Cat burglar forced to surrender to police


The robber, on account of which already had several convictions, decided to continue his criminal career. But his plan was foiled cat, to intimidate would-be thief to death.

A resident of Benesti, located in Romania, managed to visit places not so remote, but the lesson did not go for the future — a repeat offender continued to systematically violate the law. In one of the serene spring day in 31-year-old Marius Ionescu, strolling down the street, spotted a house that is very interested ushlogo robber.

The man began to follow the inhabitants of the property to find out what time period cottage is empty. After gathering all the necessary information, Ionescu launched a planned robbery. At first, the thief felt quite at ease: Marius moved around the house, collecting valuables owners. However, a strange sound made wary suspiciousness criminal: he heard someone in the next room moves.

The robber of the last forces remained in place, but soon his nerves could not stand — frightened recidivist rushed headlong under the bed. But the scary monster that existed in the imagination of cowardly men continued to make noise, bringing their prey to hysteria. Eventually Marius grabbed the phone and … called to the police station.

During a brief conversation Ionescu told the cops how he ended up in the house, and began tearfully begging to save him. Peace officers who arrived at the address, carefully examined the house and found a mysterious monster — it was an ordinary cat. Confused criminal imaginative told officers that he did not scare the monster.

According to the new version of the robber, he thought that the house got another thief. Cope with a bout of laughter, the cops put on Marius handcuffs and taken to the police station for processing protocol. "The noise, heard a man published a representative of the cat family. Detainee We already have several previous convictions for similar offenses.

Given the nature of the nervous robber, I would advise him to change his occupation. It is likely that he will spend in prison for a long time and have time to reconsider "- quoted a police spokesperson Michaela Straub western site.

Anna Romantseva

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