The collapse of the United States of America is being postponed

Among modern analysts have a lot of professionals who are confident that in the coming years, most United States America expects the economic and political fiasco. At first glance, a similar argument has some shred of meaning and background, but on the views of other half of the same economic space explorers, this problem is very far-fetched …

The fact that the United States America end up being the world grandee and will give the palm to other countries, states already for several decades. In the 80 years laurel wreath was not given a bit busy developing country of the rising sun, but the next stagnation Eastern country is not allowed her to become an economic grandee.

Now the role of the world's favorite more than other states claimed by China, but behold the experts at that and there is not so clear as many would like. The problem is that China is very intense exhausts its resources, so that they will not suffice forever, and in the near future, if not the Celestial expects rapid decline in economic performance, then, at least, a period of stagnation.

China's economic policy flaw is that it does not target prospects, and capitalize on the instant. Human resource here does not take care of it evenly roamed the village to the city. Not that it was quite bad, but that all necessary measure. Close to the time when the countryside is absolutely not the people who would work in the field and produce a constantly rising in price and the right food to China.

Ordinary Chinese are equally aware that in his own work, they can still get a huge fee than that which is offered by the government workers employed for socially important for the Chinese production. Time blind patriotism and blind worship of the communist regime extends to replace them come commodity-money relations. Modern Chinese is not only willing to work for bread and rice, he hunt more.

All these findings lead us to postpone the overthrow of the United States from Olympus America and construction to the rank of favorite China.

A distinguished South American political scientist and founder of the neo-liberal school of international politics, Joseph Nye in late 2010 published a fascinating work, which has openly declared that the possibility of the collapse of the American economic and political systems are very exaggerated. Indeed, the U.S. has some difficulties in different areas, but they are temporary and do not have large-scale and protracted nature. External and internal debt, as, in principle, and other objects, there are actually in each country, so you should not "bend" and create panic.

Another prominent South American political analyst Fareed Zakaria published my book, "The Post-American World of Tomorrow", which became very popular. The basic idea thread stretched in the publication, says that the United States America not condescend to the abyss of the crisis, the development of the country is on the same level, and the gradual loss of political and economic authority only a total of active development of other states. If this trend will continue in the coming years, it is entirely possible that the U.S. position in the international arena will become even more quicksand.

In fairness it should be noted that virtually all of the world's grandees in its history experienced a period of strong peak, and time decay. For example, you can remember England, Germany or Japan. So it should not be very upset about the collapse of the South American, or, on the contrary, what is called, "dance on the bones." It is better to think that the current situation may give such power, as our homeland, which one way or another claimed to be the head player in the international arena.

When answering this question, the leaders of large countries will be able to maneuver well in the current situation and to take enough advantage of decency, which subsequently lead to the strengthening of international prestige of the Russian Federation and economic progress, about those now engaged in the Chinese …

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