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Semen (spermiogram, semen analysis) — Laboratory Methods for assessing sperm oplodotovoryayuschey ability of male sperm.

What does a semen analysis?

Semen analysis shows the ability of males to fertilize and, in addition, is the most important method of diagnosis of urological diseases.

What indicators are taken into account in the semen analysis?

During the study assessed the concentration, shape, and motility of sperm, determine the quantitative, qualitative, morphological sperm parameters. This is done by those skilled in the laboratory using a microscope.

What are the indications for sperm?

  1. Sterile marriage (to identify male factor).
  2. Infertility in men (caused by prostatitis, varicocele, infection, trauma, hormonal disorders).
  3. Preparing for IVF, ICSI.

How to prepare for semen analysis?

Before sperm analysis is recommended abstinence for 3-5 days. During this period, you can not take alcohol, beer, drugs, visit a bath or sauna, take hot baths.

How to collect semen for analysis?

Material for the study only collected by masturbation into a special sterile container. For the analysis it is desirable to collect all allocated sperm. The loss of semen, especially the first portion makes an inaccurate picture of the overall sperm. It is best carried out in preparing the sperm clinic room specially prepared but allowed to collect material, and in the home, if the patient is able to deliver the container to the laboratory within one hour.

What are the terms of the semen analysis?

1 day.

What are the normal parameters of semen?




not less than 2 ml




white and gray



Liquefaction time

10-40 minutes


2 cm



The number of spermatozoa in 1 ml

20-120 million

The number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate

40-500 million

Actively motile (Category A)

over 25%

Slabopodvizhnye (B) A + B

not less than 50%

Non-progressive motile (kat.S) C + D

not more than 50%

Fixed (Category D)

less than 50%

Abnormal sperm

not more than 50%

The number of rounded cells

No more than 5 million



Normal sperm


White blood cells

3-5 in the field of view

What if the semen analysis is not correct?

In the diagnosis of male infertility in the outcome other than the norm, you need 1-2 weeks to retake the semen analysis and with the results to see a doctor, andrology.

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