March 30 — Ladodenie

On this spring day, decided to sing Mother Nature, who "wakes up" after a long winter. In other words — is a celebration of spring and warmth that our ancestors celebrated in honor of the goddess of the Slavic pantheon Frets — patron saint of love and marriage.

Some researchers believe that the Lada is one of the two goddesses giving birth (similar to a deity is Pantheons almost all Indo-European peoples). Meanwhile, Mikhail Lomonosov compared Lada with Venus.

Ladodeniya holiday is traditionally accompanied by the Slavs special rites. All sing the awakening nature. Girls and

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Mystery of the Maya Code

December 3, 2011 20:37

Maya, the ancient civilization of Central America left behind intricate and mysterious hieroglyphic script, which can be found on buildings, pottery and books. For many centuries, scientists believed that the Maya hieroglyphs are too complicated to understand.

Recently, however, there were a series of brilliant discoveries — scientists finally managed to find the key to the code of the Maya. He has helped to shed light on the turbulent history of this ancient civilization. The program for the first time tells the story of how the Maya hieroglyphs

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No money. Banks curtail lending programs

Society Lack of working capital makes commercial banks to curtail lending program. So, with the filing of Alexander Lukashenko terminated preferential program — under 5% — loans for housing. Also, banks refuse credit to purchase new and used vehicles. Very few banks still provide the means for consumer products, but this service is uneconomical.

On the eve of Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusians should solve the housing problem and ordered to substantially limit the issuance of loans under preferential construction. Minsk City Council has already taken a decision similar to the orders are expected in other regions of

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U.S. delivered to South Korea next radar

South American ABM radar X-band SBX-1 sea-based also achieved their destination in South Korean banks, where it will hunt down missile launches by the DPRK, report on Thursday, the Western media, citing a source in the Pentagon. Earlier, U.S. officials in connection with an alleged training Pyongyang to test ballistic missile also sent in the Asia-Pacific missile destroyers «Decatur» and «John McCain.» Last resettled missile defense system «Aegis» capable of intercepting ballistic missiles, modern radar designed to track enemy missiles and cruise missiles «Tomahawk». South Korea and the United States raised the level of the joint intelligence surveillance North

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Illuminati Conquest Space

The U.S. government has the Space Command located in the mountains Sheyena, which uses space technology for sowing panic and destruction of the planet Earth … Like his father, George Bush continues to develop weapons of space wars. STAR WARS program continues to this day. Even after the Cold War with Russia. In 1998, some people could not bear to have more than 100 hours of video footage of a UFO of the European Space Agency — all of these materials were taken by NASA astronauts in various shuttle mission.

A large number of surveys were

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In the black-black room to watch

Throughout his life, we experience the horrors. The horror that you will forget in a kindergarten, the horror of meeting with an attractive classmate, horror forgotten PIN credit card … So, all this is not horror, but only a little fear. With the real horror introduces you to a brand new show of the First channel "In the black-black room …". Each week the show will compete 8 participants, the two rival half the world's population — men and ladies. And we will find out which of them braver.

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The crisis and the abilities window

The main premise of the acquired Immune Russian economy calls for modernization of the country is inadequate control of economic policy and the peculiarities of the laws of economics knowledge. Lies in its ideological basis of the neoclassical theory of market equilibrium does not notice the modern knowledge economy and ignores the NTP, which is a major factor in modern economic growth.

Leading financial idea has long shown the inadequacy of the neoclassical paradigm of real processes of economic development and the illusory nature of its underlying basis of axioms — from owning an absolute knowledge of homo economicus and

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In Kamchatka again ready to build walls of death


"Wall of Death" in the world of environmentalists called drift nets used for fishing. Strangely enough, but this type of fishing is still not banned

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Mirror: a piece of furniture or a magic attribute

Since its inception, the mirror is genuine interest in most people. They used to look into the future and to see pictures of the past, as well as to communicate with the spirits. Also mirrors used as a powerful talisman. In some countries, it was decided to place them on the outside of the house, so that they reflect all the negative energy.

Mirrors attributed magical properties associated with them are many legends and superstitions. For example, for a long time known legend, according to which the murder occurred in

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The violence in the settlements

In the UK, the police check the information that the immigration center guards raped women awaiting deportation

In British immigration center "Yarls Wood" women are sexually abused by guards. This was reported by one of the defenders of the former occupants of the center, it has spent six months pending deportation. Police launched an investigation, and lawyers called on the authorities to check carefully the activities of "Yarls Wood", which is not the first time attracted the attention of the public.

Police launched an investigation into the incident at the British immigration center "Yarls Wood"

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