Space and Development: the utilitarian needs or progress

"Swim in the sea need, but in order to live — so you can not live." This is one of the numerous translations of the old poetize Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse. Proud saying, obviously, more extensive than just a statement of the significance of the latest navigation. In accordance with the Russian debt it gallakticheskoy industry — to provide an advanced development of the country.

On that historic step, when we lived masters of expressive expressions for forward was necessary to overcome the sea. Next to overcome had very nearly everything to reach new levels and new development. And now a modern analogue of the sea, on which you have to swim for us is the cosmos, the universe. We are comfortably ensconced in malehankih harbor majestic space on our lovely Earth. Settled down, adjusted her own. Far not always carefully, thriftily. Well, not really something we live together. But that's another topic. We live on the banks of the universe. Learned how to make small navigation in the coming to earth zone. Almost foreshore. And then — the endless expanses. Fundamentally the situation is very reminiscent of times of formation given the situation at first saying.

Gaze from the shore into the unknown, decorated with all sorts of speculation and legends, and the understanding of the need to begin the path. We now feel that we almost all know about the universe, but the fact that its 96 per cent — is black (that is unknown), the energy and dark matter, says the apparent incompleteness of our knowledge. We have to move on. "Swim in the sea to …" In another large part of the creative potential of the snaps to the prototype for future improvements of harmful weapons and entertainment. Without the majestic world of the objectives will slide into barbarism. With iPads in hand.

So where did we sail on the sea? How annoying would it sounds, the ability of the poor. '54 Reversed Russian Union launched the first satellite. Four years later, only four years, Yuri Gagarin saw Earth from space. Yet it took only eight years old, and Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface. Awesome, indescribably cool line of the development of human capabilities. If I extend it under the same angle to the present time — '43 from the last mentioned actions, the apple trees on Mars might have already be bearing fruit. But what a shame it did not sound, the curve was virtually horizontal. The ability of the world's population in this area began to develop very slowly. Have become more stupid people who do not appear strong figures? No, it was quite mastered the scientific and industrial base, built by the time the joint efforts of all states. On it by the outbreak of the highest gallakticheskoy activity was created by some add, however, not led to a qualitatively new technological era.

Impartial limit

In the Kondratieff wave theory of technological third — since 1875 — marked the era of steel, electricity and heavy industry, the fourth — since 1908 — the era of oil, automobile and mass production, the fifth — since 1971 — the era of disk imaging and telecommunications. All in anticipation of the second wave — an era or a bio, or nanotech, or the latest energy, or complete greening of industry.

Dorazviv for their own needs touched the third, fourth and fifth wave of technology gallakticheskaya branch does not become the pioneer of the modern. Absolutely not the scale. With all the public bolshennom sound, especially in the recent past, when the annual contribution, for example, in Russia at prices 10 km s talk about the capital's roads severe impact on the global economy is not necessary. And gallakticheskie technology or almost froze as with rocket engines, or at best, reach for other technologies, the busier areas.

Naturally, the results of the application of gallakticheskoy most actively used just in the era of disk imaging and telecommunications. In connection with its needs achieved impressive growth traits gallakticheskih devices providing Earth observation in different ranges. Created in addition to the magnetic and gravitational field of the earth man-made navigation. Power-board transponders increased over the last quarter-century on the order, which allowed achieving faster speeds disk imaging. However, Arthur C. Clarke maliciously, but saw very aptly: "The better the disk imaging technology transfer, much less non-personal, vulgar, grayish becomes its contents." But this again is not the subject of this article.

So, the society took development features applied gallakticheskih devices and it has gotten. Did not need a flight to other planets and the technology has not evolved? No, the situation is somewhat more difficult. As part of the physical laws recognizable level of rocket and space technology close to the limit. Chemical fuel to provide close to the theoretical limit at the property. Strength of materials, too. According to the latest least until such time as the nanotube fail to weave a longish thread. Obviously, by improving production processes and design optimization is possible and necessary to reduce the price, but the fundamental improvement of the technical features are expected. And when humans with a huge strain resources still get to Mars, they will overcome the distance of only a few 10-s light-minutes. The works on cosmology portrayed as kilo-, mega-, gigaparseki.

