Life without a brain

December 26, 2011 1:28

The man — part of the living world of the Earth. But it is distinguished from all other creatures the ability to think. Until the mid-XX century, scientists had no doubt that the body is the brain thinking, or rather its gray matter. But suddenly there were researchers who doubted this would seem not to be questioned the truth. Found that some people manage to think without a brain, and the bodies do not seem to have anything to do with thinking, take part in it.

This photo appeared on the website state police Miami. Initially, visitors thought it was a photoshop, but an employee of the police department confirmed that a man is, and she personally saw him. Smiling guy's name is Carlos Rodriguez. He is 25 years old and the rest of it is no different from other people. Police are looking for a man because of the connection with a prostitute. Carlos fined, which he did not pay.

 When a man found, brought to the police station and asked for a photo shoot hat, it became clear that the guy does not knowingly refused to do it.
On the eve of the October Revolution, the magazine "Nature and People" published "Can you live without a brain?". Its author, Dr. A. Bouquet, cites numerous examples, clearly showing: the brain — and not only a prerequisite of meaningful human activity.
"Ten-year boy was shot in the back of a rapier. Blow was struck by all the rules of "art": the bone is shattered, opened the meninges, the brain flow freely through the wound. Beyond expectation, the boy recovered. But after three years under the pressure of "juices" flowing to the weakened spot died: he became the dropsy. The boy was dissected and … not found in his brain. " This case is taken from the writings of Luzitanusa doctor who lived in the XVI century Holland.
And here is a description of the history of the patient, the doctor made detonator, an assistant professor of Marriage. Once in Algeria to them for consultation was an Arab with a completely fractured left superciliary arch. He made the usual dressing and provided further healing nature. The patient recovered and began to lead a usual life for Algerian Arabs. But suddenly, without any symptoms of disease or infirmity, in a few minutes he passed away. Arabs also dissected. And instead of the frontal segment of the brain have found a huge abscess. Not less than one sixth of the total brain matter had been violated, and the process of suppuration lasted about three months.
The third example is described in the abstract of Dr. Robinson of the Paris Academy of Sciences. 60-year-old man was shot in the crown of the sharp end of a baguette. Spilled a little blood. During the month, the wound does not currently resembled. Then the victim began to complain of blurred vision. However, he did not feel pain, but died suddenly at the onset of epilepsy. An autopsy revealed that the brain in a patient does not, and kept only a thin, in a leaf sheath of the brain substance containing products putrefaction. The central parts of the body have disappeared without a trace. Man lived more than a month with little or no brain.
There are such incredible things in our days. In 1978, Moscow had a "minor problems" in one of the most powerful accelerator in the world. Eliminate them decided physicist Anatoly Bugorsky. But this did not work for some reason lock hardware, and head scientist flashed a beam of protons in the 70 billion electron volts. Exposure charge, which was a physicist, is estimated at 200,000 X-ray! He had to be completely burned
brain, and the laws of medicine survive Bugorsky could not.
But he survived. Anatoly continued to work, ride a bicycle and play football. In memory of the incredible incident in his head does not grow preserved two holes, one at the back, the other near the nose.
Why do people who have no means of, and sometimes all of the brain continue to live, not noticing "loss"? Perhaps other human organs capable of taking on some of the functions traditionally attributed to the brain?

Heart, you do not want peace

The first scientist who made the assumption that the role of the heart is not limited to pumping blood to the body, was the great Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. In his book "On the death of a man," the scientist claimed that the heart — not just the engine, but also a sense organ. According to Pavlov, the ancient Greeks, the word "heart" to understand the soul, mind, intellect, and a person's beliefs. This is confirmed by the expression prevailing in the nation: "the heart is suffering", "heart ache", "heart longs" and so on. "All these things basically have profound physiological sense … — says the scientist. — From the proper function of the heart is not only the physical, but, above all, spiritual well-being. The physical health of the body is always associated with the spiritual state. To see this, just look at the people the so-called liberal professions — artists, writers, artists, and musicians. Their physical work is easy, but very high susceptibility to various life troubles, and any doctor knows how easily damage the heart of these people, like practically does not occur among them the holders of healthy hearts! .. "
It took several decades after the death of Pavlov and his theoretical ideas of American psychologists have confirmed Glen Davidson and Lester turns. They gave an explanation of the functions of nerve fibers, Entangling heart. Thanks to them, this body takes everything that affects the rights in the psychological sphere.
On such a role of the heart at all times know the writers and poets, tying him with the highest sense — love. Idea of the importance of the heart as an organ of determining the correctness of our thoughts and actions, with great depth expressed French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery in a wonderful fairy tale "The Little Prince", "one can see rightly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. "
A property of the heart of the Bible — is a person's ability to sense its Creator, to join with him in a direct and immediate communication. All the saints and hermits, talking about their visions, reverently referred to the grace of the Holy Spirit on the heart, making them feel his presence.

Think belly

Back in the early XX century English scientist John Newport Langley calculated the number of nerve cells in the stomach and intestines of man and was astonished. These cells was about 100 million, that is a lot more than in the spinal cord. My stomach has a network of branched neurons and supporting cells, so that it is reasonable to consider this kind of abdominal brain.
Professor Paul Enck from Tübingen University, said that "the brain the stomach" can be visualized as a stocking that covers the esophagus, stomach and intestines. Confirming the similarity function of the brain and the "brain the stomach" is the presence of infected cells in the stomach and intestine of people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Some researchers even believe that 90% of the information about our feelings is the bottom up — from the "abdominal brain" to the head, and only 10% of the teams come back.
But long before learned people have noticed that the head is directly related to the stomach and react to his behavior. From here they went and the expression "full belly to the teachings of the Deaf", "ache in the pit of the stomach," "inner voice" and the like.
Studies conducted by the University of California physiologist Professor Emeranom Mayer, revealed that the "brain" controls many emotional processes in the body. Our good and bad feelings — it's not just intuition, they are based on a realistic basis.
Why intuitive solutions provide such excellent results, explain the American physiologist Antonio Damesio. In his view, the brain works like a calculating machine, so it requires a huge, bad "digest" the amount of information. And the "ventral" is not required, because the stomach has its "physical guidance", which give an idea of how we will feel after the decision.

Aura will help us

In addition to the heart and the stomach into thinking person involved is another important "authority" … aura. So says one of the oldest UFO Russia — Yuri Fomin. True, he calls it a different way — information and distribution structure of man (IRS).
Basis for the development of the theory of the concept of the IRS served the morphogenic field of the body. Each cell has an individual morphogenic field which carries all the information about the human body, joining together in a common morphogenic field. It, in turn, is in constant communication with every cell and directs the formation and operation of a direct cell and the organism as a whole. The proposed hypothesis explains the phenomenon of the etheric double — it IRS man, his morphogenic field, which under certain conditions becomes visible. According to some scientists, nature, including the information field of the Earth, is the divine role in determining the fate of each person as well as the development of humanity as a whole. And that is the heart connects with the IRS individual information field of the Earth, which allows prediction of the future — proscopia and clairvoyance. This also accounts for the effect of telepathy, genetic memory, memories of long-past lives, reincarnation of the dead, the existence of ghosts and more.
In addition, the information accumulated in life, and self-consciousness, which consists in the morphogenic field, after the death of the human body do not go away with him, and saved as an information complex — IRS.

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