factor for Moscow, as the threat from the East. USSR could not concentrate all its forces to fight the armed forces of the Reich, because it was hanging from the East Empire of Japan.

Formally between with 2 countries were neutral, according to the agreement signed April 13, 1941. But the main reason why Japan has not tapped the USSR, were not good will of Tokyo, or the strength of the signed documents. Living in the country of the rising sun

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The sky lit up with unusual rainbow Ufa

September 29, 2012 21:23

Such a rainbow — a rare occurrence in the city. Yesterday at about 5:00 pm in the skies over Sipaylovo an unusual iridescent glow. Ufimtsev could admire it's easy. ProUfu.ru portal to see a specialist to determine the nature of an unusual phenomenon. Initially it was assumed that this halo — an optical phenomenon that can occur around any luminous object, such as a lantern. However, after verification of the sun at this point it became clear that hangs over Ufa unusual rainbow.

— The most amazing thing that could be seen only a piece

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United Kingdom: the threat from the skies




British astronomers have made a significant contribution to the international program of research potentially dangerous for the Earth comets and asteroids — since October 2004 they have developed a system for finding near-Earth space objects began tracking potentially dangerous celestial bodies and transmit data about them in

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In Yamal, opened the first multi-cultural centers

In Priuralsky and Yamal regions, opened the first multi-cultural and educational complexes. They combine a library, museum, mugs and art school, and are intended for cultural activities.

These institutions play an important cultural and educational infrastructure in the area of Yamal. In them with interest and benefit can spend the adults, youth and children.

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