The Kremlin is preparing a controlled opposition? Either the club face control in Izborsk

A little over a month back there was information that in Russia began forming a modern political organization "Izborsky club." The first reports of this formation were so contradictory that far not everyone saw clearly the purpose of creation of this kind of organization. Try to understand at this point is, what are the tasks of those people who have decided that the existing socio-political organizations and political parties in Russia is not enough to solve the urgent problems, and so be sure to create something new.

Thus, the "Izborsky club", according to the ideological inspirers of its creation, it is organization, which aims to consolidate the conservative-patriotic forces of Russia.

For the near future Russian citizens have become accustomed to the fact that the consolidation of all forces completely: patriots, liberals, gays and lesbians, neo-Slavophiles antiputintsev and proputintsev takes place in the majority of cases within the Moscow Ring Road, or well, in the latter case, on the banks of the Neva (the case "Uralvagonzavod" and other similar places in this chain can be regarded as the exclusive link). So here are the people who experienced the spiritual throwing from what Russian patriots conservatives to this day are not consolidated, also decided to add some zest to the territorial socio-political life of the country. Decided to add and added all phoned, skontaktilis and waved in the Pskov region — and specifically in Isborsk himself Pskov. Why specifically in the Pskov region, specifically in Isborsk why? Creators Club Izborsk argue that this city has always been a western outpost of the Russian countries, and therefore it can be specifically selected as the club sign. And it is the right idea: no character-that is currently nowhere … Someone name-calling themselves the Seliger forum, some of the liberal opposition, united Bolotnaya Square. Some of "our", the other "Your" third "Someone." People, as they say, finds itself in today's diverse world, well, find themselves our law has not forbidden.

When in the Russian media publications began to appear information about who will be performing at, speak out so that the zero meeting Izborsk Club (Lyudmila Narochnitskaya, Michael Leontiev, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, Pskov Governor Andrei Turchak), then many had the impression that it the typical course of the current government, which wants to make some counterbalance to the opposition movement, trying higher and higher to raise his head and opened his mouth quite extensive with or without cause. With all of this phrase, "a Kremlin project" was often referred to as applied specifically to Izborsko club.

In this context, usually, but here there are those who immediately saw the development of the club deadly evil that will be cultivated only the Kremlin's hands, and those who are referred Izborsky club Organization-messiah who will be able to finally make a real counterweight to the liberal mass-intensive acting all soon. It would seem that the label "Kremlin project" establish the "izbortsami" and means it will take a little time and they will begin to act on a predictable path of advancing the interests of the official Moscow.

But God's ways are truly mysterious, and some members of Izborsk club have confirmed this fact. From the lips of most members of the slogans heard that some were forced to shrug, others wiped his eyes and ears cleaned with stark words on the lips, "Wow! Well, you and gone, guys! "And because they are not really gone to the joke, so much so that many do not quite figured out how to gromozvuchno announced new initiatives to treat. All recent months average Russian opposition heard from the lips of the words that Our homeland has reached a deadlock, Putin is exploiting the country and makes a poor Russians, malicious, devoid of ideology. Here, they say, will take Putin — and then our life-just got better: there will be plenty, ladies will give birth by five-six babies, the army will rise, the West began to respect us, in general, will come a brighter future for all eternity liberal base.

After the first performance of "izbortsev" began to show up around this trend, only leaving to the opposite extreme. One of the members of the writer Maxim Kalashnikov laid out on shelves, what should be the value of a new social and political education. I will allow myself to these values (faster, even demands) list:

1. Complete change of orientation in economic policy.
2. The real fight against corruption.
3. The embodiment of the state of purification.
4. Cleaning the government from absolutely discredited liberal theorists.
5. Unquestioning rejection of of membership in the global trade body.
6. Introduction REP — sound economic policy on the basis of doing absolutely sovereign state policy, introducing a cheap credit policy for the real sector.
7. Complete rejection of such grandiose events like Olimpida the 2014 soccer World Cup 2018.
8. Cash assistance, producers of Russian art.
9. The Making of the Russian Federation on the basis of the design of the country neoindustrialization, superfast "Transnet", the newest energy, new education, new cities of the future.

