Magic Hand

January 6, 2012 12:36

Magic HandArms — "P" in "KI" — show the man his living development.

For a woman hand carry all the turned her living Rod development opportunities, and for men to show the level of maturity in the overall reconstruction of the world. And for both men and women, only the hands of all the parts of the body are capable of transformation and creation of the material world.

Kant wrote: "The hand is released out of the brain". And this is so because the human brain — is its main computer center, connected to the central brain of the School, including for its harmonious unity of man with God, arising out of loyalty solutions human learning tasks of his personality.

  Hands define your sense of Peace and Harmony. Characterize the level of maturity and harmony of your personality in relation to your body. Ancient Greek natural philosopher Anaxagoras stated: "Hand each person reveals his fate and conceals the miraculous power of curing diseases". After all our plans and informed person becomes valid only and only when it is embodied fingers into action.

General mobility pattern of the palms of hands and joints depend on the accumulated human Rod and positive times, as the hands are showing a man practicing his Positives Training Images. They demonstrate the gained Person in Time degree of humanity.

Energy radiated hands, so magical about how alive the person regarding the present time of its development in time (historical development — R & D). After all, you can live, but not really be alive.

The more live time (dem) scored Originally, the person is born alive, and the more perfect his work. Ideally, the hands should be soft and smooth as a baby, but also strong as an athlete. The woman is a sign of the greatest harmony of soft rounded lines. In men, the hands should be confident, strong, and sensitive, to "hear" the world around them.

Right-hand man shows mental programs and masculine personality.
Left-hand — Genetic programs and feminine ….

All magic is handled with the hands and fingers.

During sleep are often cases pomertveniya — wicking any fingers. This phenomenon occurs when a person comes to your Ka — energy flow, but unable to revive him, that is, his life force is not enough to dispel its enchanted form merge with it together. In other words, instead of having to get their life force, a person loses it.

Reduce losses and open the circuit of your form as follows:

— consistently clamp each finger with the thumb of the same hand and wait energotoka. If your finger does not move, put it forcefully.

— Energotok if not reversed, to make massage fingers and repeat the procedure.

— Wink of his left hand with his right hand, forming a bridge.

— Do daily exercises for the hands and fingers. Such exercises will help cleanse the energy channels from clogging and congestion, which appear with a total distortion of your field by wrongly allowed program, when you are "charmed" his spacecraft. As it happens, it is easy to understand, if you put a finger on the ice in the freezer. First — nothing, and then it's too late.

Connection fingers each hand makes the following work:

— the little finger, or 5 fingers with great — clears the live stream filling the matrix of the image;

— anonymous, or 4 fingers with great — reunites atmanicheskie flows vitality ancestors (left hand) or children (right hand) to the matrix of educational image of man;

— medium, or 3 fingers with a large — the delay time corresponding to the shape of the matrix of the image;

— index, or 2 finger with a large — circumcise nature of the image, which is very important to cleanse the entity from mental parasites.

Connection fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other produces the following work:

— little fingers — setting cardiac masculine and feminine, which normalizes the one heart, allowing the life force to feed his own personality;

— nameless — reunites the ancestral line with the lines of descendants, specifying general energoharakteristiki route;

— average — neutralizes the gender imbalance, which reduces sexual distortion;

— demonstrative — reunites the spiritual nature of God and of the Lord;

— large — corrects the matrix (matrix transformation programs in the image in the cell structure of the person);

— all fingers together "bridge" — bringing the total miropostroeniya Personality rights to the World Harmony. This connection is very useful for its light-filled vessels.

This is useful when reading the following conversation:

Conversation with the fingers
Read 3 times

Fingers together "bridge"

Cute toes, the sun warmed,
Light, warm you poured, sung,
Flexible and nimble fingers of my
You really need to clean the Earth!
Thiesi "sokoz Subscribe" yang, just world for Earthlings!

Without changing the position of the hands, with the power to squeeze their hands at each other — 10 times

How to take a foreign film

Anything cooked food product bears the stamp of energy a person or group of people who perform it, done. If food or thing were done with warmth, love, attention, it will bring you good, expand your capabilities, make you look elegant, to show their best qualities. And if not? After all, what man does with his hands, already carries its magic, its energetic imprint. Not always, unfortunately, this print is clean and good.

Therefore it is better to protect your home and the world, and if you can not, for whatever reason, to conduct a full-disenchantment cleansing, you can just spend a circular motion over the plate, or on the subject of his hand, as if collecting litter in his hand, and quickly Having all the fingers of his right hand, from the little finger on his right thumb, (motion, resembling the Spanish heard, but gently and without clicking) to reset down. Luckily, if possible, put three small cross on this item or meal.

If not, we can limit reset. This action, in contrast to the magical cleansing with prayer, not transform the flow of information, but the pay off his aggressive, calm down, humble.

How to remove the dizzy

Combining the nail plate thumb and index finger, you can clear headed. To do this, put the cable in this way his right hand on the tip of the nose, and, fully straightening his hand down, stretch, as if you were sewing needle, a large loop, and back again through the top of the nose. This oval loop is obtained. Repeat several times until you feel better.

How to fix the taste of water

By connecting the thumb and index finger to fix the water quality, if, after cleaning and boiling it still remains a nasty taste. To do this with the utmost force squeeze together, these fingers of his right hand and into the space above the water, parallel to the water three times, very carefully, as if biting into fabric, loomed the letter "C". At the end of the third letter of the fingers to relax, but not unclenched, and makes it easy dumping down, resembling a comma.
Apply cross over the water, drawing, thus, divine favor.

Gymnastics and finger massage

Do not neglect your fingers massage and gymnastics. Fingers should be warm and soft. If they have a cold — is evidence that your personality too far from that of the body, or at all sleeping in suspended animation. This is bad. Then you are only automatic programs, you do not build your life consciously, you carries on other people's scripts, as a small lodchonku. It is necessary to take urgent measures to save her! And the first of them — a massage and gymnastics for the fingers.

Finger massage can be performed more than once a day, at any time, in transport, at work — when you have a minute stood out when your hands are busy. It is also good to include their time, gently pressing on each phalanx in the center and a large matrix finger simultaneously from above and below. And then repeat the procedure on the side. Finally a spiritual finger to the tip of the finger-activated. Prohlopyvat good and just loud clap hands, massaging and rubbing the wrist, which is a deck of your inner Lyra.

The best kind of gymnastics is, of course, playing any musical instrument. Therefore, it is useful to learn. And, if you want, never late. But, if you can not, you can simulate playing the instrument, "accompanying" favorite tunes.

Rotation brushes "spindle" must be executed with great speed — the faster, the better at the diaphragm with the phasing out of hands up. Oh, and any exercises that you know, or can think for themselves.

Useful exercise arms and hands expanders, well rotate the balls of stone and just balls, knead by hand balls.

In conclusion — the wise, or yoga for the fingers. Mudra — the provision of fingers, how to create specific energy configuration, the tool works with his human body and the space around it, the way the creation and management of creation, created and used by the yogis.

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