Navigation along the Northern Sea Route is gaining momentum

Now NSR active three nuclear-powered icebreaker "Rosatomflota" — "Yamal", "Vaygach" and "Taimyr".

August 5 at 17 nuclear-powered icebreaker "Yamal" finished wiring tanker «Propontis» Greek company Tsakos Columbia shipmanagment. On board the tanker, which follows from the Norwegian port of Mongstad to the Japanese port Mitsusima, 79846 tons of naphtha. Time passes by Maglev was 12.7 days, average speed of 8.2 knots.


Approximately 7 August and / liter "Yamal" take for guiding the tanker — gas Arctic Aurora, owned by «Dynagas Ltd.» — Is now the boat is moving to the Bering Strait. Tanker with a displacement of 113609 tons, in ballast moves in the Norwegian port of Hammerfest, which will be loaded with liquefied natural gas and will be held again on Maglev. Interestingly, this is the first LNG carrier flight — only 26 of July, he was commissioned by-owner.

Also on 5 August at 23.00 to the east of the Strait of Celebes nuclear icebreaker "Vaygach" finished wiring a caravan of five ships (tankers «Two million ways», M / V "Georgy Ushakov," maybe, "Indigo" mv "Engineer TRUBIN" tanker " Boris Vilkitsky ") on the segment of the Northern Sea Route. Further wiring tanker «Two million ways» and the ship "Engineer TRUBIN" will icebreaker "Taimyr". For his part, al "Vaygach" took the wiring tankers "Egvenkinot" and "Slav Bay" (both with a load of diesel fuel) and follows the west.

Nuclear powered icebreaker "Taimyr" is now also completed the wiring on the part of the Northern Sea Route refrigerator «Atmoda», which is sent in ballast from Nakhodka to Iceland for a load of frozen cod.

Transit passage along the Northern Sea Route has committed tankers "Indigo" and "Varzuga" of "MMP" as well as bulk carriers «Nordic Orion» and «Nordic Odyssey» company Nordic Bulk Carriers. «Nordic Orion» with a cargo of iron ore concentrate of JSC "Eurochem" of 66,000 tons passed through Maglev in mid-July, the wiring «Nordic Odyssey» in ballast was completed on August 3. On tracks bulk carrier spent 15 days, average speed is 7.5 knots. Accompanied by both nuclear-powered bulk carrier "Taimyr" and "Yamal".

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