How to see objects woven ethereal matter and etheric body?

January 15, 2012 17:25

In addition to the objects we see around us in the physical reality, there are more subtle objects and living beings, which are woven from finer etheric matter. There is also the etheric body … On the existence and definition of "etheric matter and etheric body" has been much debate in the scientific community of the 19th century. We will not go into the philosophical conclusions about the existence or non-existence of etheric matter, as well as its nature and origin, unnecessarily goal of our training is practical development of super-powers, not their rationale.

So, all around us in the air you can see thousands of items, small and large creatures, energy, woven of etheric matter. These substances are generally not accept a normal human eye. Although a person's vision allows you to see first hand the ethereal matter. But you must develop the ability to see the world from a different angle, or in other words, a bit different to put your opinion. Now we'll learn how to put your mind to see the etheric matter.

It is easier to start with a meditation from the blue, although it is possible to see in the air and overcast skies. To do this, go out into the open and look at the sky. Stare distracted gaze, trying not to blink. Try to look into the very depths of the sky, penetrating look deeper and deeper into his bowels. See for 10-15 minutes. You will start to see the beginning of some lines and divorce may be see the transparent balls or strange shapes. Over time, the practice will emerge more sharply into focus. You can see in the air flying creatures, spirits, dragons, etc. Ancient myths describe in their stories of such creatures.

In the second step exercises with the sky turn from the heavenly sight depth at arm's length. Look like next to each other, and the sky remains unobtrusive background. You will notice a dot of light that fly everywhere around you. These points are black and white and looks like a swirling black flies. These luminous and dark dots are prana. Bright points are a positive energy, and the black dots negative. This is a plus and a minus. When a person breathes in the air, it saturates the body with prana, namely absorbs an energy these corpuscles.

How to see and diagnose the etheric body?

If you spend a healing practice and you need to diagnose a patient, use the following method. Place a plant or patient so that his silhouette was on a light background. It can be bright wallpaper or whitewash the walls. Sit in front of the patient at a distance of two to three meters to your look completely covered his body. Then look at it distracted gaze as if through it without taking a look, paying attention to the light background around it. If you long to look (with practice it will come out fast enough), you can see the transparent shell around his body, it seems to be woven out of the air — is the etheric body of man.

Essential structure of the human body and the color of the aura according to the Chakras

If you look even longer, you can see different objects flying around or stuck in the etheric body of man. Patients or poor people — a thin ethereal shell, which can have different pins, knives and stakes, of course, too, of a transparent material. For the treatment of these people, these items need to be removed, and then zalatyvat energy holes, but this is not the topic of the lesson and relates to section healing.

Patients sites as dark spots on the etheric energy body of a patient

If you look at the patient any longer, you can see the aura, it appears as a colored glow around the body. Each color has its own meaning and is connected with the activity of a particular chakra. The color values were discussed in previous lessons. May also appear dark spots in different parts of the body. These spots can indicate a person's biofield energoproboiny or disease in the organs.

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