One parsec — the three-light-year. In the framework of recognizable physical laws all this can not in principle. Close the dream of the world's population? No, concentrate on rich research activities promoting progress in a number of ways.

Learn universe

The direction of the first — the development of basic knowledge about the basics of the universe. The fact that all known physical laws of man exactly applicable to only four percent of the universe, giving hope to the existence of unacknowledged by law. Maybe it's similar to the situation XVII-XVIII centuries, when they were known to the laws of mechanics and accumulating the knowledge that allowed eventually to construct the laws of the electronic world. And life is a very different, non-descript from the standpoint of the century mechanics. Together with research works in the field of physics of simple particles (everyone knows about Bolshennom Hadron Collider) are of great importance in astrophysics research made by the boundaries of the Earth's atmosphere telescopes operating in different parts of the range. Russian alliance has brought a significant contribution to the deployment of such works. Gallakticheskie observatory "Astron", "Pomegranate" in the 80-ies of XX century have made a real breakthrough. Outstanding, sensational results for a long time been one of the most quoted.

At the current time, everyone is talking about South American telescope "Hubble" with a mirror diameter of 2.4 meters. Repeatedly repaired specifically in orbit, it is to this day fun addicting fruit and replace it prepares a new telescope, "James Webb." Is almost year Russian telescope works "Spektr-R" or "Radiastron." With high-precision antenna with a diameter of 10 meters and supersensitive receivers it revolves around the Earth at an altitude of 300 thousand kilometers and in co-operation with numerous ground-based radio telescopes forms a virtual telescope the size of 300 thousand kilometers. From this unprecedented resolution. Has provided data on the internal structure of the object in the 5000000000 (specifically billion) light years.

We looked into the untold distances, and also in the deepest past of the universe. There is a very excellent scientific guesses about bolshennom explosion, dark holes, wormholes and tunnels in space-time. There is a cluster of data.
Full acceptance of the formation of the universe, its evolution, the nature of matter, energy, gravity, time, here and there in front. Population of the earth, maybe 10, maybe 100 years, but you need to pass this way. Means to create more sophisticated tools gallakticheskie — maintained and non-performing in various orbits and on the surface of the moon.

In a cozy cradle

Second line of effort — full awareness of all the processes of the formation and evolution of the solar system. It is necessary to predict the fate of our planet impending.

Why is one of the adjacent planets is a sandy desert with dust storms up to 20 km, and only traces of oxygen in the atmosphere is very tenuous cool? Why did the second, a neighbor, is an acid hell with temperatures nearly 500 degrees and a pressure of about 90 atmospheres? Is there somewhere else in the solar system, some form of life? And if you had gone and, why not? Answers to these and similar questions are important to determine the correct strategies for survival of mankind on Earth. According to the latest least until such time as it expands the power of man and will not appear real possibility of moving to another place of residence.

And at this point you need to go all out to save our only greenish planetoid. To provide answers to these questions, you need to own abilities to attend any of the body within the solar system, including asteroids. Russian Alliance held its rightful place in the development of interplanetary technology. By the end of the 70-ies of the XX century was made 58 starts for the moon, 29 of them completed their puzzle. Including three times delivered the ground. The United States in the same period have made 39 starts (including nine manned). Can be considered effective 22 mission. By Venus, until the end of the 80s started 29 Russian missions, 15 of them successful. U.S. limited nine attempts, of which eight successful.

Then in the activity of the Union of Russian and Russia was a long pause, and now the Russian automatic devices to regain the ability to reach the outskirts, sit down to work on the surface of celestial bodies and vorachivatsya ago. Since the moon. In particular, taking into account new facts about the presence of ice at the poles. In addition, there is a version that the ice was applied for this Gyr comets, including, perhaps, of other galaxies. In other words, we have already delivered almost home a piece of the other, very distant worlds. Mars, Venus, Jupiter's moons, asteroids such as Apophis, and of course, the sun (though without landing) — that target machines and researchers, providing a virtual human presence in all parts of the solar system. Here and there in the longer term may be a specific role in human interplanetary missions, but only with an accurate understanding of the necessity of risks and costs.

