Fule reminded Lukashenko on Human Rights

Society European Commissioner Stefan Fule yet discussed the situation with human rights in Belarus meets with President Lukashenko.

Fule said in an interview with BelaPAN that July 8-9, "took his first official visit to Belarus, to remind: the respect for fundamental rights and freedoms — the basis of the EU's policy towards its neighbors and is a key factor in the development of bilateral relations."

"Only by respecting these fundamental and universal values, Belarus will be able to fully exploit the potential that offers the EU in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy in general and the Eastern Partnership

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New law for foreigners

Society "From July 21 in Belarus comes into force a new law" On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons ", which would increase the length of stay of foreigners in the country without registration from 3 to 5 working days" — Interfax news agency reported at the police station of Minsk.

The new law will save the previous short-term stay of a foreigner within 90 days. Also introduces the concept of a calendar year — "it means that a foreigner can stay on the territory of Belarus and obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit within 90

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Nasosenergomash successfully develops cooperation with Turkmenistan

Recently, in the framework of the concluded contract early, Minvohozu Turkmenistan was sent another batch of powerful pumping ogregatov Dr. 12500.

Criminal Tenders

Prosecutor General's Office conducted a mass checks in the field of municipal procurement, in which prosecutors had found a huge number of violations, including criminal, virtually all stages of the procurement.

We are talking about more than 10 violations tyschah tender legislation, to eliminate any issued more than 2.5 thousand submissions of the prosecution. In the courts focused than 150 applications.

By the supervisory authority disk imaging, about 1.5 thousand of officials involved in the administrative and disciplinary action. The inspections were instituted more than 30 criminal cases. In the amount exceeding 30 million rubles offset harm to the

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Pumping equipment for Russian companies

PJSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» started manufacturing batch centrifugal pumps (CNS) and spare parts for them to order of "Ozna" (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia) and "Techprom" (Belgorod, Russia) . 

According to the signed contract, Sumy machine builders have designed and launched the 12 pumps of type CNS 180-1900-2T-M, CNS 240-1900-2T-M, CNS 63-1900-2T-M and CNS 240-1750-2T-M .

"These pumps will be part of block group pumping stations and are designed to maintain reservoir pressure to stimulation of oil," — said the chief specialist in the general industrial pumps Special Design Bureau of Sumy Frunze NPO Sergei

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Radio 101.2 would have turned 15 years old

Society First airing only private Belarusian-language radio station "Radio 101.2" was held on 21 July 1995.

Radio 101.2 positioned itself as the "City Channel", as the power of the transmitter in the center of Minsk (Communist Street), missing only the capital and a few tens of kilometers around it.

Radio music policy is largely determined by personal taste and top sound designers. The only rule, which was introduced from the beginning — a principled rejection of the Russian-language songs on the air.

Ether and original programs were conducted only in Belarusian. "It was absolute proof that the Belarusian language does

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Australian Travel / Travel OZ watch online

You will learn all the most thrilling and exciting about Australia, visit the Cocos Islands, Christmas on the peninsula, on the colorful lakes in the tropical forests and even in the desert. You will get acquainted with the natives of various tribes, their customs and Happy holiday, also with an unusual and diverse flora and fauna Australia.

The other films about animals

Crime flourishes in the U.S. Army

U.S. has always positioned itself in the world as defenders of democracy and fighters for universal equality, but missed the fact that the corruption in the army. South American military bases are located in virtually all regions of the world and the number of soldiers performing there service is very important. In the media the media and then there are facts about the misconduct of the U.S. military overseas. In the middle of these offenses — drunkenness, fights, robberies, fights and rape. And that's not whole list of offenses. But as a result of investigations of all crimes, almost

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Massive fish kills occurred in eastern China

For three days, almost all of the fish died in the 9 thousands of fish cages in the river basin district Gutyan Min River in Fujian Province.

According to the publication, "Jinghua Shibao" fish kills began on September 1. As of August 3, just three days lost almost all of the fish in cages 8 thousand in the village Shuykou and 1000 in the village of Huantyan cages. Basically, this grass carp and silver carp.

Fish farmers from the village Shuykou told that on September 1 saw a lot of dead fish, and two days later all the fish

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Violence against women is often ignored. As in the U.S. and elsewhere

Here in the U.S., where rape occurs every 6.2 minutes, and where every fifth woman was raped, the rape and murder of a girl in a terrible bus in New Delhi on December 16 treated as an exceptional incident. The story of the alleged rape of an unconscious girl members of the school football team from Steubenville then just gaining momentum. In our country, gang rape — is also not uncommon. Here is information you need to choose from.

In November, has been sentenced to several of the 20 men involved in the gang rape

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