Oddities of the brain. Consciousness and intuition

January 30, 2013 23:42

SV Medvedev, director of the human brain.  Photo: Tatiana Petrova / The Epoch Times (The Epoch Times)

SV Medvedev, director of the human brain. Photo: Tatiana Petrova / The Epoch Times (The Epoch Times)

The strangeness of the brain, its treatability pathologies of "bug detectors" told the meeting "Matrix Science" at the RIA Novosti Petersburg Director of the Institute of Human Brain them. N. Bekhtereva Svyatoslav Medvedev.

Since ancient times, the human brain caused and continues to cause a lot of questions from physicians and philosophers, scientists and ordinary people. Is born the idea that consciousness is why one person a genius, and the other … you know. However, the human brain remains the most trudnoizuchaemym organ of the human body.

"It is impossible to know everything about the brain," — such objective maxim began the meeting corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Russia SV Medvedev. Perhaps this is why one of the most important tasks of the Institute of Human Brain's director considers not just research and services to patients by personalized medicine. This means offering each patient treatment. Researchers and doctors are using for this purpose and the results of their research, and the latest development of their laboratories, and the latest technology and equipment. "Today, we have learned to understand the brain in order to treat his illness," — he says.

Professor Medvedev told how the brain helps us in case of negative situations that prevents him … and why you need to get the brain to work in full force.

The brain keeps its secrets, but scientists can not understand some of its features. So back in the late 60-ies NP spondylitis with employees found in the brain "error detector". It is an original matrix, which knows like "owner" of how to act, "prevents people from many random trouble."

In the rapidly changing conditions of modern life people live in constant tension, is under stress. This is especially true of life in big cities. Consider whether stress phenomenon, which should be avoided? It turns out that it makes the body work better, using many existing reserves, by the nature. The professor gave an example. In one zoo tigers are very pleased with nourishing life, ceased to breed. Caretakers deliberately excluded animals regular heavy table. This "nuisance" animals forced to mobilize, and they "remembered" the call of nature, there were cubs.

Therefore, the scientist believes that "it is impossible to live without stress." Man then, to avoid the negative effects of continuous stress, S. Medvedev gives simple advice: eat well, sleep and rest with exercise. Jogging or other exercise can help even remove negative stuffing poison the body of harmful substances. A good sleep is especially important because during sleep the body is not only energizing, but also brings the experience of a day of fast memory to long-term, and insomnia devastating effect on the human body.

Negative impact on the human condition and daylight savings time. Russia now lives in daylight, but not astronomical time. "For us it is very important light, it is a powerful activating factor. Translation of the clock has meant that we now do not see the light of day, "- Medvedev said, adding that the lack of natural light leads to depression, illness, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

At the same time, the brain is extremely useful intense creative activity. To do this, turn the whole brain and works as a complex, coordinated system. This is confirmed by the existing devices and exposes the view that the brain is not being used by more than 10%. Moreover, these creative people are living longer, because "the pleasure that a person gets in the creative process, causes the body to produce hormones that are responsible for a good mood and affect all systems of the body," — says the professor.

About prophetic dreams S. Medvedev said that they are, but they can not be reproduced in the laboratory, so that "to speak of them from a scientific point of view, we have no right." As for intuition, coming suddenly, it comes from the brain itself, "This rapid processing of existing knowledge, but the algorithm is not yet available science" — he says.

By the way

A recent study from Tel Aviv University reveals the secret of intuition. Scientists recognize that there are two ways to solve problems: rational and intuitive. The first carries the brain, evaluating different approaches solve the problem, the second — allows a person to "suddenly" to understand the course of the solution.

Researcher Marius Asher of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Tel Aviv with colleagues from Oxford and the University of York in the UK have come to the conclusion that more and more popular intuitive approach is "not verbal, but more complete." They also concluded that the subconscious process often leads to a better solution. Only where it "comes"?

This, for many years engaged in mysteries and secrets of the brain, S. Medvedev candidly remarks, "I can positively say that science has proven."

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