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Psychics warn of the danger. A new document from the secret office of President Nazarbayev

IAC "Eurasia" continues to publish secret reports that psychics are preparing for the President of Kazakhstan. The first paper fortune teller trusted Nursultan Nazarbayev, focused on the dangers of the physical removal of the president. In the following report, it is clearly trying to find positive things in the future of his client, charging him with historical optimism.

Noteworthy is that the trusted konsultantka by otherworldly affairs confidently use the term "Kazakhgate", openly talks about the upcoming trial in New York. From this we can conclude that N. Nazarbayev openly asks for psychic examination of their legal and political problems. If the "sensitives" — only professionals to help which he uses in the construction of the line of defense, the president can only feel sorry.

However, any psychic, real or imaginary, is the part of the people, and expresses the sentiments prevailing in the society. In this aspect is of interest to the theme of "family" that is prevalent in both the document. "Family" is the main source of problems Nazarbayev. It is similar to the needle on the end of which lies the "Koshcheeva death."

Below is the text of the letter addressed to N. Nazarbayev.


Dear Nursultan!

Traces bowl Ablay Khan found. Whether it is necessary to negotiate the purchase of the President of the cup for the museum?

Preparing analytics, every time I try to enter in your way and ask yourself the questions that you asked me to. Preparation of psychic intelligence — a very complex task: it takes away all the daily time, and can not be solved alone. Sensitive evokes images, then, in accordance with the cosmic code, decode them, compares with reality, analyzes, transfers to the paper. There are problems, and their solutions there is a need to attract additional specialists.

I took it upon myself to spend a few studies. They — in a single copy and are designed just for you (applications 1,2,3).

Recently, a lot of rumors going on that supposedly either phantom appears on the Republic Square in Almaty. It is as if in meditation by the monument of the Decembrists. But should any closer, "double" disappears. Sometimes parapsychologists this phenomenon is called "phantom crisis," heralding imminent death or moral destruction. But in this case, the "double" should be the company — the family and close friends. Your ghost is always the same. Consequently, this doppelganger, or — a fantasy of living, that is, someone deliberately projected a ghost.

The projection creates interaction of the three forces. Namely

a) The press, which uses your name in vain, and your photos. Sometimes in the same issue of the newspaper published two or more shots ("Kazpravda", "Express K"). Edition, where there are laudatory odes, inadvertently fueling the protest electorate negative (from disagreement). Thus directed mental energy creates many disgruntled people phantom, which for a while may act independently.

b) With your environment associated with a very strong parapsychologist that fuels this "double-object". To clarify who it is, need photos, or perhaps make a sketch, and it will identify the source of negative energy.

c) To create a ghost orient and certain foreign service with the installation at the destabilization of Eurasia, and especially in Kazakhstan. As already known, the American scientists developed an installation that can create artificial phantom at a given point in space.

In this case, while the former two active force. They are under the influence of Westernization, ie Western "domestication" trying to manipulate public opinion. Phantom usually see people with unstable mentality. A large part of the population that has not yet subject to manipulation.

You with a walking phantom better not meet, however, and should not be afraid of it. We need to understand that this is not the ghost of crisis, and the masses gallyutsiniruemy doppelganger, known since the Middle Ages, the elementary poltergeist, harmless as long as it does not fill the black, negative energy. If no action is taken soon, unfortunately, it can happen.

Already, wine media is obvious: the screens filled murder, rape, pornography. The political juggling constant. So, when you sent a message to the people, the correspondent of "Channel 31", said the president did not mention Russia among the countries with whom we should cooperate, and announced that our way of life — the American. What does that mean?

"The News-Kazakhstan" is defined Eurasian myth and clarify that the Eurasian community building Bolsheviks. And it seemed to be supervised by a member of the newspaper of your family! Besides from your machine is an active leak. It is specifically in the so-called opposition press. I can make a sketch of the person doing it. This is — a high official. One gets the impression that he was the first embroiled in some kind of scam, and now he is being blackmailed. It serves two masters, and his foreign states.

You should also check the line of presidential communications. Somewhere there is a room with a TV. There is released information.

Psychologists have a concept of "the situation of suspense", where the subject can not by itself affect the outcome, since it is not subject to him. In such a protracted state of ignorance is inflation, over-the nerves in humans. It was at a time when the state of nervousness is massive, and there comes the so-called "crowd effect". This means that under the influence of universal kind of psychosis or a state close to that, quite a minor provocation or reckless actions of the participants in the event, any spark to send the crowd into a destructive course.

And there are incentive points that you still do not know more than enough. I can see how on the silver screen, the mayor of Almaty, swallowing stones and hiding behind your daughter Alia. For a long time I could not decipher the vision. It turns out that everything is quite simple: the mayor controls a network of trade in gold and precious stones, and his wife is trying to buy Almaty theaters. Both of them have Alie services in the hope that if their nefarious deeds you will know, for the sake of the younger daughter look at their "prank" through his fingers. As it is dangerous!

Today, only Alia able to maintain the image of a family charitable and educational projects. Sports clubs for children from low-income families, charities, holiday dinners, fundraising for Sunday schools at mosques and churches, the creation of the charity fund, publication of children's spiritual, historical, literary, educational periodicals.

Alia — a chance for the whole family, and for the state. Her charitable activities could to "no" to lower the severity of struggle "Asar" and other enemies. There is a force of karmic law that every person engaged in the business.

Sarah Alpysovna and older daughters kept from you for some reason the distance. Your support — the youngest daughter, but, I repeat, if not addicted, Almaty akim it in their machinations. This man is sick greed, vanity. He cursed the heavens. He has bad feet. His future — on crutches.


In this stressful time, you will sacrifice for the sake of someone in-law grandchildren. I see you pull a tooth. Not the fall! He — Black and holes. Do not regret what will be done. It's a good thing.

Soon you will be to fight for the independence of Kazakhstan. I see the storm, the storm at sea. Are you in the captain's white uniform. When the ship starts to sink about you personally to pour water from a large barrel seal oil. In the old days as sailors helped the ship to pass under the raging waves. You prove that against Kazakhstan in-your-face conducted a deliberate provocation, which involved local officials. You will sacrifice them, too.

See you at the top of the mountain. Hercules — aruah in tattered clothes takes you to a cup of mare's milk. Hercules — is the people. Bowl — a chance. And nearby is a medieval battle. From the ground to help the warring rise souls of ancestors — human skull. But, like a thin veil, there are peacekeeping forces with modern weapons.

Ancient warriors can not stand, but strangely peacekeeping force as sentinels to flow around, located on the border of Kazakhstan, moving deeper into other countries. The battle moves to the territory of the Muslim world. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, as it were fenced peacekeeping troops. Warrior eliminates the river that runs from the mountains, the dam. And the flow of clean water is gaining momentum. Clean water — prosperity!

You decide the situation with the "Kazakhgate" with incredible tension forces in the state, but with some losses. Corpses float down the river, but not many. This — the traitors from your surroundings.

The energy flows, regulating the stability of Kazakhstan, located in the tract Unkurtas, near Almaty. It is a sacred place, followed by a number of enterprising people hunt. First, it is advisable to you to come here before the court in America.

Second, these places can not pass anyone in use, except for Alia (a special case — more next time), which could at this point to create facilities for pilgrims and save Shambhala for your future generations and our grandchildren.

You will be able to win the next presidential election, if you choose to run. However, in this situation, many pitfalls. It needs to be viewed individually. I will write to you further detailed report.


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