Export of Ukrainian armored vehicles in 2005 to 2011.

The development and production of languid types of armored vehicles in the Ukraine has a closed loop. How come the end of the contract, signed in 1999 between Pakistan and Ukraine for the supply of 320 T-80UD tanks, tank building Ukrainian enterprises more than once participated in tenders for the right to manufacture new tanks for Malaysia, Turkey and Greece. But, unfortunately, in fact until 2011 to implement all of the sample batch of the new Ukrainian tanks did not have a good result.

Along with that, the Municipal Service of Export Control of Ukraine's own official Web site is located reports, according to which the government was engaged in a very intensive export sales of armored vehicles. With all of this most of the equipment sold during the period 2005-2011 years, was in the arsenal's stores.

For a specified period of time Ukraine has sold more than six hundred tanks (to be precise — 618). In 2005, it sold 62 cars, 25 of which were delivered to Azerbaijan, 16 — received Georgia, and 21 tank was deported to Algeria. In 2006, the number of exported tanks was 38 units, of which 20 received the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1 — United States of America and 17 — Azerbaijan. In 2007, it sold 155 tanks, about an equal number of cars were Kenya and Georgia (77 and 74 units, respectively). In 2008, Ukraine exported 34 tanks, of which only one was delivered to Georgia, and all the others — went to Kenya. In 2009, the government generally did not engage in the export of armored vehicles. In 2010 it was the largest number of vehicles delivered for the entire period — 216 tanks, 115 of which went to the Sudan, 1 received America, and 100 were sent to the Congo.

If we talk about the kinds of tanks, the more intense the Ukrainian side is exported T-72 tanks and their modifications, namely, T-72B1 and T-72M1. So Makar, the implementation of the T-72 for the whole period was about 79 per cent of the total volume of supply (which is 487 vehicles). In 2005, 2007 and 2008, particularly the tanks of this type were the only types of armored vehicles exported in those years was sold 62, 151 and 34 cars, respectively. In addition, in 2006, Ukraine supplied 18 T-72, in 2010 — 110 cars, and in 2011 — 112 cars. Apart from these tanks, Ukraine is also engaged in the export of the T-55, with sales up 21 percent, and one tank T-80BV.

This highest popularity of the T-72 is explained very simply: machines of this type are among the main mass of the second generation of battle tanks that are well established in the global market. While in the Ukrainian stockpiles were more than one thousand units of the T-72, and in addition, Ukrainian tank construction and repair company had a great ability to carry out repair and modernization, particularly the export of this type of tank was more possible (of course, subject to the existence of effective buyer). But we must not forget the fact that the rapid pace of write-off criteria for the T-72 from Ukraine adjoining states and promoting them on the world market, and obsolescence (moral and physical) technology, in this market sector is fiercely competitive.

It is necessary to direct attention to the regional supply rassredotachivanie Ukrainian armored vehicles. Surprisingly, the main buyers of Ukrainian tanks for the near future are African countries. Thus, the 5 African countries — Algeria, Kenya, Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia for seven years has sold 483 of the tank, which was more than 78 percent of the total supply. So, in 2005, Algeria received 21 tank, Congo in 2006 — 20 vehicles, 110 tanks had Kenya in 2007-2008, 160 tanks were transferred to Sudan in 2010-2011, Ethiopia had 72 cars in 2011. In second place in terms of export of Ukrainian steel armor CIS countries. During the mentioned period there were sold 133 tanks (21.5 percentage deliveries). Thus, Azerbaijan bought 42 cars in 2005-2006, Georgia received 91 car in 2005, 2007-2008. And only two of the tank, presumably with the purpose of the study, Americans have purchased.

Note that in 2011 it was reported that Ukraine has signed two major contract for the supply of armored vehicles. So, in the middle of last year, it was announced that he had signed a contract to export 200 upgraded T-72 tanks. Initially, there was information that the buyer has acted in Ethiopia, the amount of the contract called for a level of 100 million dollars. In the State Export Control Service is partly confirmed this information. Namely, what the customer really African government. But as the criterion for the contract, then there is some differences from what was taken in the press. Thus, the contract involves the export of the upgraded version of the T-72 — T-72B1, which should take only a complete overhaul, and the second part of the machine — this is an upgraded version of the T-72UA1. This type of upgrade involves the installation of a diesel engine Kharkov 5TDFMA-1 instead of the B-84. So Makarov, has all the prerequisites to believe that over the period 2012-2013 will be held on exports of 128 tanks.

Was larger and the contract signed in September 2011 between Ukraine and Thailand for the supply of 49 tanks "Hold." Price contract valued at 240 million dollars. It is understood that the deliveries will take place in 2013.

So Makarov, it can be completely certain conclusions that, based on the data of recognizable instruments, the Ukrainian side will supply 177 tanks totaling about 300 million dollars.

It should also be noted that in addition to finished products Ukraine engaged in supplying devices. Specifically, in 2009 the state enterprise "Malyshev Plant" were made delivery of the engine compartment at a rate of 62 units. In addition, this company has received orders from Pakistan for export of spare parts for machinery, which exceeded the total amount of 2.5 million dollars. Moreover, this year it was reported that between Ukrainian and now the Pakistani side was awarded a large contract to supply a large party of power plants with a production of Ukrainian 6TD-2 engine.

Besides all this, Ukraine was also involved in the supply of light armored vehicles, which still enjoys great demand in the world market. But in this area there are some difficulties associated with the huge number of companies involved in its creation. Thus, only in Europe there are more than 30 companies in 19 states that are able to create different configuration armored vehicles and difficulties. In such criteria Ukraine to successfully compete in the market, should create really only the newest or most deeply modernized light armored vehicles. At the same time, thanks to the high demand, as there is still an opportunity to promote the export of products that may be a stretch to compete in the world.

