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If you believe the Voronezh media over the past few years in our city zamirotochilo more than 30 icons. However, in the Voronezh-Borisoglebskaya diocese we have stated formally that the region has a total of four Mirotochivogo subject. Beware of imitations!

According to some publications Voronezh, Voronezh miracles occur more frequently than higher prices for housing services. Correspondents' MY! "Could not pass up such an interesting phenomenon and engaged them closely. Especially since one of the residents of our city just zamirotochili icons. According to him …
53-year-old Anatoly Zaeva — man and blessed quiet. He walks softly, looking mildly … Before talking with MOEshnikami he prayed as follows. About Anatoly explains a little: go in a different, a lot of sin, and a couple of years ago I decided to turn to God. Built in their area (Zaev lives in the mansion in the village of the First of May), prayer room, hung in there and icons became engaged in healing and medicine. Lead to it-alcoholic husbands, children, drug addicts and others in need of assistance population. Helps Zaev not free. In the spring of this year at Zaeva miracles began.
Ordinary Miracle …

If you believe the newspapers, most of the Voronezh icons eyes on the wet spot
— May 17 at 7:50 in the morning prayer, I noticed that on the image of the Saviour appeared from nowhere moisture, — said Anatoly correspondent of "Mine!". — Next, June 4, at 21.00, a spot on the same icon (where it bounced off a piece to paint. — "E!") Changed color from brown to bloody. June 10 mirotochenie stopped, and resumed 16th! This time humidified photograph taken with the blessing of the icon of the Holy Apostles … And the icon of Our Saviour traces — which flowed world!
Using the fact that Anatoly Mikhailovich distracted photographer, the author of these lines (kayus!) traced the "trail". Sensation as of withered paper glue … Necessary in such cases fragrance correspondent of "E!" Is not felt (and maybe nose was laid?).
I must say that Orthodoxy — it will not Krishnas with bells. Our faith is as old as Russian nature, harsh and rather stingy on entertainment for the flock. Orthodox can count only a few miracles, under the charter of the church. This mirotochenie icons or relics, their miraculous update (this is when the paint on the old icon of themselves become brighter or emerges through these ancient, hidden still image) plus a daily transformation of bread and wine into the body and blood of the Lord. Yet to a working Christian angel in a dream may be to: warn of trouble there or just to say something encouraging … Here, perhaps, and all Orthodox surprises …
However, once in Russia again allowed to believe in a God of miracles was measured in tens and then hundreds per year. Once dubbed the Russians sought to protect the church from the horrors of reality, tuning, new life guidance to replace lost, hope … And the kids are waiting for Santa Claus something such and adults wanted to assure a new ally in power for life. From religion expect miracles, and miracles do not have to wait long.
The most common Orthodox miracle — mirotochenie. I mean the mysterious appearance on the surface of the icons and other sacred objects in the form of an oily liquid film condensation or individual drops. It is remarkable that there is such a miracle only in Orthodoxy. Or in other branches of Christianity, or in other religions is nothing like that.
The more the population is capable of miracles objects, the more the media there are reports of another inadvertent joy. MOEshniki not lazy and have calculated that if we believe our fellow journalists in Voronezh alone in the last few years zamirotochilo more than 30 icons! According to the readers of "Mine!", There were also other mysterious phenomena of the Orthodox Church is not provided. Twice in different rooms miraculously wetted wall or ceiling, made for "Soap" photos in large halos stood out — over the heads of ordinary people. And recently, in an apartment on the street. Savrasova on the linoleum, which is lined floor, tread not the image, not the face …
…with its subsequent exposure
— Mirotochenie icons and relics — a sign of love and grace of God — enlightened Correspondents 'E!' Secretary of the Voronezh-Borisoglebskaya diocese Abbot Andrew. — Or, on the contrary, it may be a warning, a call to repentance. It often happened that mirotocheniya miracle happened there, where she was to happen trouble. Often icons streaming myrrh, where restored church groups, churches reopened, people become closer to God …

Russian Orthodox Church to the wonders of working for the strengthening of faith, is generally positive. But without fanaticism: in fact every "miracle" diocesan administration sends to place a special committee of three experienced priests. "Nachudit" face thoroughly investigated (sometimes even with the use of modern devices and technologies). The owner of the icon and its transformation witnesses give detailed affidavits, samples are taken from the world.
The "right" zamirotochivshey icons moisture must be an oily to the touch and emit fragrance. Fact mirotocheniya icons besides the host to confirm at least one disinterested witness. If the inspectors are satisfied, provided a report to the diocese, and after some time, this is officially recognized as the face of the Myrrh-streaming. This status is assigned an icon forever — regardless of whether it is subsequently exude moisture or not. The incident was declared a miracle in all the churches the diocese, and zamirotochivshaya icon instantly becomes the object of worship and mass pilgrimage of the faithful. It is believed that the tread on her heals moisture from a variety of ailments, and the icon itself has many useful features …
— Sorry — continued Abbot Andrew — our people have a predisposition to excessive miracles. Many are willing to take on faith anything, and there are people who use it. Miracle mirotocheniya or, say, updating icons — this is a sign from above, sent to us for pleasure or as a warning. And some are trying to do on this policy …
Among the atheistic explanation of the phenomenon you'll find most versions of the images of oil impregnation followed by "fed" and the cunning priests. Nevertheless, even the most hard-nosed atheists recognize that there are cases that do not have yet a materialist explanation.
As for Anatolia Zaeva, then being told, "Mine!" Abbot Andrew, and the diocese is known about its icons. Recently him even checking out the commission, and 15 October were announced the results of research.
— Mirotochenie on icons Anatolia Zaeva were found. As we know, Zaev, a man with a rather motley lot, trying to become a healer. As a layman, it thus interferes in the area of the sacraments — ceremonies, perpetrated exclusively by priests. When he asked the diocese to bless this work, he was denied.
PS Today officially in the Voronezh-Borisoglebskaya diocese has a total of four holy myrrh-streaming: Akatovs in the monastery — a crucifix and an icon of the Mother of God, in the Protection Church — Iberian icon of the Mother of God, and in a monastery in Kostomarovo — an icon of Valaam. As for miracles, the position of the church remains the same: faith in God and belief in miracles — not one and the same …

QUOTE In the subject
"No one scientist can not explain why the miraculous icons exude a fragrant myrrh. This phenomenon is not available reasonable explanation — but faith and love are able to get into it … "
Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II (speaking with a sermon at the Cathedral of Tbilisi, July 27, 2003).

Vladimir Lavrov


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