How to protect yourself from witches gifts

Objects with which bedevil witch (egg, land, wheat, etc.) can be a pretty long time to keep the field of negative energy. While the gift of black witch is under the pillow, it can ruin lives each day to the person who possesses it.

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The fact that the spiked on the threshold, giving his negative energy of the victim after the victim comes to it. Planted materials may be attracted to the house of trouble until they find the subject and not destroy. The best method of destruction of objects that can transmit their damage is burning away from the place of habitation.

By debris, which is found in the pillow, it is easy to determine under what were doing damage. Different items can be used in very different ways. If you poured seeds, it's a lack of money. Different grains and seeds — to quarrel, to the disease. Thread and rope, tie a knot, for the appearance of tumors or impotence, podkid sharp objects — for the operation. Rings made of feathers — to loneliness. Crosses made of feathers — to the death. Finding the dead animals — to miscarriages or infertility.

When do damage by eating or drinking in conspiracies often repeatedly utter the name of the person for whom intended witchcraft. In this case, the poison of witchcraft harmless to another person only works against a specific victim.

A person with eating, drinking becomes vulnerable to magic, and knowledgeable sorcerer, looking at the victim's mouth, quickly be able to hold the desired setting. In olden widely practiced easy way to protect — to eat baptized mouth. It will also help set the traditional means of the evil eye: a pin attached to the left side of the garment (hidden), a mirror in a breast pocket.

Damage and can put things on the phone. Hearing the phone silence, immediately disconnect. If someone is trying to hurt you in this way — take precautions: spray the phone with holy water, can be disassembled up the phone and place the microphone is mounted under the plastic grille to leave a needle. The attack is the damage to mirror your attacker.

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