UFO celebrated in the Ukraine in 2012 attack

January 3, 2012 5:41

UFO celebrated in the Ukraine in 2012 attackNew 2012 Ukrainians greeted the care of mysterious flying objects in the sky. Reports of "New UFO" came to the club UFODOS from all over Ukraine. Corny, but such miracles do not happen only in the New Year, although, of course, is the most busy time for all sorts of miracles.

"I have not seen a UFO from the beginning of the new millennium — says recent impressions LI Popova on the site forum "Ukraine Abnormal." — And not wanted, and the sky did not look for this — bored.

A December 31, 2011 in bygone 22.47 (special notice) went home to Berezinke. Fog, but warm and fun, because people do not have nearly all sit at home. Some are only a couple of times before babahnul crackers and too scattered. And then I looked up at the sky view, and meet me fly across the highway Donetsk three orange fire, quietly, one after the other. Interval — 300 meters. Over my head (in height), one goes out. Then the second, and third. Ah, yes — the size of the lights were from Venus morning, flying at an altitude of one kilometer. I looked and moved on. After about 100 meters, opa, still flying! But then it was easier to decide — they flew over the nine-story, and it became clear that the altitude of the two lights — 2-nine-story. The program is the same — over my head slowly turns off first, and then the second. After following my two 100 meters again. I thought I was flying with the new year and will not reach home. And only go — Berezinki of one kilometer. And almost eleven, and my children are waiting! In short, a hundred meters (descent to the "Ash") — two more. But these were flying quite cheeky — almost over the house, well, half the height of the house. At a rate of only a little more steel and brighter. Yes, in short do not get me. In general, and this turns off over my head. I ran home, a little pity that I do not take in the evening camera. A sense. Why would I tied these lights at night when buildings would not be visible. They were flying from west to east. A stop light, most likely because of the fog. Well, maybe in the sky above my head, it was thick … This is a gift for the New Year "- sums up the eyewitness from Dnepropetrovsk.

Another user by the nickname obuvatel says: "Similarly, in 0030 (Kyiv time) observed a silent flying in the sky yellow and red light. From the north-west. First flight in a horizontal line, then a small change in the trajectory of the object smoothly up and hidden in the low clouds. The observation time for about a minute. I note that at the time were allowed fireworks together and seen it was a pure accident. "

"New UFO 'seen in Sevastopol exactly one hour before the New Year 2012. Even videotaped.

"I think that we are not alone is seen — and this is clearly not Chinese lanterns, running from artbuhty because it is very interesting pirouettes curry" — suggests a video "New Year UFO" someone under the pseudonym Novartis82.

New Year's Eve and the mysterious objects seen over Zhitomir. "This anomaly is observed simultaneously a huge number of people who at the time were celebrating the New Year," — estimated eyewitness reporters site "Operativno.Info."

Active "Christmas UFO" over Zhitomir in the period from 1:30 to 2:00 on the night of December 31, 2011 January 1, 2012, and in the evenings January 1, 2012 (approximately 18:30). Unusual phenomenon manifested in the form of one to nine orange fireball that moved at a steady rate in the East, then hung in the air for a while and then continued to move, as long as it's not disappeared at about the same point.

"Orange lights are made in China and sold in Zhitomir in several stores specializing in the sale of fireworks," — immediately summarize journalists.

However, the "New UFO" so crowded with Ukraine, not necessarily resemble already known to us all "orange Chinese lanterns."

January 2, 2012 at 18:10 on the f / m Kommunar (city Dnepropetrovsk) was observed flying unknown object, which is slowly moving to the terrain of the Sail-1 in the direction of Liberty Avenue. This was promptly reported to the site "Abnormal Ukraine" an anonymous reader: "I can describe: The red-green-blue object, oval. For the second time watching this kind of thing. Clearly that it is an alien aircraft difficult, as to consider the details of the object is difficult because of its glow, but the nature of the movement in the air like no one I know of an aircraft. So what is it? "- Is perplexed witness.

Strange flying objects were observed in other regions of Ukraine. Apparently, share the joy of the New Year holiday to Ukraine guests arrived from some distant Zeta Reticuli. And maybe not aliens at all. Although, what's the difference? After all, what is the New Year without a miracle?

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