This week will decide the fate of Eurobonds

Society Belarus will decide whether to issue Eurobond this week, after receiving the views of all investors, and based on an assessment of the situation on the financial market.

About This was announcedand in the press service of the Ministry of Economy, BelTA informs.

From July 12 to 16 the Belarusian delegation comprising officials of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and the National Bank held a meeting with investment companies UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

According to the presidential decree the government of Belarus won the right in 2010 —2011ah issue bonds worth up to 2 billions

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On the eve of the Day of Odessa …

September 1, to celebrate the Day of the City opened after reconstruction Langeronovskaya arch — an architectural monument of local importance.

Langeronovskaya arch was built in 1830 by architect F.K.Boffo and once led to a luxurious country house mayor of Odessa (1815-1820 gg.) And Governor-General of New Russia (1815-1822 gg.) Count Alexander Fedorovich Langeron. Now, the former summer residence is a beach "Langeron" and the arch — that is all that remains of the villa.  

Patron of the arch reconstruction was made by the Dolphinarium "Nemo."

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Lyceum students visited Gdansk

Society During the summer session of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, which ended in Gdansk, Poland, the students together with teachers visited a memorial to the Yanka Kupala Street.

The event was opened by the director of the Lyceum Vladimir Kolos. Lyceum students read poetry Kupala Belarusian sang songs.

Lyceum students require to meet with Belarusian diaspora in Gdansk. And reception will take place in the Council of the city of Gdansk, with the leadership of the Council and the mayor's office.


Lyceum, Gdansk

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Found company on whose account the money went out of the GLONASS

Wednesday (07.11.12) Research Affairs in Moscow informed about new search conducted within the framework of the investigation of the criminal case initiated in the summer of misuse of more than 565 million rubles. Allocated JSC "Russian Space Systems" on the creation and development of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS ).

Employees of the economic security and anti-corruption police in the capital's central board of the investigation before the criminal investigation into the embezzlement of budget funds (565 million rubles). Allocated under the federal target program "Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS", established firm, which

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Maroon Berets

From May 31 to June 1 at the training center interior troops "Volovschina" held at Minsk test the right to wear maroon beret, which, according to prevailing since the Soviet tradition is the emblem of special forces units. Maroon Berets are required to wear only those who passed the exam and the corresponding multi-stage "worthy of the right to their professor, physical, and moral qualities." In Belarus, these tests are from 1993. This year, they took the role of 92 servicemen of the Interior Troops. Berets of them received 12.

From May 31 to June 1 at the training center

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Nayvischa avіadispetcherska Vishkju in Ukraїnі pobudovana in Donetsk


Fly-In Donetsk completed budіvnitstvo novoї aerodromno-dispetcherskoї Vishki. About Tse povіdomlyaє ofіtsіyny site Іnspektsії DABCO in Donetskіy of Region.

Lift ADV — 51 meters, scho robit ob'єkt nayvischim sered analogіchnih in Ukraїnі.

In complex ADV Inbox Tower itself, and takozh two blocks — admіnіstrativny i dispetchersky. In the "Kaushik" vezhі znahoditsya point upravlіnnya polotami, zvіdki vіdkrivaєtsya Garneau Look around at nova zlіtno-Fly-posadkovu Smug.

Budіvnitstvo vezhі zdіysnyuvalosya without zatrimok, vіdpovіdno to zatverdzhenoї proektnoї dokumentatsії. Schodnya on ob'єktі pratsyuvalo from 60 to 100 in cholovіk dvі zmіni.

On sogodnіshnіy day MA Donetsk zavershenі Vsi Robots

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Supplies from Russia to Belarus carried the threat to national security

Society Belarus Russia seeking alternative suppliers of oil and gas, spelled out in the National Security Concept of Alexander Lukashenko. However, statements are political in nature: it is cheaper than in Russia, to buy energy resources is no one, experts say.

On Monday, Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the draft of a new National Security Concept of Belarus.

For the first time among the "risks" and "threats" classified national security of supplies to Belarus on Russian energy (oil and gas). We are talking about the possible swings in prices and / or limited supplies — wrote online resource

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Kamchatka air service to the mainland by the cyclone disrupted

Kamchatka air service to the mainland violated because of strong wind and snowfall caused by the cyclone, according to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airline.

Atmospheric vortex began to have an impact on a peninsula in the early hours of Monday. Wind force increased on the coasts to 23-28 meters per second, black ice on the roads, visibility is less than 500 meters. Due to bad weather canceled classes in schools of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Complicated traffic. Traffic police recommended unless absolutely necessary motorists not to travel on the road.

"The weather conditions at the departure airport of Kamchatka remain Flight 4614 and 4632 from Khabarovsk

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Encircle the earth hundreds of pyramids. Why?

Scientists suggest: the pyramids — is astronomical instruments, and not places of worship MYSTERY Guimar

Traces of ancient civilizations in the Canary Islands? As it was impossible to believe! What could bring our ancestors to these little bits and pieces of lava? However, one of the seven islands — central — Tenerife, where I come, not expecting anything to tour, I was told that someone in the town of Guimar for something already built a nine pyramids. Survived to this day six.

In the 1990s, Canary pyramid began to patronize the famous Norwegian explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. And

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No flaws in the oscillations about the upcoming programs from the creation of the Russian fighter fifth generation T-50 PAKFA writes AINonline September 20. These difficulties are readily major subsystems of the aircraft, delays in the transfer of the aircraft into service, also plans to cover a part of R & D at the expense of programs from partner — India. NIIP design bureau typically is a provider of radars for fighter «Su» and developed a radar with active phased N050. «The results of flight tests of the radar on board the 1st of 4 prototype T-50 is very impressive,»


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