At Aksu TPP (Kazakhstan) was launched turbines manufactured Turboatom

After installation and commissioning of complex operations on the block number 6 Aksu TPP was launched turbine K-325 with capacity of 325 MW, manufactured by JSC "Turboatom".


Start turbine idling was made in April 2013 with the participation of specialists of the enterprise, then performed a planned development capacity. May 3, worked in the turbine mode, 72 hours with a maximum load of 334 MW. According to test results turbine was put into commercial operation.

This is the fifth unit Aksu TPP, which was started with the equipment "Turboatom" was launched earlier in the blocks number of turbine number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

According to the contract signed in March 2010, "Turboatom" was substituted in unit K-300-240 turbine of a new generation of K-325. As a result of the modernization of turbine capacity has increased by 25 MW, increased efficiency and maneuverability. Furthermore, after reconstruction increase lifespan and all power plants, the specific fuel consumption is reduced by 5%, which in turn improves the environmental performance of TPP.

On all eight blocks Aksu TPP since 1968, installed steam turbine production "Turboatom".

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