Vytautas instead of Dzerzhinsky Avenue

At the round-table discussion on the role of Grunwald victory in the history of Belarus and other European countries, representatives of the organizing committee for the celebration of Grunwald announced their initiative.

The priest of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Father Leonid Akulovich proposed to rename the Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Prospect Vytautas, and the area Myasnikov or rename the Jubilee area in square Grunwald victory. Akalovich father also told about the initiative to hold a design competition monuments in honor of the victory at Grunwald in Minsk, Vitebsk, Grodno, Mstsislave.

Artist Mikola Kupava noted that to date, thirty banners under which the Belarusian soldiers were on the Grunwald field, have been investigated and recovered. They should be our historical and cultural value that needs to be popularized through the works of art and literature. It was an invitation to the Minister of Culture with a written request for a reconstructed banners status of historical and cultural value.

Historian Sergey Tarasov remembered with what scale of the BSSR celebrated the anniversary Battle of Kulikov. Then, according to the historian, this topic not spared none of the Belarusian periodical. However, prior to the Battle of Grunwald which has importance in the history our country and the whole of Europe, neglected by the state does not have. Sergey Tarasov says: "The victory at Grunwald made a significant positive impact on the development of our state. Compare in significance Grunwald except that you can with the battle of Orsha. We need to promote the glorious pages of the history of Belarus, not so much. Unfortunately, it is not yet public policy ", — he noted with regret.

Deputy chairman of the organizing committee Mikola Kupava noted that the round table — a preparatory stage for a major scientific conference devoted to the Battle of Grunwald. The conference is scheduled for October.

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