Astromakiyazh: ancient knowledge of how to change the future by changing the appearance

January 24, 2012 17:45

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Even in ancient times, people knew that changing your appearance can change and destiny. Now, imagine what opportunities does this ancient knowledge. First, you need to decide what and why you want to change in your life.

So, here are the most ancient knowledge that skillfully using, you can change your life for the better.

To attract good luck in life

Jupiter is the patron saint of good luck. That he generously human traits such as optimism, the ability to enjoy life and generosity towards others. And always sad, disaffected, and the sad face of a sure way to scare away the good luck. To such people, it rarely looks. On the face of Jupiter to include the forehead and eyebrows. Lucky are those with high, open forehead. But if you do not have to face open forehead and no bangs can not do, then it should be rare, transparent, light and flowing. Owners of a dense, thick bangs are often out of luck, especially in their personal lives. In general, in order to attract the forces of Jupiter, need as much open forehead. Here, the importance and the foundation or powder. In order to open Jupiter foundation or powder should be lighter natural skin tone, but not in any way darker, otherwise you will close from donor luck. Eyebrows are also the domain of Jupiter. They should be harmonious, natural form, but in no case thin. The thinner eyebrows, the weaker the protection of Jupiter. Another important condition — expression. To smile, do not frown, and Jupiter may never leave you. Than sullen face, the more you will be on your luck.

Jovian makeup should be such as to make your eyes look slanted. If the nature of the outer corners of the eyes have been omitted, no problem, they can be visually lifted. Draw arrows or use the double shadow. Light — on the inner part of the century, the dark — on the outside. To achieve even greater effect slanting eyes mascara apply only to the area of cilia near the outer edge of the eyelids.

Meet a loved one

Patroness of love, of course, is Venus. And to keep the love and help to achieve reciprocity Sun and Moon. Venus gives a woman sensuality appeal to men. Venusian start in a woman makes a man go crazy with passion, but we all know that the passion passes quickly and further coexistence men and women takes place under the auspices of the Sun and the Moon. Sun gives love, and the moon — understanding, ability to compromise, tenderness and care.

Zone of Venus — the lips. If you have not met a loved one, you just do not have the right to walk with no lipstick. Lip Makeup should not be so bright as a neat, meticulous and perfect. So be sure to adjust the contour of the lips with a pencil, and apply lipstick with a brush only. Only then they will be perfectly dyed to the same due to this method of applying lipstick or gloss, they are not afraid to eat, drink. Kisses. Lipstick longer remain on the lips.

If you have already got a favorite, then your goal should be to strengthen relations and preservation of love and understanding. To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to please the Sun and the Moon. Areas of the face is the eyes. Surely each of you noticed that every time when it comes to eye makeup, one gets great, and with the second problem, the ink smazhetsya. Then with the shadows too much, the arrow curves are obtained. Observe with what you have eye problems. To the Moon is the left eye and the quality of makeup on it is responsible for the tenderness, warmth, intuition, patience. The right applies to the Moon (the life force, the ability to enjoy and love for yourself.) The asymmetry in the eye make-up is not easy, and says that you need to develop the those qualities that are associated with a particular eye. When you succeed, the makeup is perfect, and with it, and the relationship with your loved one.

To build a career, find a way out of a difficult situation

Patrons of successful people — Mercury (gives clarity of thought, speech clarity, improved memory, gives success) and Mars (in charge of will and activity). Zones of these planets are the cheeks and nose.

Cheeks — the zone of Mercury. To lure activity Mercury cheekbones should Bat pronounced clear, the majority of the same people they are smoothed, and therefore much less successful people of ordinary workers with average incomes. Show your jaw line is very simple, You will need two tones of cream, one lighter and darker than the second. Draw in the cheeks and the area where they are more sunken, dark shade cover, and the ones that are the most light. And do not forget to highlight cheekbones additional rouge.

As you know, the zone of Mars — is the nose. Too pronounced nostrils figure stubbornness, Smooth — laziness and inaction. As is always the ideal middle ground. If your nose is wide, darken the nostrils, if narrow and long, dim the nose.

Of course, to change the fate of one is not enough make-up is just as important own attitude. Be cheerful, believe what you want, do not doubt what you want to achieve and then your fate is in your hands.

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