Army Aviation India received its first helicopter «Rudra»

Army Aviation India received its first helicopter

First advanced light helicopter «Rudra» (Rudra) ALH (Advanced Light Helicopter) with an all-embracing system of arms WSI (Weapon Systems Integrated) delivered by HAL Army Aviation India AAC (Army Aviation Corps).
Twin-engine helicopter is designated Rudra ALH-WSI Mk IV and weight of 5 tons.

This is the first of 38 helicopters with weapons to be delivered to the Army Aviation and another 16 helicopters will be delivered to the Indian Air Force in 2016-2017. Said control helicopter complex of Sunder Rajan, HAL.

Installed on the helicopter engines «Shakti» (Shakti) PM-33B with 800 hp, developed by HAL and the French company «Turbomeca» (group «Safran»).

Helicopter ‘Rudra’ is designed to provide logistical and intelligence support, and evacuation of wounded.

By programmke «Rudra» conducted flight tests layout for 200 hours and 50 hours was tested serial standard. These tests were continued weapons testing in the desert of Rajasthan, a rocket range in Balasore (eastern India) and in the highlands in the north-east of India, the total duration of 100 hours.

Operating altitude helicopter flight is 6 thousand meters. The helicopter is fitted integrated electronic warfare system and remedies, including the missile launch detection system, thermal traps, automatic reset chaff, a container with a system of targeting.

Helicopter resettled French 20-mm gun of «Nexter» installed on the turret, 4-70-mm anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) Belgian company FZ, and anti-aircraft guided missile company MBDA «Mistral-2.»

The helicopter is also possible to install ATGM «Helina» (Helina), is a modification of the ATGM «Naked» («Snake») with a range of 7 km, and which are at an advanced stage of development.

Helicopter ‘Rudra’ is also a test for the shield being developed by HAL light combat helicopters LCH (light combat helicopter) weighing 5.8 tons, which carried out the first flight in March 2010 and prninimal role in the flight program there at the show «Aero India 2013 . «

3rd mock helicopter LCH, kitted set armaments similar helicopter fire unit «Rudra», could end in step development tests at the end of 2013 and achieve initial operational capability in 2015 before entering the mass production. Army aviation helicopters requests 114 LCH, and Air Force require 65 machines of this type.

The company is also developing HAL light multipurpose helicopter LUH

(Light utility helicopter) to spoof the park produced HAL under license from the Indian helicopter «Chetak» (Chetak) based on a French helicopter SA 316 «Alouette» (Alouette) III development company «Aerospatiale» (currently concern EADS) and «Cheetah» ( Cheetah) based on a French helicopter SA 315B «Lamas» (Lamas) of «Aerospatiale».

Army aviation and Air Force require 394 new helicopters, including 197 and 197 LUH purchased abroad. But summing up the Indian tender for light helicopters, which remained small list AS550 «Fennek» (Fennec) company «Eurocopter» and Ka-226 holding «Russian Helicopters», postponed again, although proving ground tests of these helicopters were completed in 2010 .

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