Innovations in Science and Technology

The third area of effort. Return gallakticheskoy technique role of engine of technological progress within the existing technological wave. And for that tasks should set bold and ambitious. For example, there is a need to conduct a lot of research on the surface very fascinating moons of Jupiter — Europe. There detected ice water. Maybe there is also life. But if in the modern tradition of gathering gallakticheskogo scout out the existing technical solutions, the task can not be solved at all — very highest radiation. And the euro is set programm Space Agency of them cute names for Ganymede Europe — another satellite of Jupiter. The least exciting, but more affordable.

Now this too complicated program can be implemented, but the impact on technological progress will be limited. But if all the same to Europe? On new solutions, for example on the basis of the principles of electrical vacuum technology, the nature of plants or even knows what to do quite a unique device, completely resistant to radiation. A long way road, but another small step toward an expansion of the arsenal of abilities.

Or even more palpitating task for gallakticheskoy equipment — cleaning debris from near-Earth space. It is time to make laws already on the duty of each launching a new device be de-orbited the same amount by weight of the wreckage of old times. Swiftly and without fantasy puzzle can be solved now. Run the maneuvering device with the necessary supplies of fuel, butted a passive object and translate it into orbit flooding. All solved, but in general, it will cost more at the start of a similar weight of the machine. And from the standpoint of ecology, all these unnecessary starts and flooding completely useless. Oh, and for the impact of technological change is small. The candidacy — start to create something fundamentally new. Some monster grabs garbage decomposes into its constituent molecules, often uses as a working body to reach the subsequent entity and the other part, on the mechanism of the 3D-printer, turns to the elements of the modern gallakticheskoy station. After all materials in the remains of the most remarkable and satellites have already been delivered to orbit. Fiction? Now — yes. The movement itself to this goal will be to move forward and science and technology. But mulled the purposes for which swings fussy momentary population of the earth, and of means of pity.

Miracles do not happen

In the end, I will try to design the subsequent idea. A total of gallakticheskoy purposefully true divide the two areas. First — the introduction of the cosmos or its operation for applied purposes: communication, navigation, remote sensing of the Earth. Create gallakticheskih devices for these purposes — a common industrial activities. In the conditions of the market to gain the customer's need to create a mass market at a lower cost, better consumer traits and in the shortest possible time. For this unification is very important, the use of tried and tested solutions to their constant evolutionary improvement, functioned well and break-even all the processes and resources used. This area, like the area of the mass of launch vehicles, well commercialized.

It is not commercialized second area gallakticheskoy activities set and discussed in the main higher. Can this be called scientific space, deep space, the base space. Essence of unchanged. Under the direction indicated by any mission aimed at achieving a new level of knowledge, a fundamentally new level of technology. Along with the introduction of a very probable-established in the application space of solutions for each project must use a unique technology and specific equipment. For this region characterized by a high degree of uncertainty, leading to excessive risk on the timing, costs, results of the mission. The real effect of these projects can be shown through very many years. For successful work in this area is very much in principle the introduction of other than in the application space, the rules of the organization, financing and evaluation of results. This area is quite gallakticheskoy activity is dependent on the willingness of the country to invest in efforts to move forward the world's population.

Our homeland, taking into account its colorful history and gallakticheskuyu far not the zero current level can be fully worthy member of the avant-garde movement. However, if you calculate the cost of space over the last 20 years in the United States, taking into account not counting funds NASA resources of other agencies, it becomes clear that they are superior to Russian costs 10's again. But what is perceptible lag the performance of Russian gallakticheskoy industry from the South American level, once the prerequisites are: sloppiness, feeble heads and so on and so forth.

Ineradicable in Russia belief in magic. Fairy tales, for sure guilty. Ilya Muromets was lying on the stove 30 years and three years without any investment in its development, and la
ter got up and beat all. Brilliant. All this would be funny if it were not so sad.

Certainly, there is an acute need for improvement in the industry and in terms of the structure and organization of work, the introduction of modern quality management system verbovaniya promising professional and personal mobile structures, but taking into account the greater part of our understanding of the significance of Russian society positions in space, which manifests itself in a very painful perception each disaster, we are doomed to be gallakticheskoy majestic power. And if you have not only to allocate significant resources for this, but as well use them for merit worthy goals. Space without us will always exist, we have no chance of it actually is not. Navigare necesse …

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