Hmmm … requirements, as they say, worthy of attention, but not entirely clear from whom Maxim Kalashnikov all requests. As if not from the current government, as it is in his own diary behalf of the Russian electric power to the colonial-criminal, using these, of course, patriotic and politically correct words like "mug regime" and "intellectually impoverished putinstvo." Certainly not from the liberal opposition, as at the present moment of its members are far from precise control by the state. Then from whom? Maybe on my own, maybe each of us? .. But in-1's, all of these requirements of the 1st of the active members of the very conservative and patriotic club suspiciously reminiscent of the slogans of other organizations that have taken place in the history of the country, and, in-2, they are more like traditional public speaking shaking of the air, which (shocking) in different years was enough.

It will be quite interesting if the other members of the club Izborsk think about in the same direction as the Maxim Kalashnikov … No, who is opposed to corruption or improvement of the economic situation in the country. Certainly, most of the people just adequate "for". But these calls for national cleansing, purification and complete nationalization of everything in the construction of the entire project of a different country — that's, I'm sorry very much. We are so, apparently, are living in the project country where design all and sundry, and these same "designers" do slogans about how we live better. Only that's all bad luck is that to put those thoughts into practice is necessary, for some reason, certainly all An old broken and damaged. For some reason, not many who go out to lure the attention of the country's continued development of thoughts on proven principles. No, you know, again, all you need to clean, flatten, and then start some neoindustrialization. Lord, well, because it was already in our history, been pulled down to the ground, has undertaken a large-scale projects, and even from the rest of the world too isolated. And what is it all eventually led, all too well aware. Or, perhaps, the comrades of the club Izborsk think that did not work in those turn out at them. But it's really quite naive.

Well, yes … and can turn away from international contacts, you can even foreign products are not intentionally purchase, you can print rubles on the machine as long as necessary f
or the economy, but only All this is perfectly illustrates the saying "Once again step on the same rake."

Read in the multi-ethnic state that is necessary for a national cleansing — this is a mistake that can be fatal. From whom we will be cleaned? Russian from Tatars or, perhaps, from the Russian Mari, Komi from the Jews, Chechens, Ingush from? .. This has already been in the history of the world, at least one person who can not sit still without a "public affairs" at first separately in one country, and later already, and beyond. And where these ideas have brought the world all know very well.

It is necessary to clarify that he Izborsky club was created on the initiative of Alexander Prohanova, but still the same Maxim Kalashnikov said that the call inviting him to enter the Kremlin administration. With all of this Kalashnikov all means try to disown the fact that he succumbed to the will of the authorities. Like, we all moved to Isborsk, so show the world that we're not going to play the role of "wise men of the court." Apparently, all marked with the slogans put up as proof of his words.
This, of course, the position of which can and should be respected, but not one thing is clear: if the "izbortsy" are going to promote the idea of evraziynosti Code (as many of them do they say), some great power standards, pure thoughts of limited growth, but on the power at all of this is not to rely, it turns out that the Kremlin himself brings up another 1st opponent. It is not enough, perhaps, of the "swamp" of the opposition? Neuzh is observed that the most miserable putting out the fire with kerosene? ..

To be honest, hard to believe. Apparently, as happens with us, the very creation of another socio-political organization was held, the signs have been chosen, and that is what tends to this organization, even by the participants are not yet entirely clear. The main thing — to unleash more words such as "patriotism", "revival of the Russian people", "national self-sufficiency", and to withdraw those words — and no one knows. And whether you want know?.. The main thing to attract attention: more than words — more clicks "yes", "what we should," "give!" But that's only if the "give", what and how?

Bimbo economy — it's like? Neuzh Izborsk the members of the club know some other way of development, not counting the "land — farmers, factory — workers and equipment — the oligarchs'? If they do, they would like to behold it all in software form. After yelling though what he can. You may want to construct their own club and a more impressive mottos: "All the poor — a million euros and an apartment in Moscow," "The ruble must be 100 times more expensive dollar," "USA — brand new area of the Russian Federation", "corrupt officials — to the wall! "What is it bad slogans? ..

In general, what would the creation of such a project as Izborsky club nor initiated until there is, I'm sorry noble, terry populism. Coming together in acres km from Moscow, so a cup of tea … If liberals criticize the whole essence of the club in this, we have at least some kitchen own club — albeit not Izborsky, but the meaning is the same: after a mug of beer all know very well how to overcome corruption and how to make the economy competitive and how to solve the problem of demographic. But as it comes to real action — is, in the words of the notorious policy that only want to better …

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