Unexplained power of telekinesis

First manifestation of spontaneous telekinesis was recorded in 1846. Called telekinesis ability to influence the subjects a force of reason, will. This phenomenon is extremely puzzling, and is one of the most intriguing among the various psychophysical phenomena.

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So what are the hidden powers allow people to control objects without physical impact on them? Some scholars argue that this impact is due to the formation of very strong electromagnetic fields. Others believe that the effects may be due to the efforts of thought.

Learn telekinesis is incredibly difficult. This is due to the fact that this phenomenon is found in the striking form is almost impossible, only a few have this gift. The subjects can seldom explain how they run things. On experiments expended enormous efforts that can harm the health of the subject.

Very often, the ability of telekinesis seen in people who have had some kind of disease, stress, electric shocks. This is indirect evidence that the human brain there are hidden reserves.

The most actively engaged in the study of telekinesis Princeton University in the U.S.. After thousands of experiments, they were able to prove that with the help of the psyche is quite possible to work on things. Power of the mind can affect a variety of material objects and a liquid medium.

Some researchers believe that each person is endowed with latent abilities that once were once quite common to man.

Why is our ability to "sleep", and how they "wake up"? It is possible that future experiments and discoveries will help answer these questions and to reverse the scientific picture of the world.

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