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Russian traveler Andrei Polyakov found the biblical ark, but says that he did not Noah

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ARK FOUND Polyakov size looks like a modern aircraft carrier


After examining found on Mount Aquila, near Ararat, fossilized skeleton of the ark, scientists have concluded that the legendary Noah was a giant, under six feet tall.


On the skeleton of a huge boat expedition Polyakov came across in the past year.

Giant, 153 meters long, 25 wide and 15 high, boat sticking out of the ground, 30 kilometers from Mount Ararat, on the hillside Aquila.

When we thoroughly examined the ship, marveled at its size. Between the sides would put a football field — says Andrey Polyakov. — Touch his hands, convinced that this is a petrified wood, some such as coal.

Scientists believe that the ship was squeezed out of the ground during an earthquake in 1948. And the fact that this is the ship, and not some ancient, like a ship construction, Polyakov doubts. Just a few kilometers down the valley from the ship locals showed them the anchor stones — huge flat plate with a hole punched on top.

Such rocks, but about three times less found in the Mediterranean Sea. It is clear that the anchor dropped from the ship when they saw the land. Otherwise, what would they do at an altitude of two thousand meters, — says Polyakov. — I absolutely know that this is also the ark, but not one which sailed Noah.


Floating, rocking boat


According to the available information in the Bible, Noah's ark was closed at the top and more like a submarine, and found Polyakov ship — the spitting image of ocean yacht.

ANCHOR Noah is in this place for five thousand years

What it is possible to understand only a month ago. Helped champion the Guinness Book of Records, a connoisseur of modern and classical languages Willy Melnikov.

Seeing the picture found the ship, he recalled that in one of Prague's library he came across the text of unknown author, dating from around III century BC. It was in the text that Noah during the drift on the water depths in one day saw a huge ship, the size of which coincides with his ark. Hoping that someone else managed to escape, he stepped on board the vessel, but no one was there.

Sumerian clay tablets, which was borrowed from the Bible text of the flood on this story shed much more light — says Polyakov. — They can read that before the flood on Earth have quite a developed civilization. Its ships plied between Africa and Mesopotamia. They were quite large, to match their owners. It is still not established how tall was Noah himself. In the Old Testament, by the way, there is mention of the fact that in addition to the ordinary people in the world lived the giants. It turns out, we found a boat giants.


Conspiracy worldwide

Bible Stories: The Giants are building a huge boat


In principle, the Giants and starts the whole story. The hunt for Noah's ark are the representatives of many of the world powers. Evidence of the ark of ten. At least a few serious scholars said that know exactly where is the ark, and offered options for its research. But no government support of these individuals, and the Turkish authorities have banned all climb Ararat scientific expeditions.

If you find the ark, then realize that Noah was rising at six meters — sure Ph.D. Yuri Babikov. He has many years of experience in the theory of the flood, and came to the conclusion that when the then technical equipment of the Ark could not build normal size people. Recall that three to six meters — sized credited to outstanding people of that time known historians. For example, in the mid-50s of the last century Englishman Walter Emery in the sacred city of Abydos, Egypt unearthed tombs of pharaohs of the first dynasty. They lived just at the time of the flood, about five thousand years before Christ. Their skeletons were length of 3.5 meters, and the skull differed sharply from the usual. The find hidden in the backrooms of the British Museum. And refers to it Babic proving that the flood had a distinct regional character:

YURI Babik: believes that the flood was not so, and the global


Apparently, it was lower European and Asian continental plates, and Africa, it does not hurt nearly as plate boundary runs along the bottom of the Red Sea.

A similar pattern is described in Enoch, who writes that "… Noah saw the earth, and she shuddered, and her death was close …" and then asked Enoch, Noah, "Tell me what is happening on the ground that the land was so weak and hesitated? "

Consequently, given that Noah lived on the eastern shore of the Red Sea and drifted after the flood a few months, it is necessary to seek a real ark just in Ararat, convinced Yuriy.

To confirm or deny their suspicions, scientists are unlikely to succeed. More recently, "Ararat Anomaly" — that scientists call the hypothetical whereabouts of the Ark — filmed U.S. satellite Quick Bird. Photos were at the CIA, which stated that the pictures do not represent scientific interest.

View map of flooded areas: Europe and suffered only slightly Asia


Just the fact

According to the Mayan calendar had two floods. The first truly global, which destroyed a race of giants, there was 18,235 years ago. The second, much smaller force, was on August 13 3114 BC and civilization does not hurt so much.


Bear in mind

End of the world of the Maya is scheduled for December 23, 2012 AD



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