New data on ammunition RIP, blew the world arms market

New data on ammunition RIP, blew the world arms market
Gun experts tested the new extreme ammunition RIP on ballistic gel and shot it in Super Slow mode, to show that a similar bullet do with human body. It’s pretty awful video.

Manufacturers themselves call them «the last bullet that you ever need to» superior «to pull all relevant principal organs» and leave «nine separate wound channels», forcing inwards just explode.

In its own promotional materials, the developers, the company G2R, outline his invention as a «categorical means of self.» Although what they do with their own purpose, it seems, is not equal to any attack. Look, look how these cartridges nearby:

And here’s a video of what they do with the internal organs of the victim’s own
As in the case of expansive bullets Hague Convention prohibits the introduction of such weapons in the war — respectively NATO members do not use this type of bullet. In the U.S., expansive ammunition legitimate — and very popular — in the midst of civilian officials and security forces.

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