Sergei Voronov in the Black Sea has traces of antediluvian civilizations

January 29, 2013 3:27

Director of the new Crimean authority — Black underwater research center — told the "Crimean Telegraf" about the search for sunken ships, the following biblical flood on the Crimean coast and about his passion for treasure.

Sergei Voronov in the Black Sea has traces of antediluvian civilizations

Recently, the Central Museum in Simferopol Tauris an exhibition of priceless collection of documents and books, raised from the wreck in 1917, the destroyer "Lieutenant Zatsarenny." According to historians, this collection of original documents of revolutionary times is not even in the Russian military archives. But this is just the first sign: in the coming year, archaeologists plan to make several major undersea expeditions …

— What will the new department that you manage?

— Black Sea underwater research center was established in October 2012 by the decision of the Crimean government. Main area — underwater archeology, that is, protection and study of underwater cultural heritage in the Black and Azov Seas. The center of the bed and interaction with the public, and the protection of monuments, as recently seen a major trend: the growth of damage and even destruction of wrecks. Now preparing a package of legislative initiatives aimed at promoting our sites, including underwater. There are plans to build underwater archaeological museums, nature reserves.

— Plan to protect monuments? After all, black divers hard to catch in the act …

— The position of the border troops Verkhovna Rada introduced additional point that they are also charged with the protection of sunken underwater objects. Since December 2012 the center started working closely with the border to develop a set of measures aimed at protecting the wrecks.

— For the first time the expedition was "Coast of the gods" to search for traces of paleostoyanok on the seabed. Can you tell us more?
— Yes, the first time we decided to investigate the subject sunk seven to eight thousand years ago. In our hands is a technique that can efficiently explore the depth of 100-200 meters, where eight thousand years ago the land. We attempted to find in certain places the traces of ancient man. Mathematically calculated the location of our archaeologists possible location Paleolithic sites as the ancient shores of the Black Sea, and on the ancient coast Paleodnepra. Unfortunately, the weather did not let the expedition completed in full. But even then, what we found is clearly a success. For example, have been found completely unknown to science two volcanic complex, very large number of methane fountains, gas fountains. The map shows the new objects, we now know what the squares are the most interesting from the point of view of archeologists and geologists. I think that this year we will reach a local location paleostoyanok. This will be another brick in the hypothesis of rapid flooding of the Black Sea, the so-called biblical flood. Traces of people somehow have to stay, and we expect to find them.

— Not so long ago in the press talking about the underwater city in the Storm. What do you know about him?

— I have plunged into the caves, these caves, and what I saw there, is really very interesting. This complex of underwater caves and caverns in the Paleolithic era could be used as a place of human habitation. Seven thousand years ago, from this rock ridge to the sea was fifty kilometers. That is, it was not even a coastal village. These caves are very similar to housing, it is complete, protected on all sides and with chimneys cave. What I saw on the day, led me to think that thousands of years ago, it really could be used as a shelter. But again, this requires quite careful research. I hope that this year we will find the means to at least map out the area. This is really a cave city.

— Are you familiar with the theory of Professor Tatiana Fadeeva Sciences, who believes that Atlantis sank in the Black Sea? What do you think about this?

— About once a month we are approached and professionals and enthusiasts who are interested in the fate of the very ancient Atlantis. In the Black Sea, there are three points that are linked somehow to the story told by Plato. This Arm of the Danube, the Southern coast of the Crimea and the Kerch Peninsula, the area of Taman. No evidence of real traces, evidence to date not. This is just a hypothetical that is consistent conditions of the landscape, such as volcanic activity …
But the version of the Black Sea is enough evidence to seriously lose compared with the Mediterranean and even the Caribbean. We are on the third place.

— For several years, you have participated in joint expeditions with oceanologer Robert Ballard. He is scheduled to return to Crimea?

— Robert in the past year is 70. But the old man is strong and still full of enthusiasm. He spends most of the year at sea, then the research vessel "Nautilus" is now doing research in Turkish waters. April 19 in Simferopol, an international conference, and he wants to take part in it, and discuss issues related to the future of the Black Sea underwater heritage. And we have a deal with the help of its technology to view a number of sites in the valley, that is, the maximum depths of the Black Sea.

— It's something to do with the motor ship "Armenia"?

— No, a search for "Armenia" Ukraine will hold their own. Modern technology allows us to work at a depth of two kilometers. We hope that "Armenia" is located within 1500-1700 meters. Conducted five expeditions, there are only two small boxes that have not been explored. We expect this year to investigate and put an end to this story. We would like to open an international maritime memorial to lay a wreath on the water and announce to the world that in our waters has occurred the most tragic maritime disaster, which killed an incredible number of people, several times more than the "Titanic."
— What attracts Ballard in the Black Sea? Good preservation of the ships?

— The content of hydrogen sulfide in the Black Sea, think about it, 87 percent! Only a narrow area of 200 meters — water, where there are marine life. This is an exceptional object in the history of our planet, if we consider that in the waters of the object sinking ships from ancient times to the Second World War. Last year we discovered the ancient ships V and IV centuries in good condition — have sunk near Snake Island even survived the general cargo — silver — at a depth of 36 meters. If in shallow water, we find such ships, and they were drowned, and at greater depths, where the hydrogen sulfide is really lovely preserves wood, it gives us the right to assume that at a depth of one and a half to two kilometers we find ancient ships in greater safety. If you raise the fragments on the surface, to collect and preserve, we present an antique ship in the form in which it was two thousand years ago. And that chance is only in the Black Sea.

We plan to open a maritime museums in Feodosia and Sudak and this year will please vacationers precious objects. Crimea could become a pearl of maritime history as a city in Italy and Spain. This requires effort, means. Movement in this direction is, and this is very good.

Alex Pravdino

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