New tests LS3 robotic mule

U.S. agency DARPA continues to improve their robots. This time the robot mule «LS3" was tested in the forest and in the city and has shown incredible results!

The robot on four legs showed excellent results, demonstrating the incredible agility in the forest and the city, excellent stability when traveling on rough terrain and ravines, the ability to understand spoken commands and precisely follow the party leader, and quickly return to the interrupted due to a drop operation.

«LS3" seeks to demonstrate a high mobility and semi-autonomous operation of the system, which, following the infantry brigade, transport loads weighing up to 200 pounds and carries the auxiliary source of power, so that the team can charge their personal devices.

Despite already shown excellent results of tests, the robot «LS3" will be further upgraded and refined by the American agency «DARPA", which is engaged in promising high-tech projects for the U.S. Army, until the first quarter of 2014.



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