Tyzylskoe wonderful lake

May 31, 2012 16:36

Near the campings Tyzyl that Tyzylskom gorge there is a cave, which literally shakes his magic beauty.

On a footpath — slippery clay with traces of horses' hooves filled with water — through vymahal taller than a man and a very friendly mugs burning hogweed have to climb the mountain that far from campings Tyzyl on the right side of the river.

But, after going down to the cave (it is easier to do it from the top, clinging to trees and shrubs), forget about everything, literally losing his voice. Entrance into the mountain was covered with moss, on which, shimmering in the sun, streaming multiple streams and streams of water. The man, having put his whole irrepressible imagination could not have created such an unusual picture — a sense that the water trickling from his mouth the mountain, which, if you look at different angles, then reopened in a smile, then frowns, expressing their discontent. The spectacle is only possible to view up close, because the hillside is so overgrown with greenery that distance is nothing noticeable.

But the most unusual in the mountains. Going round waterfall on the right, you find another one quite narrow passage leading directly at first, and then the passing vertically downwards. Not only that: a stream flowing over it water. So, if you want to get into the cave, if you please take a dip in the icy water. Go down there alone, without ropes, insurable someone from above is still possible. The edges of the narrow stone gutters so water run-that Flew their bullet, grasp hands as there is nothing. But no injuries, and very serious, is not enough. And so upstairs unaided absolutely unthinkable — the flow is pulled down, feet slip, a short distance to the exit seems insurmountable, causing panic on the futile efforts of hopelessness.

Overcoming the five-meter chute, on a small flat area and see before piercing blue lake. It was not our purpose to calculate its depth (it is impressive — the light from a powerful light is lost somewhere at the bottom, and not reaching the bottom) and size (rubber boat allowed to swim only a few meters from the hanging just above the water stone canopy), let it will be engaged in the cavers . We were amazed occurred before the eyes of a painting: Reflections of light on walls oozing moisture, remains hanging stalactites (sad, but someone had already managed to repel them), in a confined space roaring waterfall, the skull of an unknown animal, literally soldered into the stone base (poor, how it has managed to become one!) blue diamond lake surface, inviting and sparkling. And the image of the Savior on one of the walls — the face, the eyes, the contour of … Everything is so recognizable that the eyes can not be torn off. If he had not tried to nature and human hands …

Tooth were chattering from the cold and did not want to go away, so captivating was the picture.

… A year later, we again visited Tyzyle, but not alone. Our story of a mountain lake interested divers Igor Galaida and Roman Prokhorov from the diving center at the Blue Lake, in Cherek district. As is known, the depth of Blue Lake, this amazing sinkhole developed in the limestone, reaches 258 meters. And divers have to strive for. But Tyzylskoe lake has left them indifferent. Do not bother even that very massive aqualung, mnogokilogrammovy lead times are designed for dipping, we had to drag myself to the beginning to kosha shepherds, and then to the top of the mountain. By the spring thaw, then a tail off, then re-amplifying rain on slippery, departing from the hour and a half foot path recovery — not the greatest pleasure.

But the inside view of the cave, during which time more overgrown Travertine — calcified plants literally shook imagination divers. Hanging from the ceiling, the walls come down plexus have revealed the amazing picture of a fascinating and unique. Fossil mosses, grasses, twigs under the light of a bright light flashed and all colors of the rainbow. Of patterns, woven great master — nature — it was impossible to look away. And let the lake was not as deep as previously thought (just over three feet), and its mirror, as it turned out, it was almost all in the mind, the admiration of modesty sizes tyzylskogo blue miracle has not decreased.

Later on his website, Igor and Roman shared their impressions of what he saw that day: "The whole cave consists of several small rooms. Once in the water the first through the gate freezes from the unusual spectacle. Above the entrance, through which you have just climbed, hung hat whimsically curved icicles covering almost half of the ceiling. You can look at them for a long time, drawing fabulous images in the mind, and the natural kontrsvet only enhances a fabulous experience. However, the presence of light opens up additional opportunities to get acquainted with wandering decoration ceiling of the small room.

To get a second, lower, room need a rope and rainwear. Possible in case of need to do without that and without the other, but this requires some preparation and rocky reduced sensitivity to cold water. Have come down to a near-vertical wall of wandering under running cold water. With all of this, of course, needs a flashlight. Here the realm of eternal darkness. We were brought here the desire to get acquainted with lakes, which is located in this room. In the light of the lamp can be clearly seen the bottom of the lake and underwater walls. The walls go straight down. The bottom is the "depth" of about five meters. What was seen above passages, was closed niches. The crystal clear water of the lake becomes turbid immediately at the slightest contact with the walls and the floor covered with calcite suspension.

How would you accurately is floating under water, still lake soon loses its crystal purity. Our hopes for the continuation of the cave behind the lake did not come true, but it confirmed the hypothesis of a suspended wandering bath. And, of course, from what he saw left with a feeling of delight. "

On my experience, that this enthusiasm have all been here. Kabardian Mukhadin Kishev artist and his wife Jacqueline Englishwoman Diana Moss, visited dozens of countries around the world, who have seen all kinds of miracles, before traveling to Tyzyl were set somewhat skeptical. But, after going down to the lake, showing the great courage, especially when you consider that Mukhadin past seventy, and Jacqueline only ten years his junior, were unanimous — seen one of those experiences that last a lifetime.

But underground wonder-lake — just one of the unusual objects of the mountain, from which expire ten underground springs. Many passages penetrate rocks, creating amazing patterns, bedding, whole sculptures, wrapped with green and burgundy robes of moss, sparkling diamond ornaments dripping water everywhere …

Info: Maria and Victor Kotlyarova

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