So, for seven years, Ukraine has managed to export 776 units of light armored vehicles. In 2005, it sold 38 cars, of which 12 units received Uganda, 22 — Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan — 2 machines. In 2006, it was already sold 83 machines, of which 50 received Iraq, 20 vehicles were sent to the Congo, 3 in Azerbaijan and 10 delivered to Nigeria. In 2007, Ukraine exported 188 armored vehicles, 110 of them were sent to Iraq, 29 and 30 machines were sent respectively to Azerbaijan and Nigeria, Myanmar received 10 units, 6 — Georgia, 3 — America. In 2008, exports were sent 165 armored vehicles, 88 of which are bought in Chad, 40 — Georgia, Azerbaijan received 32, 4 cars were sent to Iraq, and one — in America. In 2009, the government
sold the car in 1221, 43 of them were sent to Chad, Azerbaijan received 29, 26 — Iraq, 16 — Myanmar, 5 cars have got to Georgia and two — the Yankees. 90 armored vehicles were exported in 2010, most of them — 71 machine was purchased by Azerbaijan, Thailand had acquired 14 cars, 3 units — and two Chad — Sudan. In 2011, delivered 91 machine, of which 34 cars got the Sudan, for 24 units — were sent to Thailand and Iraq, America got 5 cars and 4 — Ethiopia.

If we talk about the types of armored vehicles, the more intensively exported BMP-1. In the seven years it has been sold 285 of these machines, which amounted to more than 36 percent of the total volume of shipments. In second place in popularity is the BTR-70. Machines of this type were sold unit 181, or more than 23 percent of total sales. On the 3rd place — Drag and its modifications drag-1U, which has sold 61 units (nearly 8 percent). Then follows the BTR-3E, they were exported to 60 units (7.7 percent), BTR-3 with modifications (BTR-3UN, BTR-3U armored-3UR, BTR-3UK) — 53 cars (about 7 percent). Also supplied the machines, as BMP-2 (27 cars, representing 3.5 per cent), MTLBMsh (26 vehicles — 3.4 percent), BTR-4 BTR-4K (24 machines — 3.1 percent), ARV (23 machines — 3 percent), BTR-80 (18 machines), BTS-5B (17 cars), BMP-3 (2 cars).

Exactly as with the tanks, the main market for steel African countries where it has been sold 246 cars light armored vehicles, which accounted for about 32 percent of total exports. Second place is taken by the CIS countries, Ukraine exported 241 where the car (31 percentage). The top three favorites closes the Middle East market, which was delivered 214 units of armored vehicles (about 28 percent). Then you need to Asia — 64 cars and about 8 percent of sales. In addition, 11 cars were sold in the United States of America.

In the area of supply of light armored Ukraine also has large contracts. Namely, one of the larger can be considered a contract signed between Ukraine and Iraq, the price of which is estimated at over 550 million dollars. Under the contract, the Ukrainian side for 3-3.5 years to put Iraq some 400 armored vehicles, among which is the main Ukrainian development — BTR-4. In 2011, it was reported that Ukraine has signed the second big contract for export of BTR-3E Thailand. Namely, in the middle of this year, the media reported that 48 vehicles BTR-3E, the total price of which is 270 million dollars, is ready to ship. All in all, should be delivered 223 armored vehicles.

Ukrainian enterprises, in addition, were engaged in the modernization of armored personnel carriers. So, namely, in 2009, between Ukrainian "Malyshev Plant" and Egypt signed a contract for the modernization of 200 RT-62 "Topaz" (tracked armored personnel carriers, which are analogous to the Czech-Polish BTR-50). The company "Azovmash", which was connected to the creation of the program there BTR Russian production as a producer of buildings, and also engaged in the supply of independent bowser for Kazakhstan and Russia. The company "Rosava" is also heavily engaged in the export of tires for law enforcement agencies in many countries. So, that is, in the past year it has won three international tenders: Romania (the amount of the contract is estimated at 550 thousand dollars), Syria (230 thousand euros), Turkey (650 thousand dollars). A joint-stock company "Dneproshina" is developing tires for BRT-3E1 and at Matador produces the release of truck tires used DIC NATO countries.

In addition, the first in 2011 a treaty was signed between Ukraine and India to export test batch of engines LTr-2 for the APC. So Makar, you can hope that in the future Ukraine will take part in large-scale technology modernization program notes for India. Agreement was also signed between Ukraine and Kazakhstan to build 100 armored personnel carriers Ukrainian development. The contract amount is about 150 million dollars. If you take into account the fact that Kazakhstan intensively cooperates with many countries, it is completely possible to believe that Ukraine will be able to actively compete in this market.

Ukrainian government fully successful exports and auto equipment, most of whom are products of the enterprise "KrAZ". At the same time, these machines are available not only as a standalone product, and as a platform for different systems and installations. So, in 2009, was delivered 272 cars, of which 12 were sent to Egypt, Myanmar bought 5, 15 — received Indonesia, 86 cars — Kazakhstan, 61 — and 49 Turkmenistan — Uzbekistan received. When you consider that the average price of the 1st car itself is about 70-90 thousand dollars, eventually leave good amount — about 24 million dollars. And that's just for one year. And for seven years, auto equipment was delivered in different regions and countries, from Poland and Russia to Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.

So Makar, summing the result of all the above, we can talk about the fact that Ukraine has some prospects for the export of armored vehicles. Even despite the fact that the government delivers on the main technique more Russian times, it has its positive side. So, it gets rid of the outdated models of equipment and provide companies with upgrade packages. But this market sector is quite narrow, is characterized by large and small financial konkurentnstyu acquisitions. But one can hope that in the not to distant future the situation will change for the better, if you take into account the long-term contracts concluded by Ukraine.

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