Scientists are sounding the alarm: laptops provoked an epidemic disease bakers

Be careful with laptops.  Photo

Be careful with laptops. Photo

People who love while working on a laptop to keep it on your lap, are at risk?.
Laptops — it's not the only benefit of the modern world, but also a serious risk for people who work with them almost never part. Scientists have found that people who love while working on a laptop to keep it in his lap, are at risk of disease bakers. This disease, previously considered as a professional, now threatens almost all occupations that are associated with constant communication, as well as fans to sit, chat and "cut yourself" in the online game.

As a result of the high temperature area of skin in contact with the notebook can be very red. Doctors determine a reddening as a type of erythema, writes

If a couple of years ago the world was recorded just a dozen such cases, soon to be hundreds — scientists predict.

The same disease occurs with repeated use, heaters, and the baker, because they often have to stand in a hot oven. In most cases it does not cause much harm to the body, but it can take a long time, sometimes turning into skin cancer.

Several years ago, during another medical studies have shown that when a man holds a laptop on your lap, it raises the temperature in the scrotum. If this happens frequently, it is likely a problem with reproduction, down to infertility.

Scientists advise laptop users who like to put them on my knees, used to protect from the heat of the base.

Natalia Malkin

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